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voir maroc vs tanzanie 24-03-2013 en direct coupe du monde

regarder maroc vs tanzanie 24-03-2013 en direct coupe du monde
Maroc vs Tanzanie 24/03/2013 Qualifications Coupe du Monde Afrique en direct en ligne, Maroc vs Tanzanie 24/03/2013 Qualifications Coupe du Monde Afrique en direct en ligne, des liens Maroc vs Tanzanie
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Maroc vs Tanzanie 24/03/2013 Qualifications Coupe du Monde Afrique en direct en ligne, des liens Maroc vs Tanzanie 24/03/2013 Qualifications Coupe du Monde Afrique Live, date de la rencontre Maroc et la Tanzanie Afrique du 24.03.2013
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Coupe du Monde de qualification, un match de Maroc et de la Tanzanie 24/03/2013 Qualifications Coupe du Monde Afrique
24/03/2013 Qualifications Co

2013-03-24 12:11:38

Jordan "Naseem-Hotstepper" Watson wins at GLORY V: Spong vs. Remy (vids & results)

http://samurailife.net/jordan-naseem...n s-at-glory-5/
Jordan just earned back his COOL POINTS by with his STUNNING use of PRINCE Naseem Hamed's entrance theme; OUTSTANDING SIR.
Good win too - the difference between a good K-1 guy looking to finish, and a gifted Nak Muay throwing composed shots and showing guuuud technique.
Spong vs. Remy was a surprise; I love that ballet dancer's legs and their kicks with all my <3 and hope Remy shows some BOUNCEBACKABILITY

2013-03-24 10:54:58

Khabib Nurmagomedov vs Shahbulat Shamalaev fight video!

Dug this up, Khabib 3-0 in the UFC as a rising star at 155lbs and Shahbulat 3-0 in Bellator and about to fight Pat Curran for the Featherweight title. Interesting to see this fight back when neither were known fighters yet.
Khabib Nurmagomedov 19-0 (3-0 UFC)
Shahbulat Shamalaev 12-1-1 ( 3-0 BFC)

2013-03-24 07:31:14

If you'd spent enough time in a BJJ gym, you'd know that cella/jones tapout is STAGED

What happened was 100 % staged.
When jones took cella down, you can clearly see that he held cella's legs preventing cella from closing the guard (which is exactly what one should do if his neck is caught). The next move would be switching to side guard to the opposite side (of which your opponent is holding your head).
But instead, jones just let go of cella's legs and let cella close the guard.
I don't know if cella was part of the prank (i believe he was) but if he really believes he submitted jones then he's... not the brightest kid in the block :D

2013-03-24 03:35:20

Top/your favorite Asian/Thai fighters

I'm starting to become a fan of the Asian scene lately and was wondering if you guys can recommend me some Asian/Thai fighters to check out. Thanks:)

2013-03-23 16:50:18

Raul Catinas vs Igor Jurkovic

18,april in THE famous city of Split an big kickboxing gala with the main fight Raul Catina's from Chakuriki vs Igor Jurkovic from Croatie.

2013-03-23 11:31:48

Football: División Profesional: Rubio Ñú vs Guaraní - 3.23.13 - 3:50PM ET

Rubio Ñú (29/10)
Draw (23/10)
Guaraní (1/1)
http://www.oddschecker.com/football/...g uarani/winner

2013-03-23 05:25:00

Shoyoroll Batch #23 Cements Shoyoroll Batch #23 Cements

There seems to be enough information out there to make a thread on it.
There are 2 versions of this kimono coming out: WHITE and BLACK.
The colorway is black, grey, white, and red w/ elephant skin like Nike's Jordan 3.
The white version will be released through GUMA and a small release for people to buy at the PAN AMs 2013.
The black version will be a public release, but no release date yet.
Anyone picking one of these up?
They have this gi listed on there store for $157.50. Assuming that is for the GUMA white one, the black public release will be $10 more at $167.50.

2013-03-22 18:20:37

who was the women mma fighter on lizard lick towing?

the main characters wife was training for a mma fight with some other girl mma fighter. Was that other girl a legit mma pro womens fighter? Whats her name?
any pictures or gifs

2013-03-22 01:12:10

Are these heavy bag gloves any good?

http://store.titleboxing.com/titlebo...a g-gloves.html
They are the Title Old School Heavy bag gloves. I know for heavy bag gloves, 14 or 16ounce gloves are preferred. I have 16ounce gloves, that aren't great but i only use them once or twice a week and they will do the job, i want something smaller too.

2013-03-21 18:40:17

DJ Jackson charged for third degree sexual assault

More news on scumbaggery from TLI
http://georgetteoden.blogspot.co.uk/...p -springs.html
Doesn't seem like he's registered as a sex offender in Maryland. He was charged with sexual abuse and pled down to an assault not necessarily involving sex.
The publicly available information on the rot in Team Lloyd Irvin is summarized like this: 1989 gang rape, multiple defendants convicted, Lloyd tells his male students it was a consensual train run, New Year's Even 2013 gang rape in parking lot, Jordon's statement regarding coerced sexual acts on a medal chaser, and now it's discovered DJ was charged with third degree sexual abuse and pled down to assault with bodily harm. Birds of a feather...
Now it seems painfully clear why DJ chose to remain with Team Lloyd Irvin.
Mods if you feel that t

2013-03-21 17:07:45

Uriah Hall tweeted the Poster has nothing to do with TUF 17 FINALS.

