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Discussion on Pakistani politics

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where is ch pervaiz alahi?

elections main suna tha k ch pervaiz elahi national assembly ki seat jeet gaye hain....but mujhay nahi yaad parma k unhain kisi assembly ijlaas main dekha ho......its amazing

2013-06-12 11:51:08


ANY INFO About Inaam ullah Khan Niazi?? Is he contesting again on NA 71?? Some people said that this time he will contest election on PMLN Ticket?? Any news about him for joining PMLN?? or contesting by-election again?

2013-06-12 10:27:30

George Bush and Tony Blair are saints - Maulana Sheikh Nazim George Bush and Tony Blair are saints - Maulana Sheikh Nazim

George Bush and Tony Blair are granted Sainthood
... , because they are fighting tyrants and evil and devils, asking to bring rights of whole people, and respect and honour, because tyrants made people’s rights and respect under their feet. Their time finishing and Allah sending Saint George Bush and Saint Tony Blair and their supporters to take over those tyrants through East and West. They have been granted a sword from Heavens and they are never going to be failed through their fightings and they should finish it and then they are going to bring their sword to give to Jesus Christ when he is coming down. Reaching everywhere where there is a tyrant: Turkey, China, Russia, Arabia, Egypt, Libya and other countries also. Everywhere going to be open.
There is heavenly support for the Allied

2013-06-12 10:15:08

Can anyone give any justification of This initial step of Central and Punjab Govt ? Can anyone give any justification of This initial step of Central and Punjab Govt ?

Can anyone give any justification of This initial step of Central and Punjab Govt which cost Millions?
Even if you think this source is not enough.. At least
Don't say
that Change on stationary, vehicles, office items, and other related things cost nothing !
Being a Pakistani please give a single reason behind this move and Does it has any benefit or adventage ??
http://e.dunya.com.pk/detail.php?dat...0 8080_66075357
Pak PM Nawaz Sharif changes name of his office
In one of his first decisions after assuming charge, Pakistan’s new Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has changed the name of his office.
“Prime Minister Mr Muhammad Nawaz Sharif has decided to rename the Prime Minister’s Secretariat as Prime Minister’s Office with immediate effect,” said a brief statement issued by the pre

2013-06-12 09:51:41

Naya KP - Progress halted

bana lijye naya KPK..
http://www.thenews.com.pk/Todays-New...r ess-halted%5C

2013-06-12 09:49:13

Turkey Protests turn Violent In Taksim Square Turkey Protests turn Violent In Taksim Square

ISTANBUL — Hundreds of riot police overran improvised barricades at Istanbul's Taksim Square on Tuesday, firing tear gas, rubber bullets and water cannons in running battles with protesters who have been occupying the area for more than a week.
Erdogan, however, made it clear Tuesday that he had come to the end of his patience with the protesters, whom he accused of sullying Turkey's image abroad.
"To those who ... are at Taksim and elsewhere taking part in the demonstrations with sincere feelings, I call on you to leave those places and to end these incidents, and I send you my love. But for those who want to continue with the incidents I say: `It's over.' As of now we have no tolerance for them," Erdogan said, speaking in the capital, Ankara, as the ra

2013-06-12 01:42:32

دلی مبارک باد دلی مبارک باد

اپوزیشن کا لیڈر بننے پر ہم تحریک انصاف
کو دل کی گہرائیوں سے مبارک باد دیتے ہیں۔

2013-06-12 01:04:18

PTI’s youth wing condemns police lathi-charge in Faisalabad PTI’s youth wing condemns police lathi-charge in Faisalabad

PTI’s youth wing condemns police lathi-charge in Faisalabad
Staff Report
ISLAMABAD: Youth wing of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) says it is ready to take to streets against alleged election rigging on Imran Khan’s call.
Addressing a press conference here on Tuesday, PTI’s Youth Wing President Ali Abbas Bokhari said that Election Commission should discharge its obligations of verifying votes through thumb prints.
He strongly condemned the police lathi-charge on protesters in Faisalabad.
The government, he demanded, should take immediate steps to reduce power outages. – SAMAA
http://www.samaa.tv/newsdetail.aspx?ID=6 7275&CID=1

