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**One-way ticket to Mars, apply now!!** **One-way ticket to Mars, apply now!!**

http://www.cnn.com/2013/04/22/world/...h tml?hpt=hp_t3
"Step right up and prove why you should get a one-way ticket to Mars! Well, wait - you might want to know a little more about the venture first.
A Dutch company called Mars One began looking Monday for volunteer astronauts to fly to Mars. Departure for the Red Planet is scheduled for 2022, landing seven months later in 2023.
The space travelers will return ... never. They will finish out their lives on Mars, representatives from the nonprofit said.
"It's likely that there will be a crematorium," said CEO Bas Lansdorp. "It's up to the people on Mars to decide what to do with their dead."
Still, the company said it has received more than 10,000 e-mails from interested would-be spacefarers."
Sherdog had bett

2013-04-23 02:38:02

Counter Strike 1.6 Zombie Plague Server GamePlay Videos

Counter Strike 1.6 MAIN TITLE (presentation)
Counter Strike 1.6 Survivors vs Nemesis (Armagedon)
Counter Strike 1.6 Survivor vs aLL
Counter Strike 1.6 Klasik mod (map zm_restart_v3)
Counter Strike 1.6 Klasik mod (map zm_milles_mini)
Counter Strike 1.6 Special mod ( map zm_milles_v2)

2013-04-23 02:08:28

Celebrities with no teeth shoops Celebrities with no teeth shoops

the internet invented this trend. the first time i saw pics of celebrities without teeth , i coulnd t stop laughing.
here is some
i have tried to do some shoops like these but they were nott as good as these. i'll try again later
do you find it funny? i think this is great
post here some pics like these that you have made or you have found if you want

2013-04-22 17:52:57

So is Cotto still faded?

A lot of the fight resembled much of what happened in Trout-Cotto, except with Canelo possessing the better head movement, footwork, punching power and playing the aggressor more.
So Cotto loses to the guy who just gave boxing's rising new talent a run for his money, and for some reason we assume it's because Cotto's faded. At what point do we just start giving credit to a boxer rather assuming he lost because he's faded, and not just because the other guy was better.
I felt like both Trout and Cotto were given the rough end of the stick after that fight. Cotto is old so he should retire. Trout only won because Cotto is old. Oh and it also spread onto Mayweather - Mayweather struggled against an old Cotto. So we have three boxers who end up suffering all because people just can't admit th

2013-04-21 18:49:14

It is 4/20 today...maybe I should smoke or something?

So 4/20 is upon us. I have far more weed than I can smoke (spoiler alert: I can't smoke very much weed). Maybe I should partake in festivities. Unfortunately I have to watch my kids and what not. I will probably be better at doing that if I am kind of high though...sounds legit, right?
Anyone else going to smoke some weed and watch the UFC?

2013-04-20 14:39:00

Boston Marathon bomber was training at MMA gym in Allston, MA Boston Marathon bomber was training at MMA gym in Allston, MA

Boston Marathon bomber was training at
Wai Kru Mixed Martial Arts
in MMA in Allston, MA. Let's hope the mainstream media don't make any more of this particular tidbit.
Summary from Business Insider:
http://www.businessinsider.com/tamer...s uspect-2013-4
Photo gallery of him training, sparring, etc.
http://johanneshirn.photoshelter.com...0 00VQW7v6xWA7o
Choice quotes:
"I'm very religious."
"God said no alcohol"
"There are no values anymore"
"People can't control themselves."
Maybe if he had a little bit more control of himself he wouldn't have blown up Boston.
Anyway, he's dead now - shot to death by BPD and FBI overnight in Watertown:

2013-04-19 15:27:05

If you're rooting for Frank Mir this weekend - Get in here!

This is a place for Frank fans only. Lets talk about how Frank can and will win this fight.
I am calling it now, Frank is going to hurt DC on the feet. I don't think he will finish on the feet, so I am going Frank by decision or Frank by sub, in that order.
Give me your breakdown. Sharing is encouraged here, so share Frank stories, pictures, your favorite Frank memories, I guess Frank fanfiction, whatever you want.
And please don't bash Cormier. Leave that for Frank on Saturday night.

2013-04-16 14:38:46

Football: Allsvenskan: Brommapojkarna vs Norrköping - 4.12.13 - 1:00PM ET

Brommapojkarna (2/1)
Draw (44/19)
Norrköping (28/17)
http://www.oddschecker.com/football/...r koping/winner

2013-04-12 06:22:38

Underrated promotions?

For me, it's gotta be K-1 Hero's. I rarely hear them brought up when people talk about MMA in the 2000s or MMA in Japan. Next to PRIDE, they were the biggest promotion of the mid 2000s and even though they were relatively short lived, they housed tons of great fighters. Hero's helped to launch the careers of guys like Manhoef, Sudo, Kid, JZ Calvan, Miyata, Akiyama and Tokoro. They had plenty of awesome fights as well. Hansen vs Uno, Akiyama vs Manhoef, etc... Not to mention, they didn't just stay in Japan. They had events in Lithuania, Korea and the USA. For a company that only lasted for a bit over 2 years, they did a lot.
Also, honorable mention, Pancrase post the year 2000. People tend to discuss Pancrase as if it's not around anymore, it's only remembered for the old days but people fo

2013-04-12 02:41:53

can you wear mma shorts as "swim shorts"?

