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Upgrade the Vid Card or Memory first?

I was going to upgrade memory but cant decide now what to upgrade first. Here's my specs, what would you upgrade first?
Win 7 64 bit
Gigabyte Mobo: ga-m61p-s3
AMD Athlon II X2 255 3.1 Mhz
4 Gb dual channel DDR2 800 (could upgrade to 6 GB with my budget)
Nvidia 250 GTS 512 Mb

2013-06-12 06:46:16

My Skype digitizes

I am using Skype, but the video is poor, & I get a box comes up & says Your connection is too poor for a good video, & often I lose the other party.. Also the movement of the lips of the other party are not in sync with the voice..
Is there anything I can do at my end to help get better video, or is solely dependent on my Internet provider??
I live in Canada & my provider is Explornet, via Satellite, of course on a real cloudy & rainy day I lose Internet..
thanks in advance.
There are times when I talk to a friend in Maryland, & the connection is pretty decent, yet when I hang up, & call a buddy 30 miles away, the connection is horrible..

2013-06-12 06:32:33

my computer does not recognise external monitors

I have a Samsung ultrabook with an HDMI out. I need it to be able to connect to a projector (VGA Only)
Have a HDMI / GGA adaptor which worked fine till last week. Suddenly, my computer cannot detect the external projector when duplicating the screen.
The only change that I introduced to my computer recently is upgrading to Microsoft 2013.
Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

2013-06-12 06:22:36

Which memory build would be faster?

I'm thinking of upgrading the memory in my Gigabyte Mobo : GA-M61P-S3 from 4 x 1 gb dual channel DDR2 800 (PC2 6400)
If I upgrade, I'd get 2 x 2 gb of the same speed(to replace 2 of the 1 gb sticks), but I believe I'd no longer be in dual channel mode if the new memory doesnt have that feature correct?
So what's faster, 4 gig of dual channel memory or 6 gb of total memory single channel?
edit: I found another pair of dual channel 2 gb x 2 so...if I have 2 x 1gb dual channel and 2 x 2 gb dual channel I should retain dual channel mode correct?

2013-06-12 05:55:08

Hot smell coming from desktop, can't hear fan run

All of a sudden my desktop started having a hot smell coming from it and I can not hear the fan running. How can clean it out inside without having to take it some place. Will having an external(regular household fan) help?

2013-06-12 05:04:47

Mobile Devices Will Outnumber People by 2017

By the time 2017 rolls around, the machines will well and truly have taken over, with analysts predicting that 6.6 billion mobile phones will be in use by that time and adding in tablets, mobile devices will outnumber people on the planet.

2013-06-12 04:44:43

Looking to format the drives; cannot access compmgmt.msc through any means

The title is really all I have to say about this. Recently, I've been cleaning up my old laptop and transferring files to a new MacBook Pro so that I can lend this one to my mother. A nice thing that I could do for my mom is to partition and format the drives so that the computer is working better than it is now... however, I'm not able to access compmgmt.msc through Administrative Tools, the system32 folder, command prompt, and I'm not able to change the registry key to "mmc %SystemRoot%\system32\compmgmt.msc" as a suggested fix (either manually or through a .reg file). All I need is a bit of help to get on my way, but it seems that my laptop is quite screwed up (I'm not even able to access the Services program). Any help is certainly appreciated.
P.S. At this time, I'm using the (hidden)

2013-06-12 04:40:21

BSOD after possible PSU failure

Good evening,
Last night my Dell Dimension 9200 (Dell #1) stopped working due to a blown PSU. I tried to swap out the PSU however I didn't have the tools required to do so and on this particular machine, Dell did a PITB wiring job with the power cables. So I took out the boot SSD drive, as well as the HDD drive that had previously been used as boot, and put those into a different Dell Dimension desktop (Dell #2). When tried to boot Dell #2, I kept getting a BSOD when either of the two pulled drives' SATA ports were activated in the BIOS (see pic).
STOP: 0x0000007B (0xBA4C3524,0xC0000034,0x00000000,0x0000 0000)
SSD is an Intel 330 series
HDD is whatever initially came with the Dell (some random 160GB jobbie)
Both drives have WinXP Home SP2 installed
Since I kept failing to boot with those dr

2013-06-12 04:37:12

502 bad gateway pop-ups

I noticed I was having some trouble downloading files and decided to run a virus check. While the test was running my mom had me doing some chours around the house. I returned to find my netbook had shutdown and upon restarting it, chrashed. So I started it in safe mode when that worked fine I shut it down and loading it in normel mod. However ever since starting in safe mode I keep geting pop ups that go as following.
502 bad gateway
Can someone tell me what this pretans too and what to do about it?

2013-06-12 03:45:15

ClamAV scan results help

So I had no real idea what to title this but I know for a fact my sister's laptop is infected. The laptop is a Toshiba running Windows 7. The computer runs fine but has Malware Bytes pop up every time saying there are trojans and what not. Obviously I want this to stop and to remove all infections on the computer. I have a Linux liveboot USB that I am booting from right now. I ran a scan using ClamAV. The terminal command I used is:
clamscan -r -i -remove=no /media/this/TI105957W0F
the results are as follows:
/media/this/TI105957W0F/Users/Caroline/A ppData/Local/26cb4dd6/U/800000cb.@: Win.Trojan.Win64-23 FOUND
/media/this/TI105957W0F/Users/John.Owner -PC/Downloads/mplayer_Setup(1).exe: Win.Adware.Ibryte-4 FOUND
/media/this/TI105957W0F/Users/John.Owner -PC/Downloads/mplayer_Setup.exe: Win.Adwa

2013-06-12 03:38:19

windows, counterfeit, partition, dvd, HELP!!!!!!!

