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Can You Get a Student Loan with Bad Credit

– It can be challenging for many students to apply to college with the burden of bad credit hanging over their head. Regardless of your credit score, however, it is possible to still go on an get your degree. In fact, there are a few options.
According to debt.org:
“The federal government offers some loans to students regardless of their credit scores. Apply for federal financial aid by completing the FAFSA, the Free Application for Federal Student Aid. The results will tell you if you qualify for Stafford and Perkins loans, which do not require credit checks, as well as other federally funded student aid programs.”
Peer-to-peer loans are also an option. There are websites out there that have anonymous donors who are willing to help struggling students out if they can’t get federal loans.

2013-06-10 10:15:54

Gerber baby logo created in 1928 before Seymour was born Gerber baby logo created in 1928 before Seymour was born

– Jane Seymour was long rumored to be the baby on the Gerber baby food company logo. It’s feasible but sadly not true!
Seymour really became known as a Bond girl who stole the hearts of many a teenage boy in 1973s Live and Let Die and later as Dr Quinn Medicine Woman. Somewhere along the line a rumor cropped up that her face was the baby on the Gerber labels.
It kind of worked and there was no real reason to disbelieve it. She even did some modelling as a child. However she was born in 1951 and unless a charcoal sketch of her time traveled back it’s unlikely it could have been her. The Gerber baby logo has been in use since 1928 and came from a charcoal sketch submitted for a logo design competition.
As far as I can find a lady named Dorothy Hope Smith drew the charcoal sketch of Ann Turne

2013-06-09 20:05:20

Jack Nicholson sister was his mother

– Jack Nicolson is one of Hollywood’s greats. However early is his career he found out something from a TIME magazine reporter that was obviously quite a shock.
The lady Jack thought was his mother turned out to be his grandmother and that sister of his happened to be his mother!
Getting pregnant at 16 with an unknown man and having a promising dance career didn’t go together. So Jack’s mother’s mother took on the role of Jack’s mother to allow her daughter to continue growing up. Quite noble but also an intricate lie that was also kept by Jack’s other sister.
When a TIME researcher called him after doing research and uncovering this Jack denied it, still he called his other sister (his grandmother and real mother had died by this point) to ask her. It was denied it at first but eventually

2013-06-09 19:48:13

Gene Simmons from KISS had a cow’s tongue grafted on to his own.

Gene Simmons from KISS had a cow’s tongue grafted on to his own. - Gene Simmons is the lead of one of the most ridiculous bands to ever hit superstardom. KISS were insane with their get up make up and of course Simmons’ really really long tongue.
Where does a man get such a ridiculously long tongue, well obviously he had a cow tongue grafted onto his own, duh! Well many a teenage boy has fought over the truth of this perfectly reasonable explanation.
But sadly he certainly did not have a cow’s tongue grafted on to his own. Despite being better suited to the cat rather than the devil character his longue tongue helped him lead the bands image and be a head of the glam show. He was just lucky (in his opinion) to be born with such a long tongue and talked of it in his biography saying:
I was

2013-06-09 19:35:11

What percentage of Americans own a second home?

- Homeownership is something that is often pushed as part of the all American dream, to have a patch of land that is yours, to do with what you want! Of course owning a home isn’t necessarily owning as you have to borrow a huge sum of money in many cases to do so! Owning a second home is one step above that dream, you are making a steady future for yourself, spreading your assets and moving up and up in this hard world.
So how many Americans actually do own a second home?
Home ownership in the USA sits at just under 68%, surprisingly only a 5.6% growth since 1960 however the amount that people own of their home (equity) has been steadily falling with people now owning less than 50% of their home on average.
But people owning a second home has grown. I can’t find solid stats (would love if

2013-06-08 12:30:57

important questions to ask in a job interview important questions to ask in a job interview

Important Questions to Ask in a Job Interview – Many people don’t realize how important it is to go into a job interview prepared to ask some of your own questions.Why? Because some of the best questions to ask in the interview will reflect your interest in the position and your knowledge of the company.
Never ask anything that reveals you’re unsure of what you’re applying for or that you don’t know what the job entails.
Important Questions to Ask in a Job Interview
I always find it to be the most awkward part of the interview– when you’re asked whether you have any questions. That’s why it’s good to have some prepared when you go in. This way you’ll have some of your concerns answered and it will also reflect well upon you.
Below is a list of what I think are some of the
MustAsk Job Inter

2013-06-07 19:32:33

Yearbook photos of the famous Yearbook photos of the famous

– Oh the yearbook is a constant source of embarrassment for people. High school is the awkward years and there is a strong case for banning of photography for yearbook purposes! Maybe they should just have a name and a few words!
Well the years pass and even though the wound isn’t healed they say that laughter is the best medicine. So to celebrate that here are a few yearbook photos from well known and famous people.
Chris Christie
New Jersey Gov Chris Christie graduated in 1980 from Livingston High School
Chris Christie + yearbook
Chris Christie + 2016 president:
One of the reasons to mention him is that he may be racing for president in 2016, we could be seeing a lot more of this man!
Chris Christie + secret lap-band surgery:
He was a lot slimmer in his high school days (weren’t we all

