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Alienware m14x Audio Problems

I have an Alienware m14x R1 laptop. Up until yesterday, it was working 90% of the time and I was really happy with it. The main problem I'm having is that when I'm watching a video the audio makes robotic buzzing and popping sounds, as well as a bit of video lag. The only clues I have are that I have gotten some low memory warnings and that it still does this with or without headphones.

2013-06-10 07:38:25

Mouse pointer is not moving properly

Hi Guys...
I am facing one problem in my mouse.i'm using iball ps2mouse .while dragging the mouse, the pointer is moving not in a proper way.it exhibit some problem.So i disconnect the PS2 pin and reconnect it,after that it is working fine but after some day the same problem happened again.Please help me to get rid of this problem.I tried with uninstalling driver software but the problem still persist.Help me.

2013-06-10 07:05:45

Server Machine Freeze (Windows XP Pro)

Despite the name, this is NOT belong in the Windows Server section.
I have a computer that I use as a server machine for my webpage(s). Lately it's been freezing up after about an hour or so of running. I've done a scan in MalwareBytes, and disabled all start-up programs in msconfig. I've noticed when it freezes, it's only using around 400/1982 MB RAM, and the processor is only at around 34%. I haven't done any Windows updates, and I haven't installed Service pack 3 because it screwed up my install last time and went on an infinite boot loop. I'm stumpted as to what is causing this. Any ideas?
Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows XP Professional, Service Pack 2, 32 bit
Processor: AMD Athlon(tm) 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 3800+, x86 Family 15 Mod

2013-06-10 06:53:46

red circle with white exclamation point on all jpegs and gifs

How do you remove the red circle with white exclamation point on all jpeg's ?
I am using Widows XP - 2003 Windows Office pro.
I do not have or ever have used Mozy and I do not have or ever used Mcafee Back Up.
Does not seem to be causing problem now but would like to clear them off for business use.
Thanks for info, brennt :cool:

2013-06-10 04:13:43

Tens of thousands of files in SEARCH history!

When I go to My Docs - OS Win 7 - and under SEARCHES, I have two sub folders called:
In the first folder there are some 70,000 files and files with weird extension names I have never heard of! :confused:
In the second folder some 75,000 files and folders!
And yet under PROPERTIES it tells me that the each folder has a total of FOUR (4) Kilobytes each? :eek:
But when I was brave enough to block therm all and hit DELETE, it came back saying there were some 69,400 items to be deleted in each folder. They are both almost a mirror image of each other by the looks!:down:
So, a) Where the hell did they all come from - over a period of two years - and b) can I safely delete them and c) how come there are so many items in each folder yet the total size is apparently onl

2013-06-10 03:52:56

avi driver not installed

hi can anyone help ? i have recently turned on my computer today and it came up saying
no ATI graphics driver is installed . or the ATI driver is not fuctioning properly. Please install the ATI driver appropriate for your ati hardware.......the screen looks stretched and magnified too......and now lap top seems to be taking ages to boot up.....my lap top is around 9 months old

2013-06-10 02:41:14

19" screen now has square image

Hi, I set up my computer and 19 in. Samsung monitor after a move and now there is an inch and half of black space on either side of the screen image. What happened? I tried changing the screen resolution, now on 1680 X 1050 but that didn't help.
Any ideas?
Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows XP Professional, Service Pack 3, 32 bit
Processor: Intel Pentium III Xeon processor, x86 Family 6 Model 23 Stepping 10
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 3326 Mb
Graphics Card: ATI Radeon HD 4670, 1024 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 286157 MB, Free - 227730 MB; E: Total - 1430796 MB, Free - 1367679 MB;
Motherboard: ASUSTeK Computer INC., P5Q
Antivirus: None
I'm running Norton 360.

2013-06-10 01:51:37

How to add a search box to search within our website

I use Bluehost for web hosting and have recently started to use Weebly to build our website/online store. I would like to know how to add a search box so our customers will be able to find items within our store (Steve's Lost Land of Toys). I have tried Pico and Atomz but the search results open in a way which we do not want (outside of our website/store). What we are looking for is a search box which displays results like the search on this site "Cyberguys", or like ebay, Newegg, etc.
Thank you for your time and help!!

2013-06-10 00:52:50

Urgent problem with a vhs rewinder

I was at a friends church, and they had a yard sale. Not everything was on the main floor. Most of it was in the basement. I found a pretty cool thing: A vintage GEMINI RW3500 AUTOMATIC 2-WAY VHS REWINDER. I got it for free because it was in the "Reject box". It is extremely dusty, and I need to know if it is safe to clean the inside of it with windex, or if it will short it out. Also, I tested it and it does work, however it is takes a while to rewind, and I have to push the lid down a few times to get it to start.

2013-06-10 00:51:43

Is it malware?