2013-06-11 22:40:57

Peshawar High Court takes notice of rise in Chicken prices - Another Suo Motto, Plz stop this nonsense Peshawar High Court takes notice of rise in Chicken prices - Another Suo Motto, Plz stop this nonsense

کے گوشت کی قیمت میں اضافہ ناقابل برداشت ،چیف جسٹس پشاور ہائی کورٹ
پشاور : پشاور ہائی کورٹ میں مرغی کے گوشت کی قیمت میں اضافہ کی از خود نوٹس کیس کی سماعت ہو ئی ۔ کیس کی سماعت پشاور ہائی کورٹ کے چیف جسٹس نے کی ۔ چیف جسٹس نے سی سی پی او پشاور کو ہائی کورٹ طلب کر لیا۔ چیف جسٹس نے ریمارکس دیتے ہوئے کہا کہ مرغی کے گوشت کی قیمت میں اضافہ ناقابل برداشت ہے ،ہم اجازت نہیں دیں گے کہ شہرہ مرغی کا گوشت کھانے سے محروم ہو جائیں ۔ انہوں نے حکم جاری کرتے ہوئے کہا کہ180روپے سے زیادہ گوشت فروخت کرنے والوں کے خلاف کارروائی کی جائے Source:

2013-06-11 22:30:45

Zardari hints pardoning dictator Pervez Musharraf in last address

Pakistan's President Asif Ali
in his 6th and last annual address to the parliament
at forgiving former military ruler General (Retd)
Pervaiz Musharaff
The Speache was a real
progeny of PMLn and PPPPP Mariage
Tehmina Doultana didnt dared to throw her Shoes
and all PMLn people were showing great respect to Zardari

2013-06-10 16:53:11

Say HELLO to the Bitcoin Vending Machine Say HELLO to the Bitcoin Vending Machine

This is the Bitcoin Machine. Here’s how it works:
Scan your Bitcoin QR code.
Insert cash.
You have bitcoins! Buy yourself something pretty.

2013-06-10 16:52:39

Aur tum lougon ky aeab chuppao gye tu allah tumharay aeab chuppaye ga

gourkun(undertaker) ky bathejay ny yeh waqi likha tha,us ka kehna tha ky us ky chachy ny usy aik waiqa sunya
gorkun ka kaam qabroun ki dekhbal aur muramat hta hai,aik dafa koi qabar thori purani lg rhi thi aur aesy lg rha tha ky kyi saloon sy wahan koi nhi aya gorkun ny chaha ky is qabar sy miti utha ky dosri py daal dn,laken jb qabar py 2 balechay mary tu heran reh gya ky kisi aurat ki qabar thi,abhi tk us aurat ki laash bilkul taza pri thi chehra bilkul salamat tha,gourkaan ky dil ko kisi ajnibi cheez ny jsy jakar lya hoo,khufzada hoo ky qabar py miti daal dee aur qabar ko chor dya,
kuch arsy baad usi gourkaan ny dkha wahan koi admi fathea parhna aya hua hai,,,,,gourkn is bndy ky pass gya aur phoocha ky aurat kn hai

2013-06-10 16:15:00

آنا جنی حقیقی -ایک اصلی عربی آنا جنی حقیقی -ایک اصلی عربی

lots of people believe in spirits but is it possible that one of those spirits made an account on Twitter,who lives in Saudi Arabia and want to know humans .
The name of the account is (I am a real Jinn) and his first tweet was : To all humans I am the first Jinn to use Twitter some might think that I am lying and I am just human, I am a real Jinn and you will see wonders in the future on my Twitter account.
The paper said one reader tried to contact that account by using a fake name but quoted the reader as saying he was quickly identified by that account user.
Check also:
13 superstitions and their origins
He mentioned my real full name and where I live, including the name of the neighborhood and the city. I was shocked and instantly uttered prayersand the city. I was shocked and instant

2013-06-10 15:42:49

Solution for Karachi? Solution for Karachi?