2013-06-07 12:23:21

Bridgeport substitute teacher slammed student in head with basketball

– Last Thursday during gym a substitute teacher at a Bridgeport school was videod and confirmed to have slammed a student in the head with a basketball, ouch!
Something bad happened during the game of Dodgeball that resulted in the substitute teacher (who is yet to be charged) standing over the kid, he slams the basketball into his head and says something like “you want to be down there crying like he is?”. At the time of writing details of exactly what led up to the out of control incident are not clear.
The teacher was an occasionally used 65-year-old substitute who will unlikely ever work in a classroom again!
The boy who this happened to is getting extra sympathy because he is in remission for lukemia and his mother certainly is not happy!
Here is a video of the incident sourced from:

2013-06-04 19:27:39

Bill Clinton SAT score less than George W. Bush

– George W. Bush is always brought up as ‘dumb’ or ‘stupid’, ‘naive’ and many believe this was part of the agenda for pushing him to go into the presidency. Clinton, despite his scandal, has a very different general reputation. However what if we told you that, at least in SAT scores, George was smarter?
Before we get into things I know that a) SAT scores don’t fully explain smarts, especially in later life, and b) we can’t actually verify the scores.
In both the case of Bill and George their success was much more likely due to family connections and influence and who they knew rather than their pre-college SAT scores. Anyway, what are the reported scores?
George W. Bush SAT score 1206
Bill Clinton SAT score 1032
That’s a fairly big difference but the both went onto prestigious schools. Bo

2013-06-04 16:52:22

Kobe Bryant scored 1080 on SAT

– SAT scores of people like Kobe Bryant are interesting because of his very highly successful career, although academic smarts are not necessarily needed on the court it could be argued that sports smarts can relate to those on paper.
Lightening fast decisions, clever tactics and determination. Sports stars such as Kobe are not just some dumb jock. They are at the top of their game in every way. So his SAT score is of course of some interest.
Kobe scored 1080 on his SAT, out of a possible 1600 (at the time, it’s now measured out of 2400). This isn’t as amazing as his career stats but it certainly isn’t terrible either. Probably somewhere around average.
Sadly this season the Los Angeles Lakers were out of playoffs in the first round!
Here is some interesting info about Bryant from his high

2013-06-04 14:16:56

Carrie Underwood bachelor’s degree mass communication

Carrie Underwood bachelor’s degree mass communication
– There are many things you may not know about Carrie Underwood– including the fact that she got a degree in mass communication. What’s even more incredible: her stint on American Idol got her college credit towards her degree.
Carrie Underwood bachelor’s degree mass communication
Underwood was studying at Northeastern State University in Oklahoma when she was accepted to American Idol. She told People Magazine in an interview:
“I’ve obviously done enough with television. There was my internship right there!”
After winning American Idol, Underwood rushed back to college to graduate. She even graduated magna cum laude.
If her singing career hadn’t taken off, she most likely would have used her degree in communication to pursue a job as

2013-05-30 16:49:57

Robert Stewart NHL a -260 career +/- rating

- 9 seasons and a fanatstic career at the Boston Bruins, California Golden Seals, Cleveland Barons, St. Louis Blues and Pittsburgh Penguins allowed Robert Stewart to create an amazing career in the 70s. However he has some terrible and almost embarrassing stats too! But hey, someone has to have em!
Sadly Stewart has the lowest total +/- rating in NHL history for players who have had the stats recorded. He has a minus of 260. His worst campaign was -46 rating in 63 games.
Below are his career statistics sourced from Wikipedia.
Note: GP = Games played, G = Goals, A = Assists, PTS = Points, PIM = Penalties In Minutes
Boston Bruins
California Golden Seals
California Golden Seals
California Golden Seals
California Golden Seals

2013-05-30 14:58:16

Kourtney Kardashian earned a bachelor’s in Theatre Arts

Kourtney Kardashian earned a bachelor’s in Theatre Arts – Not just a pretty face the oldest Kardashian earned a bachelor’s in Theatre Arts but where from?
Kourtney Kardashian earned a bachelor’s in Theatre Arts
Kourtney went to Marymount High School in Los Angeles, an the Roman Catholic all-girls school. It was here so got interested in Theatre Arts and decided to pursue it into University.
After she graduated she made a move to Dallas in Texas and went to University for two years attending Southern Methodist University. Following that she moved to Tucson in Arizona to attend the University of Arizona where she did her bachelor’s. She majored in theatre arts and had a minor in Spanish. The school was quite prestigious with the likes of Luke Walton and Nicole Richie amongst her peers.