Going to a waterpark. Can you wear MMA shorts as swimwear? Can they be considered board shorts?

2013-04-12 02:00:09

Muslim Salikhov entering the ring to Badr Hari's intro at M-1 38

Lol, what's up with that, was so surprising to suddenly hear Badr's song:icon_lol:

2013-04-11 16:33:33

Woman feels sexier since growing out her beard, now looking for love Woman feels sexier since growing out her beard, now looking for love

Facial hairs appeared on Mariam's face 28 years ago after she gave birth to her son. For almost 20 years, she laboriously tweezed her whiskers but decided, five years ago, to let it grow out. "� it was more like a curiosity," she said. "I wanted to see what would happen to me." What happened to Mariam, 49, was that she grew a lustrous goatee and started a blog. Despite the cruel taunts of anonymous Internet cowards and criticism from her mom, she stuck with it. Mariam now feels sexy and confident and is looking for love. Potential beaus need not worry about her using their razors. The plucky bearded babe plans on keeping her distinctive look.
http://now.msn.com/mariam-feels-sexi...h er-beard-grow

2013-04-11 16:07:01

Overeem's chin Overeem's chin

In every thread related to Overeem it's inevitable that one or several posters will claim that he has a glass chin, it's a somewhat established view here on Sherdog. I don't really get it, it makes me wonder how some of you define "glass chin". If a fighter has a glass chin it means that he will tend to dropped or at least rocked by medium power or even weak shots. Is that really the case with Overeem?
Overeem has been finished by strikes 8 times in 49 fights. First off, note how many fights Overeem has and compare it to the number of fights other big name fightes have. Second, let's look at what kind of fighters Overeem has been (T)KO'd by. Shogun 2x, Liddell, Sergei and BF. What do these have in common? Well, they all hit very hard and know how to finish a fight, Shogun has a finishing r

2013-04-10 09:00:59

Clash of Clans - iOS / Android?

Does anyone play this game? It's actually quite fun. I'm not sure if its for android or not but if it is, I'd definitely recommend it. You can create your own village and train troops and join different clans with real life people then go to war with other clans. It's almost like command and conquer on a mobile phone.

2013-04-10 06:41:16

Football: Copa Colombia: Deportes Tolima vs Deportes Quindío - 4.10.13 - 4:30PM ET

Deportes Tolima (10/11)
Draw (12/5)
Deportes Quindío (13/5)
*90 minutes only (including stoppage/injury time but excluding extra time/penalties) if applicable*
http://www.oddschecker.com/football/...q uindio/winner

2013-04-10 06:09:12

Conor McGregor vs Jose Aldo

How fast will this match be made, and who takes it and how? I think McGregor TKO's him in the third.

2013-04-09 15:08:02

Randy prime could take Jones

I have been re watching all of Randy's early fights at LHW. When he dominated prime Chuck in their first fight for the interim LHW championship he was 39 years old. He then went on to dominate and humiliate Tito (the spanking). Next was Vitor who he man handled as well (forget about the fluke eye poke fight).
Think about that. Those are the top LHWs of that era and Randy dominated them. And don't tell me what about Wandy because we all know Randy would smash Wandy.
Randy would then go on to face Chuck for the second time. At that point he was 42 years old and father time had begun to take his toll. Randy's reflexes had slowed down just enough for Chuck to be able catch him.
Prime Randy vs Bones would be a good fight. I think Randy's heart and will would eventually break JBJ.

2013-04-08 16:42:46

Alfredo angulo vs Erislandy Lara

Happening on the Lopez/Maidana undercard.
http://www.boxingscene.com/angulo-vs...e z-card-63848
Good fight. Angulo sort of shot, Lara inactive.

2013-03-29 07:19:41

Victor Conte and Donaire Split

Just saw that Conte and Donaire split. Anybody know why. Wonder if Conte was pushing something and Donaire said No or vise vesra. Donaire using something that Conte doesn't approve of. I am not a fan of Conte and will always be suspect of him,so this is good news tp me but what yall think of it.
Edit: some YT vid is saying that Conte quit Donaire. say that Conte said he quit and was done working with Donaire but no reason was given.

2013-03-26 03:43:17

Strength like Sherlock

Hey guys,
Decided to start a log. I've been logging for a while in Excel docs, but I enjoy the camaraderie and feedback presented here in everybody's logs, so
officially beginning my own!
Looking forward to reading others, as well, and helping out if/when I can (though I believe I am far from being able to offer much more than encouragement!).
Current Stats:
Squat: 265x5
Deadlift: 370x1
Bench: 215x4
Overhead: 135x4
Squat: 315
Deadlift: 405
Bench: 235
Overhead: 150
I run 5/3/1 on the following split:
Power Clean
Squat/Front Squat
Overhead Press
I have been running the program for nearly 9 months at this point- it was the first program I began in earnest. Here goes! And thanks anyone for support, advice, and whatever else.

2013-03-25 11:22:21

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