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$1-2 Dollars a day (Autopilot)

1. Sign up here
2. Download
Greasemoneky for Firefox
Tampermonkey for chrome
3. Copy
into Grease/Tamper
3. Click PTC Ads in earning area and make a dollar a day on autopilot script autosurfs + ptc ads
4. Withdraw i will post up mine still pending as of today.
5. Also for more points add Paid to Promote link to hitleap or any traffic exchange you use.

2013-06-10 05:20:17

The Ancient Alien / Ancient Astronaut Theory

Does anyone else follow the Ancient Alien theory? The conspiracy/theory goes that earth was visited by aliens in the past and aliens are what helped create and shape our civilization. The theorys and proof the professionals talk about is outstanding! I went to a convention last October and I got to see Erich Von Daniken speak. He is the author of Chariot's of the Gods which was published in 1968 and shocked the community with his theories.

2013-06-09 19:36:30

Open Tracker: seedforspeed

Open Trackers Form
Tracker Name
Signup Link
Closing Date
Site Statistics
Members: 2,497
Torrents: 5,582
Seeders: 6,915
Leechers: 39
Peers: 6,944
Total Threads: 591
Total Posts: 4,360
Additional comments
Doors Open For 48 Hours only
We at seedforspeed would like to invite you to join our site we are a fast growing community with great staff and members
We are a General Tracker
With a large content to choice from
Hope to see you there

2013-06-09 05:17:54

Need help to open new private tracker

Hello Every one.......
I prepare my self to open new private tracker
the tracker for movies and series
Can any one help me about what I need to open the tracker like server or VPS and seedbox.....etc
I need to know the specs that I can choose it to tracker can contains around 3000 members

2013-06-08 11:47:32

Steaming directly on TV from SeedBox.

I have seedbox with steaming plug in - subsonic, and I'm planing to buy Roku Player, and watch movies directly on TV will this work?
Any one use it?

2013-06-06 22:27:13

looking for seedbox for streaming

hi all
i have bought a few vps nothing work in that way so looking for a way to stream away from my net connection with a windows seedbox with audio enable can any1 help me out

2013-06-06 01:42:45

[10%] Free Bytebx premium account for 5 days

Bytebx is like a seedbox you can download directly with high speed. Recommended when you download from public trackers :playful:
Premium account will work only if u use my referral id. Use temp email like guerrillamail, 10minutemail etc if 5 days gets over :P
ByteBX - Online storage
You can use this url as much as you want :D
Cheers :D
NOTE : Don't use any private tracker torrents!!
if you have any doubt pm me I'll help you out

2013-06-05 15:17:22

LFTP sync SeedBox to your Mac with Mountain Lion

hi, All
very useful tools if LFTP.
This script will make auto- synchronization to you MAC from seed box.
What you need:
1. Install Xcode this is app for MAC developers but don't worry nothing need to do with this.
you can use old version I use 4.4.1
2. open Xcode go to program preferences look for tab - components, than instal command line tool.
you don't need x11.
3. insta
ll http://www.macports.org/install.php
- this can make some long time
4. open mac terminal and type:
sudo port self update
sudo port install lftp
4. open lftp terminal and now you can set you transfer:
lftp [-d] [-e cmd] [-p port] [-u user[,pass]] [site]
lftp -f script_file
lftp -c commands
lftp -version
lftp -help
for more info:
LFTP - sophisticated file transfer program

2013-06-04 20:50:36

seedbox provider with Google wallet

I am looking for seedbox provider which accepts the Google wallet as payment. I don''t like using PayPal and don't know bitcoin.
I am looking for someone NON-OVH provider.
Monthly cost between $ 20 to $30 Max.
minimum 400 GB HDD and not too many users on one HDD and Server.
Please let me know if you know someone.
Thank you

2013-05-21 01:55:44

Seedboxes.cc Openvpn issue

Hi, Im looking for help. I have a seedboxes.cc account and am able to use OpenVPN to connect via an encrypted tunnel to my seedbox enabling me to surf the web anonymously. I now wish to do the same via my iPad 3. I have downloaded the OpenVPN connect app and have transferred my config and certificate files to the app using iTunes. However, when I try to connect the app it shows that I have no certificate. When I try to connect it gives me an error message about a missing keychain. Has anybody any idea how to resolve this? Much appreciated.

