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3D AVCHD to FCP X - Trancode/Import Sony 3D DEV-5 .mts files to Final Cut Pro X 3D AVCHD to FCP X - Trancode/Import Sony 3D DEV-5 .mts files to Final Cut Pro X

This article introduces handy tools- best 3D MTS Converter Mac for you to import 3D AVCHD video to Final Cut Pro X with smooth editing. Check out the solution.
3D is a fascinating technology that was once only reserved for ultra exclusive film studios. Now, many prosumer users can purchase stereoscopic 3D cameras at decent prices. I have the Sony 3D binoculars model DEV-5. It encodes video in 3D HD: MPEG4-MVC/ H.264 AVCHD 2.0 format compatible (1080/60i). Good experience. The only problem is that I met the problem
importing AVCHD 3D video into Final Cut Pro X
… Is there anyway to edit 3D AVCHD videos in the new Final Cut Pro X?
In fact, many similar questions are being asked by people who shoot with Sony DEV-5 and other 3D camcorders. With all of the hype surrounding 3D technolog

2013-06-09 10:07:46

Edit Sony PMW-100 50Mbps MXF in Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 Edit Sony PMW-100 50Mbps MXF in Adobe Premiere Pro CS6

Summary: You can get the best solution to importing and editing Sony PMW-100 XDCAM HD422 MXF in Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 smoothly.
High-quality XDCAM HD422 Handheld Camcorder
The PMW-100 supports full-HD video at 1080i, 1080p and 720p up to 50 Mbps MXF recording and playback based on the MPEG HD422 codec using the standard MPEG HD422 Long GOP compression technology. It is also switchable to MPEG HD420 35/25Mbps or DVCAM 25Mbps. The PMW-100 can also record high quality 24-bit four-channel audio at an uncompressed 48kHz.The Slow & Quick Motion function enables users to create artistic fast and slow-motion footage from 1fps to 60fps in 720p mode and from 1fps to 30fps in 1080p mode.
Sony PMW-100 50Mbps MXF format brings better quality and convenient for broadcasting, but most users usually occu

2013-06-05 09:38:49

PowerPoint presentation

powerpoint presentation design services
focus on each and every element of your presentation. Keeping the product identification is often the key to effective business demonstrations. Working according to your recommendations our innovative group will turn your data into visual presentation. We make sure that your concept is brief and clear.

2013-05-28 11:13:40

Convert Canon 700D (Rebel T5i) MOV to ProRes for FCP X/7/6 Convert Canon 700D (Rebel T5i) MOV to ProRes for FCP X/7/6

How to import Canon EOS 700D (Rebel T5i) MOV to FCP to edit? This article will introduce an easy way to convert Canon 700D MOV videos to FCP compatible ProRes MOV for editing in FCP X/7/6.
It’s glad to hear the new Canon 700D (Rebel T5i) with a better user experience. Its external body switches to the texture of the particle coating has a better touch feeling, slip resistance and better. Well, as the 650D does, the Canon 700D record videos in H.264 MOV format, which is not an ideal editing format. If you want to get smooth editing with your Canon 700D video clips, read on to find the solution below.
Canon 700D (Rebel T5i) videos are saved in 1080p30 .mov with H.264 as video codec and stereo sound with internal or external mics. Other cameras in ‘Rebel’ series, like Canon EOS 550D

2013-05-27 09:06:36

Difference Between Google Analytic and Universal Analytics

Google opens Universal Analytic for Use , Here is News
Back in October, we announced the limited beta release of Universal Analytics as a way for businesses to understand the changing, multi-device customer journey. Today, we锟絩e excited to welcome and invite all Google Analytics customers to try Universal Analytics.
To read More About Universal Analytic , Difference With Google Analytic Visit Blog link
fatbit.com/fab/universal-analytics-is-no t-an-old-wine-in-a-new-bottle

2013-04-25 10:04:24

[iPhone 5 SMS Recovery] Directly Recover Deleted Text Messages for iPhone 5 on Mac [iPhone 5 SMS Recovery] Directly Recover Deleted Text Messages for iPhone 5 on Mac