My friend bought a Dell StudioOne 19 touchscreen Desktop with Vista in 2009 (a week before all computers went windows 7). About six months pass, when she decided to have someone she knew upgrade the system to Windows 7 Ultimate.
Six months to a year later, a msg from microsoft popped up saying that the operating system she was using was not genuine and then proceeded to give options to fix the problem by buying a valid edition of windows 7. This msg kept popping up and she would angrily click the x in the top right box of the window to close the msg and she was angry because she realized her friend installed a shady program on her computer...
Within the next year, her computer started running slower and system errors needed to be fixed etc. So she decided that she would proceed with the

2013-06-12 03:36:55

Driving me Crazy

I'm having problems with Adobe Reader It's not opening up all the documents I need it to open up. What do I do? Can I download another program that is better.

2013-06-12 03:30:08

CHM File to PDF conversion

I'm trying to convert a chm file to a pdf. I have windows 7 ultimate and pdf converter professional from nuance but the software says that chm is not a compatible file type for conversion. I'm wondering if there's an in-between file type that I could use. I tried using a chm to pdf converter software I downloaded (free trial) but that only got me an mhmtl file. Thanks for your help!
Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium, Service Pack 1, 64 bit
Processor: AMD Phenom(tm) II X4 830 Processor, AMD64 Family 16 Model 4 Stepping 3
Processor Count: 4
RAM: 5887 Mb
Graphics Card: ATI Radeon 3000 Graphics, 256 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 939342 MB, Free - 348819 MB; J: Total - 476937 MB, Free - 7 MB;
Motherboard: ASUSTeK Computer INC., CM1630

2013-06-12 03:20:53

Can not access my email or domain

Hi All
Have a bit of a problem with myemail, if I take my computer and plug it into any modem other than TPG modem(which my modem at home is connected to) I can access email and also access theDomain associated with it.
As soon as I connect via Wi-Fi ordirectly to my modem, I can not access either
I have contacted my provider aboutthis 3 days ago and they still have not managed as yet to fix this problem.
I have re-configured my modem Ihave also re-configured it to another tpg account they gave me the name for,brought up the command prompt etc and did all the tests they asked me to do.
The only way I can access my emailwhen at home is via my mobile (iPhone) which is with Telstra as long as I havethe Wi-Fi to the modem turned off and just use the data allowance that came withmy phone plan.

2013-06-12 03:14:22


I don't think this is really "web design" related, but it seemed most appropriate.
Anyway, I have a javascript file that runs multiple scripts (as an attempt to combine multiple files). (We'll call it Universal.ntj)
I have it pretty much done but I'm having a little trouble with transition. Basically, there are 4 main parts. The goal is for the user to enable and disable at will. The problem is that if I disable one (in the file that tells Universal.ntj what to run) it doesn't acknowledge it correctly. So if the user has part one and two (of 4) enabled, it will run the first one and end the script.
I'm pretty sure it's because of the way I wrote the transition. I have this:
if((NTConfig_*part 2* == false) && NTConfig_*part 3* == false) && (NTConfig_*part 4* == false)){
*end script c

2013-06-12 02:49:48

Dell Dimension 2400 has slow start up.

I have a Dell Dimension 2400 that starts up slow when the Dell logo
is seen. When in Windows XP the computer runs fine but it take
a long time to start. Is there a fix for this?
Thank you,

2013-06-12 02:28:56

wired internet spikes while gaming + random disconnects

sorry if this is a common problem people are tired of seeing but ive done a million google searches and tried everything and since "lag" is such a wide problem i can never find the right answer.
-verizon dsl (had for many years, never used to happen)
-windows 7
-same thing happens on both wifi and ethernet connections
-usually happens when i'm gaming
-tried a lot of the basic things like renewing my ip, etc.

2013-06-12 02:11:10

ping.exe missing, can't ping

the ping command doesn't work in cmd. it says it is not recognized as an internal or external command.
ping.exe is also missing from c:\windows\system32. isnt it supposed to be there? (windows 7)
my internet has been really spiky lately especially when gaming and it disconnects sometimes randomly so i did some research and some of it asks me to use this command

2013-06-12 02:04:16

Linux Mint 15 hybrid SSD install

Hey guys,
I'm trying to install Linux Mint 15 on an Asus UX32VD notebook. My machine has two internal SSDs: the main one used for storage, and a smaller one that's a part of what used to be a hybrid drive (I replaced the drive that came with it with an SSD).
I made a live USB stick and installation appeared to go off without a hitch, I just selected the smaller SSD. However, when I reboot I can't select the OS to boot into. I get the "reboot and select proper boot device after installing" error. A local shop recently reinstalled Windows 7 onto the main SSD (and got it off of the smaller one). I'm worried that the windows bootloader (I think that's the right term?) was still on the smaller SSD as part of the hybridization and got wiped out when I installed mint. My laptop can't boot into an

2013-06-12 01:39:58

PC security on campus

Last spring, we purchased a laptop for our granddaughter to use when she went to college. I removed the security on it and replaced the windows firewall with Comodo and replaced McAfee with Microsoft Security Essentials. When she got to school, she couldn't download assignments and take the online tests. She says all the other suite mates in her dorm could get them with no problems, so she used their laptops for her online assignments. I can only assume it is either Comodo or MSE causing the problem.
I have now restored the laptop to its original factory state and am wondering what would be best to do for security. Is it safe to leave it like Windows 7 initially has it? Does the McAfee that comes on it stay free or will it be a pay software later? Thanks for any suggestions.
The laptop is

2013-06-12 00:56:40

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