2013-05-20 20:58:58

Soundand.me Updates

May-14-13 -
Source Code plus site layout updated.Please refresh [ F5 ] several times also signups are open again for limited time
I personally find v3 just awesome and i hope this site will live long time.I will try to help as much as i can keep it up Cafe and co.

2013-05-15 12:39:28

Hetzner as Root Server

Hi !
Anyone tried a Hetzner server as root server for seeding, openvpn,... using a prepaid creditcard for payment to stay anonymous ?

2013-05-08 17:47:14

Open Tracker: Born to Seed (HDCorea)

Open Trackers Form
Tracker Name
Born to Seed (HDCorea)
Signup Link
http://tinvites.redirectme.net/signup_e. php
Closing Date
Site Statistics
Additional comments
People who did not pass the assessment in last November or disabled because of inactivity can be reclaimed.
Reclaim of disabled users is only performed in the IRC channel.
- IRC Server: irc.p2p-network.net
- IRC Channel: #IWantToRunAgain

2013-05-08 14:22:53

[10%] Furk.net invite

unlimited furk.net invite
those who need furk.net just post here
and Then then Pm me ur email to me
Furk.net is your personal secure storage that fetches media files and lets you stream them immediately
You can use it to stream video or listen to your music from PC, smartphone, HTPC or even a game console (XBOX, PS3).
Service limits:
Bandwidth limit: up to 250GB per month
Disk storage limit: unlimited (as long as files are from public sources)

2013-05-01 17:07:47

FibreNetworks 1TB, 2TB, 3TB Seedbox @ 16.99Eur, 24.99Eur & 34.99Eur FibreNetworks 1TB, 2TB, 3TB Seedbox @ 16.99Eur, 24.99Eur & 34.99Eur

Due to a Large overstock of servers we are pleased to offer all our TI members the following special Limited Stock Plan:
1) May Special Plan 1 :
HDD : 1000GB
RAM: 2.5GB
Port: 100Mbit Unmetered
2) May Special Plan 2 :
HDD: 2000GB
Port: 500Mbit Unmetered
3) May Special Plan 3 :
HDD: 3000GB
Port: 1000Mbit Unmetered
Note: All our Servers/Plans are Non-OVH based and come with Quad Core CPU!
Get access to our Latest and New Seedbox GUI.
Here is a preview of our ruTorrent GUI:
We have also pre-setup other applications in the template, below are a few features to name:
-File Browser with HTTP downloading, file streaming, renamer, wGet to grab your files off sites like rapidhare etc
- BNC client also pre-built in for you use, from w

2013-05-01 16:02:22

2x TorrentDay invites !!

I have 2 invite of TorrentDay
1. Post here one correctly edited ratio proof
2. speedtest or seedbox proof if you have one.
Submit iGiver after receiving the invite

2013-05-01 14:01:27

Anyone know how to compile modular kernel to enable 'tun' on OVH server for OpenVPN?

I have a seedbox running on a dedicated server in OVH's Canadian DC. Everything is running great, except their stock kernel isn't compiled with the 'tun' module OpenVPN needs:
me@ksxx:~$ modprobe tun
FATAL: Could not load /lib/modules/3.2.13-grsec-xxxx-grs-ipv6- 64/modules.dep: No such file or directory
OVH says that they use hardware that often doesn't have public drivers yet, so they must use their special kernel. I should be able to solve this by recompiling the kernel to include module support and enable tun. I've tried several times, but when I reboot, the box doesn't come back up. I'm guessing that the instructions I found online to move to a standard kernel are lacking the "non-public" drivers OVH refers to but I'm not sure. I am using software raid if that matters. Some instru

2013-05-01 06:39:42

Open Tracker: LearnFlakes (Previous KickAssFile)

Open Trackers Form
Tracker Name
LearnFlakes (Previous KickAssFile)
Don't Know
Signup Link
Closing Date
Site Statistics
Additional comments

2013-04-25 22:28:29

ruTorrent - How can i cross seed with renamed files/folders?

i come across this issue more than often. i'm wondering if it's even possible without stopping seeding on tracker A.

2013-04-24 19:36:27

Invite Code For gigaline.biz

hi all,
any stuff here in gigaline.biz please give me one invite code..many thanks and advance!!!
this is my email address:
do not post your email on forum thank you

2013-04-24 06:33:17

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