There are lots of people asking for help to recover lost and deleted iPhone 5 messages. In fact, there's an easy way to recover deleted SMS directly and more from iPhone 5 without iTunes, see the video and follow it here.
Video Demo:
Get an Messages recovery tool for iPhone 5 : Dr.Fone for Mac (Directly Recover Data from iPhone 5 with or without iTunes Backup)
Dr.Fone for Mac
• Directly Recover 7 kinds of files for iPhone 5/4S, iPad 2, the new iPad, iPod touch 5, iPad with Retina display & iPad mini
• Recover 12 kinds of deleted data directly from iPhone 4/3GS, iPod touch 4 and iPad 1
• For all iOS devices, recover 11 kinds of previous data by extracting iTunes backup
• Recover File of Photos, videos, Contacts, Messages, Safari bookmark, Voice memos and more
• Get back data lost due to acc

2013-04-18 12:02:53

Best Windows 8 PDF Creator-Create a PDF File from Word/Excel/PPT/Image on Windows 8 Best Windows 8 PDF Creator-Create a PDF File from Word/Excel/PPT/Image on Windows 8

The simple way to create a PDF document on Windows 8 PC is using a 3rd party software.
Firstarsoft Windows 8 PDF Creating Program
can help you. No other extra programs required, no advanced computer skills needed, you can make your own PDF document just within several mouse clicks.
PDF Creator for Windows 8
allows you to convert PDF files from Microsoft Office 2007/2010 Word Docx, Image(JPEG, GIF, PNG, BMP, TIFF), Text, Word (Docx), MOBI, etc on Windows 8/7/Vista/XP PC. Besides, the PDF Creator software for Windows 8 can also work as a top-notch tool, which can finish the conversion within any quality losing.
With the cost-effective Windows 8 PDF creator software, you can:
- Create PDF from Word docx, Image, Text, MOBI, etc.
- Create PDF from any Printable files.
- Set passw

2013-04-06 19:16:29

Laptop Emergency !!!

hey guys , i have had my apple mini for about 2 yrs now , and last night i spilled coffee while working late ofcourse it shut down , do you think its reparable or is it down for ?? and how much if i can be fixed ( you can give an estimate if your not sure of exact price )

2013-04-06 11:33:26

Yahoo Contacts to iPhone- How to Import Yahoo Address Book to iPhone on Mac

If you need to import the CSV contacts from Yahoo Mail to your iPhone, iPhone Contacts Backup will help you a lot. This iPhone Contacts Backup is designed to transfer CSV and vCard files between iPhone and other applications. Watch this video in a few minutes to get more details for importing Yahoo Address Book to iPhone.
Watch Video Demo:
It enables you to transfer both CSV and vCard contacts from Google Mail to your iPhone. What's more, you can also import your iPhone contacts to Gmail with it.
iPhone Contacts Backup
* Import/Export contacts information from/to most popular address books
* Backup/Restore/Manage all your iPhone contacts via Mac
* Transfer iPhone contacts between iPhone and iPhone/Nokia/Blackberry/Android phone/Windows Phone
* Backup SMS, iMessage from iPhone/iPod touch/iP

2013-03-25 09:41:18

(Android Apps Transfer) How to Move Apps from Android Device to Another Android

How can I transfer the apps on a Android Device to another when I don't want to download the apps? Most Android users have to face this problem when they order a new android device or share apps with their friends.
There is an easy way to solve this problem, MobileTrans enables you to transfer apps from Android and save them in another Android phones or tablets quickly and directely. Just one click one, and the apps will be on transfer between all Android phones and tablets.
Video Demo:
Wondershare MobileTrans
* Transfer data among Android, Symbian and iOS phones freely without losing anything
* Works with over 2,000 phones including new iPhone 5, Samsung Galaxy S4 & Note 2
* Transfer data like contacts, messages, call history, photos, music, videos and apps
* Comprehensive contact copy, i

2013-03-19 08:48:26

(Symbian to iPhone) Transfer Contacts from Symbian (Nokia) to iPhone 5/4S/4 (Symbian to iPhone) Transfer Contacts from Symbian (Nokia) to iPhone 5/4S/4