After the recent arrival of the new government in the center, people of Karachi do have a hope that the law & order situation in the city may get better. The good thing about the situation is that PMLN doesnt have much political stakes in Karachi so we can expect impartial solution for the problem. The other thing is that PMLN is not involved in either target killing or taking Bhatta in the city as per the JIT reports:
http://the-real-facts.blogspot.com/2...r rogation.html
And the detailed judgement of Supreme court on Karachi violence case:
http://www.supremecourt.gov.pk/web/u...d _judgment.pdf
So I would like to ask you people, is there a hope of justice by the new government for Karachi?
Despite our political differences I would like to ask all PTI and PMLN supporters and others as well t

2013-06-10 14:44:34

India : Jiah Khan was 'raped, abused and tortured' by Suraj; had even undergone abortion

Exclusive: Jiah was 'raped, abused and tortured' by Suraj; had even undergone abortion
Mumbai: Startling revelations about the troubled personal life of Jiah Khan have come out through the suicide note written by the actress, before she committed suicide on night of June 3. The six-page note was ‘made public’ by her mother Rabiya Khan on Sunday, with a stated intention to ‘bring out the truth related to Jiah Khan’s death’.
Dispelling ‘speculations’ that Jiah suffered from depression owing to her waning career graph, Rabiya instead claimed that it was her boyfriend Suraj Pancholi who ‘drove her to commit suicide’.
“It happened only because of the trauma and abuse she (had) suffered at the hands of Suraj Pancholi and his father Aditya Pancholi,” Rabiya said in a written statement.
Believed t

2013-06-10 11:49:33

بلاول اور ٹپی عمرے پر

بلاول اور اویس مظفر نے عمرے کی سعادت حاصل کی
پاکستان پیپلز پارٹی کے سرپرست اعلیٰ بلاول بھٹو زرداری اور پی پی کے رہنما و رکن سندھ اسمبلی اویس مظفر نے اتوار کو عمرے کی سعادت حاصل کی
بلاول بھٹو زرداری اور اویس مظفر نے عمرے کی ادائیگی کے دوران خانہ کعبہ میں پاکستان کی سلامتی کیلیے خصوصی دعائیں کیں

2013-06-10 10:49:00

US, UK support for Baloch leader shocks Pakistan, allies at UN

http://www.thenews.com.pk/Todays-New..., -allies-at-UN
LONDON: Britain and America shocked Pakistan and its allies at the 23rd regular session of the United Nations Human Rights Council’s general debate in Geneva on 7 June when the two countries clearly supported nationalist leader Mehran Marri, Balochistan’s representative to the UN, who spoke against the recent elections and alleged that Pakistan was committing rights abuses in Balochistan.
Pakistan is likely to lodge protest with both the countries for taking a hostile position towards Pakistan by intervening on behalf of Mehran Marri who alleged that the recent elections exposed the “farce that the Pakistani establishment wanted to present as democracy”. The support by the two powerful countries to a Baloch separatist leader will give s

2013-06-10 09:56:13

Sharif's Silence on Taliban Terror Sharif's Silence on Taliban Terror

http://www.riazhaq.com/2013/06/deafe...t error-in.html
Pakistan's biggest anti-terrorism case is not against
the Taliban
; it's against Pervez Musharraf!
Loudest protests in the country are not against
Taliban terrorism
which has claimed over 50,000 Pakistani lives; such anger is exclusively targeted against the US drone strikes!
In his first speech at the beginning of a third term as prime minister. Mr. Sharif talked about everything except the big elephant in the room: the growing Taliban menace which Pakistan's Army Chief
Gen Kayani recently said
had "claimed thousands of lives, including those of the Army, Rangers, FC, Police, Frontier Constabulary, Levies and innocent people of Pakistan. If we include the injured and affected family members of the martyrs, the numbers increase manifo

2013-06-10 08:57:56
2013-06-10 00:33:57

Agar - 9th June 2013 - Overseas Pakistani And Pakistani Politics.

Dr. Najam Abbas Analyst, Ishtiaq Chaudhry Leader OPL and Habib Jan Friends of Lyari bartania in fresh episode of Agar on Ary News and talk with Aamir Ghauri. Today's Topic:

2013-06-09 21:55:50

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