Laptop is running slow, so I ran a defrag. The disc was 5% fragmented and the defrag didn't solve the problem. I ran disc cleanup. Checked to see if my hard disc was getting full...not even halfway full.
So I tried to run Macafee. It locked up...again and again.
Rebooted, ran disc check (no problems found).
Shutdown all extra processes and tried to run macafee to scan. It locked up and finally crashed. Not once have I seen anything but a white rectangle where the window ought to be. It won't run a quick, full or custom scan. :eek:
Update- everything locked up and I had to power down manually. GRR!
I am currently in safe mode with networking. Will try to run McAfee. *fingers crossed*.
Glad I have backups and a perfectly good desktop.
Is it possible to have malware that causes security softw

2013-06-10 00:42:16

Live Threads (Auto Refresh)

We are currently testing a new feature that allows threads to update while you view them. Instead of having to Refresh to check for a new reply, new posts will appear automatically within the thread.
This new feature comes thanks to this request:
http://forums.techguy.org/ideas-new-...r eal-time.html
If you have an idea for a new feature, please post it in this forum:
http://forums.techguy.org/92-ideas-n...- enhancements/
We have a lot of great ideas already posted there and are hoping to implement more of them soon.
Thanks for using TSG! :)

2013-06-10 00:13:38

Canon Pixma iP300 compatibility with Win 7

My Canon Pixma iP3000 printer worked fine when connected to my HP Vista computer. Now I have an HP p6616f-b with Windows 7 (64 bit) and I cannot find definitive info on the web as so whether or not they're compatible with one another. If they are, I'd need new software. Anyone know if compatible and where I could get software? Thanks

2013-06-09 23:40:10

"White Trader" Malware

Hello, first time poster here, have a question with this malware that has been appearing since earlier this week. Every day, this IE shortcut to a website called White Trader appears, I did some research on the company itself and it seems to be just a binary options trading site, I'm unsure of where it came from, however, thanks to some prior research, some other people have been experiencing the same issue, although the severity of their problem is much worse. So far, there has been no interference with any of my programs, both IE and Chrome are working fine, however, I'm concerned and want to end this White Trader business before it turns ugly. Also, I did seem to have some wow.dll (sic) issues with a popup saying wow.dll has failed. However, that hasn't come up for a while now. Below is

2013-06-09 23:27:23


Hi on start up I think I have a virus instead of IE I get
403 forbidden-internet. I cant, get rid of it.:confused:

2013-06-09 22:34:15

Firefox 21 crashing in XP

Firefox v is crashing (error: hungapp)
XP Pro

2013-06-09 21:10:45

"Wireless Network Connection" doesn't have a valid IP configuration

I'm running windows 7 on an HP Pavilion dm4 and I've been trying to connect to the internet and whenever I troubleshoot it gives me the error "Wireless Network Connection" doesn't have a valid IP configuration. I've tried restoring to before the problem came up and ive also tried ipconfig/release, ipconfig/renew and the netsh int ip c:resetlog.txt commands and it still wouldn't work. I can't connect to the internet at all with that computer, even using an ethernet cable, so I can't run a fix for the problem. Any clue how I could fix this?

2013-06-09 20:29:48

Need video card

I keep getting the blue screen of death. My computer is telling me that the crash is caused by the video card. It is happening more and more frequently. The computer is probably 3yrs old. It is a cyberpower computer. It has an intel core i7, cpu 960 @3.20ghz, 6GB ram, 64bit windows 7. The current video card is NVIDIA GeForce GTX 550 Ti with the most current driver. What do I have to look for in a new Video card? Do only certain types of video cards work with my computer?

2013-06-09 20:27:50

Quick windows 7 help

Hi guys im kinda in a tight sqeeze trying to get this figuerd out quickly. So my computer had a virus on it. i was able to boot to a flash drive and use malwarebytes to remove the virus. But now the user profile does not work right. When i login i see a cmd prompt saying it cant find the program to run the cmd on(i think its rements of the virus). And also explorer does not load unless i go to task manager and hit new task and then type explorer. So is there a way to keep the profile intact and only revert login changes? I tried to use msconfig for services and startup but no luck. also safe mode shows same issue. but in a new profile issue are not there and computer boots fine/

2013-06-09 19:58:35

Connecting pc to tv wirelessly

How can I connect my pc to my new 42 inch lg smart tv wirelessly, and watch downloaded films on the tv?

2013-06-09 19:49:02

Solved: Wireless Problem (turnig on my wireless network)

Hi! i really have a big trouble at my wireless connection. i cant enable my wifi by using Fn. and when i try enabling my wireless connection trough control panel, my laptop started hanging and i can't use it any more. so i have to force turning it of and i have to restore the system trough safemode. i have to do it to enable to use my laptop again.. im using Windos 7 my laptop is MSI GE700
Hope someone could help me . =(

2013-06-09 19:44:19

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