With the popularity and fantastic features of iPhone, lots of Nokia users purchased for a iPhone 5. The first thing they may do is to transfer contacts from Nokia to iPhone 5. However, when contacts on Nokia is full of contacts, 1,000 contacts for example, Can you imagine if decide to add contacts one by one?
With this phone to phone transfer, you can directly transfer contacts between Symbian (Nokia, Motorola, etc.) and iPhone (iPhone 5/4S/4/3GS/3G) in Windows 8/7 by one click.
Watch Video Demo:
Wondershare MobileTrans
Simple yet effective solution for transferring content(including contacts, SMS, call logs, photos, music, videos and apps) between Symbian, Android, and iPhone.
* Transfer various data like contacts, messages, call history, photos, music, videos and apps
* Seamlessly copy C

2013-03-15 10:37:25

Restore Data from Verbatim Store-Verbatim Store Memory Stick Recovery Restore Data from Verbatim Store-Verbatim Store Memory Stick Recovery

How can I recover data from my Verbatim Store memory stick?
I have a Verbatim Store ‘n’ Go Red 4G memory stick. My Windows 7 computer stopped recognizing my drive in a sudden. Whenever I try to open it, a message told me that this drive is not formatted. I was suggested to format it. Please help me! I am on a mission and have valuable data on my memory stick. I need the data back. Thanks in advance.
When facing the digital data loss issue, the first thing you need to think about is to stop using the flash drive and find data recovery software in the internet. In your issue, the solution is the same. You can restore data from your Verbatim Store memory stick before you decide to format it.
Here is my recommendation:
Data Recovery for Verbatim Store Memory Stick
, or UFUSoft

2013-03-08 17:14:47

Windows 8 dvd slideshow maker free download-build slideshow with ease Windows 8 dvd slideshow maker free download-build slideshow with ease

Slideshow is one of the excellent sources to bring back the past memories in front your eyes. If you desire to obtain a wonderful recollection in your life, then creating specialized slideshow is the best choice for that. Now with
Firstarsoft DVD Slideshow Builder Deluxe
- a
slideshow software for windows 8
, you can easily make a slideshow with unique features. By using this slideshow software, even the ordinary person can create the outstanding slideshows from their photo images without any photographic knowledge.
Here we’ll see how to make a slideshow with this
slideshow software for windows 8
step by step. Just follow this tip and create sparkling slideshows according to your desires.
1. Add files to this slideshow software on windows 8 pc
After running DVD Slideshow Builder Deluxe o

2013-02-22 15:17:53

Top PDF Converter for Mac OS X Mountain Lion,Convert PDF with OS X Mountain Lion Top PDF Converter for Mac OS X Mountain Lion,Convert PDF with OS X Mountain Lion

The Best feature in OS X Mountain Lion is AirDrop and here is a question, OS X Mountain Lion upgrade (10.8) can be installed on any Mac and Windows computers. How to convert PDF in OS X Mountain Lion to any format like text, ePub, html, excel, word and ppt.
PDF Converter for OS X Mountain Lion
can make PDF conversion in OS X Mountain Lion extremely smooth while maintain original layout and formatting in the output documents, and convert PDF to text, ePub, html, Excel, Word, ppt on OS X Mountain Lion according to your specific needs.
PDF Converter for OS X Mountain Lion
converts pdf file with profession for easy transferring/saving PDF file onto mobile, iPad, Galaxy Note and other tablets, and converted pdf in Mac OS X Mountain Lion can be editable, especially for pdf to word

2013-02-17 17:28:15

2013 Best Windows 7 PDF Converter to Convert PDF to Word, Excel, EPUB, PPT on Windows 2013 Best Windows 7 PDF Converter to Convert PDF to Word, Excel, EPUB, PPT on Windows