I saw Uriah Hall tweeted this to a fan.
Do you think Uriah Hall tried to protect TUF's fail, or is Uriah right about the poster.

2013-03-21 09:40:01

Football: Campeonato Paulista: Uniao Barbarense vs Ponte Preta - 3.21.13 - 6:30PM ET

Uniao Barabarense (26/11)
Draw (12/5)
Ponte Preta (14/11)
http://www.oddschecker.com/football/...e -preta/winner

2013-03-21 05:21:29

Football: Peru Primera Division: Real Garcilaso vs Juan Aurich - 3.21.13 - 4:00PM ET

Real Garcilaso (4/6)
Draw (13/5)
Juan Aurich (9/2)
http://www.oddschecker.com/football/...- aurich/winner

2013-03-21 05:20:29

is maia hurt or something?

Every top ww contender i think already has a fight, but nothing has been heard about damian, only rummors but no confirmation...
Rory vs damian would kick ass, but im not so sure if a win will give damian a title shot after JH's... jake vs damian could be #1 contender on the other hand, but that will be a much tougher fight i think...

2013-03-21 01:48:29

BJJ conversation with a Judo Brown belt ...

Firstly, thanks a lot to those who offered suggestion on my previous threads on mixing Judo with BJJ. The consensus on this site was that in order to be a respected BJJ competitor it would make more sense to train BJJ 5 times a week instead of 3 days BJJ and 2 days judo.
There is a judo brown belt that comes to train at my school and I pulled him aside to discuss how he mixes Judo with BJJ and whether it helps his BJJ game. Here is what he said:
1. Mixing Judo and BJJ is a good idea because doing any one of these 5 times a week would result in a burn out. It is not that one is more intense than the other but your body is taking the same type of beating 5 days a week. By adding 2 days of Judo and 3 days of BJJ you are giving your body a totally different kind of workout.
2. While 2 da

2013-03-20 19:10:25

GSP/Hendricks : the difference on how they took Condit down, told a lot about them

A lot has been said lately about how Hendricks took condit down at will, whenever he wanted, while gsp somewhat struggled. Also how Hendricks done no damage, while in Carlos' guard.
Here are the reasons, and they are somewhat tied to each other if not completely.
1. Gsp was dictating the pace with Carlos, whole they were standing, Carlos would come forward but gsp always backed n circled away and countered well with strikes followed by a takedown.
2. Gsp vs Carlos we saw him utilize single legs, and would drag Carlos forward, and away from the cage, instantly having Carlos in half guard.
What this ultimately did was make Carlos fight for full guard first, instead of attempting submissions. Giving GSP more control to GNP.
Carlos always recovered back to full guard, being a slick bjjer.

2013-03-19 14:12:53

China Is Building A Replica Of Manhattan In Tianjin, China? China Is Building A Replica Of Manhattan In Tianjin, China?

China known for copying technology is now replicating whole Cities and that City is New York it seems? The City to be completed in 2019 will replicate much of the Manhattan skyline in Tianjin.
Here are some photos of other copies build already in China.

2013-03-19 13:46:05

Johny Hendricks hates Nick Diaz

Watch the Post Fight Press Conference when Diaz came in, the looks on his face was like he wanted to just punch Diaz out. Especially when Nick said he thought Condit won that fight. Hendricks hates the fact that Diaz was saying all kinds of crazy shit at the Pre-fight press conference too like "How many times you had a gun to your face, George?" Hendricks has kids that probably watch the show to see their daddy on TV and he knows they are watching all that BS that Nick Diaz was saying. I hope Nick Diaz just goes out and retires already, time has evolved him in this sport. Now he says he wants an immediate rematch with GSP? Haha, it's all about the money.
Especially watch Hendricks face when Diaz says "I've never paid taxes before in my life!" Hendricks looked at him like he wanted to just

2013-03-19 12:20:02

Who is the better fighter: Cormier or Cain?

These fighters have said they won't fight each other but I think it will eventually happen. I think Cormier will find out that he's too old to be cutting to LHW and will go to HW.
Cain has the technique, but Cormier has more 1 punch power. I think Cormier could more likely take what Cain has and be standing afterwards but Cain taking a hit from Cormier would put him on the ground for the GnP finish. Both are HW's though, so both could put each other down. Cain more than likely won't put Cormier down, but if Cormier hits Cain solid I'd say he puts him down. If Cain can't get Cormier down it will be a long night for him.
Edge - Cormier
Cormier has better wrestling, although that doesn't always translate to better MMA wrestling. However, the way Cormier has handled his

2013-03-19 07:58:07

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