2013-05-30 14:24:46

Chris Brown explains neck tattoo

– When Chris Brown turned up with a two faced women tattoed on his neck people started speaking.
The tattoo on his neck got people talking and going on about how it was Rihanna. Of course that would be stupid to put a half skulled bruised woman on the neck of a man who caused pain to that woman.
So i’s obvious it’s not Rihanna and understandably the artist who inked the design was a little unhappy that people would have thought he did that!
So what does Chris say it is? The tattoo is a Sugar Skull, a homage to Day of the Dead art, a Mexican holiday to honor the dead.
The artists also said when the controversy started the tatt was still fairly new and wasn’t fully healed.
More can be read on
Perez Hilton

2013-05-22 12:01:22

John Slaughter +Tribe Tattoo +Denver

– Tribe Tattoo has quite a famous very inked customer who obviously acts as a moving, jumping billboard for this excellent band of artists.
John Slaughter opened his Tattoo shop, Tribe Tattoo in Denver, in 2001. Since then their work has been growing from strength to strength with a very inked art board customer, NBA star Chris Anderson.
If you happen to be in Denver and feel like being inked here are the shop details:
Tribe Tattoo Studio Denver
674 Santa Fe Dr
Denver 80204
Neighborhood: Lincoln Park, Southwest,
Tribe Tattoo Studio Denver
is leading creative tattoo shop and art gallery. Understanding the importance of community, tribe and culture, John Slaughter opened Tribe Tattoo on April 15th, 2001.
Tribe Tattoo Studio
offers excellent quality o

2013-05-22 11:53:34

Tips you might be losing your hearing

I’ve suffered with hearing loss and these days only hear properly from one ear. Of course I am paranoid that I may lose hearing there too. A world without sound when you have known it is a terrifying prospect so hearing loss is something you need to be serious about trying to prevent.
Keeping your ears away from degrading loud noise and wearing proper protection where possible will obviously help you keep all the inner ear elements in better health but at the end of the day hearing loss can happen to anyone. So how do you know its happening beside the obvious.
This article looks at my personal thoughts and opinions. If anything worries you or you need professional information I suggest you visit a medical professional to be safe.
Loss of hearing can be subtle, can happen slowly and overtim

2013-05-15 11:57:18

Solar powered plane (VIDEO)

Solar powered plane – Amazing news as a solar powered plane has made a significant manned flight without using any fuel in the USA. Of course this may be seen as the beginning of true energy efficient flight!
Solar powered plane
Starting in San Francisco the plane named Solar Impulse landed in Phoenix completing the first leg of it’s cross country flight. This leg too 18 hours and 18 minutes and was entirely sun fuelled The next 4 legs to complete the journey will hopefully see the plan stopping in Dallas, St Louis and Washington before finally finishing in New York.
Amazing stuff!
Below is a video of the plane flying:
What do you think? Is this a gimmick or the future?
Thanks for reading – Solar powered plane

2013-05-05 10:54:21

Brandi Glanville + Eddie and LeAnn “spitting mad”

Brandi Glanville + Eddie and Leann “spitting mad” – Ex husband of Brandi Glanville, Eddie Cibrian, had an affair with LeAnn Rimes and eventually married her. Of course that caused for a bitter divorce and Brandi has tried to keep quiet recently but has let out that she thinks the pair may be a little jealous of her recent success.
Brandi Glanville + Eddie and Leann “spitting mad”
Brandi has become a New York Times bestseller author, opened a clothing line and is one of the bigger stars to come from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Of course no matter how popular you are bitterness and anger from a previous relationship can shine through and she admitted sometimes getting angry and that there were a few holes in the wall!
Of course those reactions are natural.
So when asked what she th

2013-05-02 09:21:30

Vanisha Mittal & Amit Bhatia wedding cost Between $60 million and $78 million

Vanisha Mittal & Amit Bhatia wedding cost Between $60 million and $78 million
– There’s an expensive wedding and then there’s
wedding. The wedding of Vanisha Mittal and Amit Bhatia, coming in at a whopping range of $60-$78 million.
How does that happen? Why should it happen? Well, it probably shouldn’t, but when two different children of billionaires meet and fall in love….
Vanisha Mittal & Amit Bhatia wedding cost Between $60 million and $78 million
Vanisha Mittal is the daughter of an Indian steel-magnate, Lakshmi Vittal. And the groom is the son of Swordfish Investments in London. So when the two were engaged, it was decided to throw a record-breaking wedding of extreme extravagance.
According to Business Insider:
The wedding
featured invitations mailed in silver boxes, including

2013-04-30 16:19:18

Prince Felipe Princess Letizia Wedding Cost $29 Million

– When Prince Felipe of Asturias married Princess Letizia their wedding cost an incredible $29 million. Much of the price came from the bolstered up security, but it’s exorbitance also stemmed from the fact that it was a royal affair.
The event was watched by more than 25 million Spanish viewers. It was called a “fairy-tale wedding”. Princess Letizia’s dress had a 15 ft train and a platinum tiara made out of diamonds.
Incredibly, however, $29 million is not the most expensive wedding to date. Other weddings that have made the mark include:
Prince Charles and Diana. When adjusted for inflation, their wedding cost $110 million.
Vanisha Mittal and Amit Bhatia. Both children of wealthy families, their wedding cost an incredible $60 million in 2005.
Prince William and Kate Middleton. The weddin

2013-04-30 16:03:41

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