Looking for a Windows 7 compatible PDF Converter to convert PDF files on your Windows 7 based computer? In this case, you might need an all-in-one Windows 7 PDF Converter like
Firstarsoft PDF Converter Pro
. It lets you convert almost any PDF file–native, scanned or even password protected PDF, to editable Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, EPUB and images in Windows 7. All in just 3 steps! Take a glimpse at how to use this PDF Converter for Windows 7 to convert PDF files.
Step 1. Download and install Windows 7 PDF Converter
Click the download button to download
Windows 7 PDF Converter
. After you get the .exe installation file, double-click it and follow the prompts to install it on your computer. After the installing, launch the Windows 7 PDF Converter right away.
Step 2. Import PDF file

2013-02-17 17:20:23

Free Vector Designs

A vector design is very important and useful in different fields. You can use a vector designs as a website logo, for your business or products, visiting cards and several other ways. A logo and vector design is identify your business and products from similar names.
A vector designs is also helpful for the customers to reach the right place where they want to go. It's too difficult to create your own designs. So they can find logo designs from different websites, you can download free logo and vector designs from here.

2013-02-09 08:38:06

[CSV to iPhone] How to Import CSV Contacts to iPhone 3GS/4/4S/5 on Mac [CSV to iPhone] How to Import CSV Contacts to iPhone 3GS/4/4S/5 on Mac

Have no idea of importing CSV files to your iPhone? Do you want to transfer the contacts from Google, Outlook Express, Hotmail and more to iPhone?
From this video tutorial, you will find it is easy to import contacts (CSV & vCard) from Outlook, Google, Aol Mail, Thunderbird, Incredimail and other address books to iPhone with the help of
iPhone Contacts Backup for Mac
. This program also works well for iPhone 5 witho iOS 6. Just have a free try on it.
Video Demo:
iPhone Contacts Backup for Mac
* Backup contacts to Mac via this program and restore them back to your iPhone if needed
* Import/export contacts information from/to other address books like Google Contacts, Yahoo Address Book and etc
* Transfer contacts between multiple phones without limitation like iPhone/Nokia/Blackberry/Android

2013-02-04 03:58:33

XDCAM EX to FCP-Convert Sony XDCAM EX MP4 to ProRes for Final Cut Pro

Hot News! If you want to get free AVCHD to FCP Converter, now you can join
buy one get one free
Summary: Follow the article below you will know before Log and Transfer Sony XDCAM EX MP4 to Final Cut Pro for editing on Mac Mountain Lion 10.8, you need to
convert Sony XDCAM MP4 to ProRes
for importing Sony XDCAM EX to FCP
with Sony XDCAM EX to ProRes Converter for Mac.
"I have recorded many 1080p footages from Sony XDCAM EX camcorder, which I borrowed from my friends. I haven't shot or edited HD before now, so need some help setting up the project. when I import Sony XDCAM EX MP4 files to final cut pro, it says that the files are not supported, I searched the forum and many people say the MP4 footage need to be converted to prores codec, can you give me some suggestions and what softw

2012-09-17 09:40:11

MKV movie to Asus TF700T Converter-Playing MKV video on Asus Transformer Infinity 700 MKV movie to Asus TF700T Converter-Playing MKV video on Asus Transformer Infinity 700

We think that Asus, even more than Samsung, has produced the most interesting tablets, along with Apple. The
Asus Transformer Infinity TF700T
perhaps is the most exciting tablet the firm has produced yet. This comes down mainly to the new IPS display. It has a resolution of 1920x1200, which makes it nearly as crisp and clear as the one in the iPad 3 - or "new" iPad as it's known, for now.
I am a super movie fan, I like watching funny movies on my tablet on the go. For me, funny movies are perhaps the easiest way to cope with stress and there is nothing easier to obtain, but what makes me extremely upset recently is that I find most of the movies on-line are saved as MKV format, which can not be playable on my currently 10.1-inch tablet - Asus Transformer TF700T( Asus TF700T) as

2012-09-15 09:14:58

Try and do online marketing on your own or hire a marketing company?

What have been your past experiences using either one of these methods?
internet marketing strategies
internet marketing specialist
internet marketing promotion
strategic internet marketing
internet marketing strategy
internet marketing consulting
Charmaine Thring

2012-09-14 07:56:48

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