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question about the fading colors of blue belts

I'm looking for a good belt but I don't like how blue belts can fade and become purple-ish or greyish, so I'm asking for some advices. I like both light blue and royal blue but my main concern is that there wont be any ambiguity concerning my rank. When I first arrived in my current gym, I was surprised seeing more purple than blues. Then we bowed and I understood that most of the "purple" were in fact seasoned blues wearing faded belts...
I'm currently thinking about buying a Koral because that brand has a good reputation, but is there anything else?

2013-06-12 01:43:10

Whos next for Wanderlei?

Since hes not getting chael I think him versus thiago silva would be a war for the ages. Wand looks too drawn out at 185 so he should definitely stay at LHW. Neither are near a title shot so lets give a fight like this for the fans. We all know BF and thiago wont happen soplus this would be a much better fight
Anyone with better suggestions?

2013-06-12 01:32:17

the Ya'll musta forgot thread. the Ya'll musta forgot thread.

The amount of selective memory I see on sherdog never ceases to amaze me. It frustrated me to the point where I'm becoming sincerely concerned for the mental well-being/structure of a majority of users here. I hope this thread will help fill in any gaps some of you may have in certain aspect of MMA in general.
Let us begin.
The Jake Sheilds situation.
- It seems to me that there are certain fighters sherdog seems to either criminally underrated or overrated. Of course, opinions are not black and white, but it seems Jake Sheilds is one who stands out. I'll be the first to admit that he doesn't seem like a world killer, but when you consider his record: 15 fight win streak against Condit/Daley/Lawler/Okami/Jason Miller, it seem his backlash is unwarranted. I think this argument truly shines

2013-06-12 01:23:42

Bellator gave Ronnie Mann the Cage Warriors buyout money

Thought I would post seen as it probably wouldn't make its way on here like the negative stuff does.
After Cage Warriors bought out his contract, Ronnie Mann said his split with Bellator MMA was amicable, especially since officials from his former home gave him a nice parting gift.
As announced this past week, Cage Warriors paid $5,000 to buy out Mann's contract, and the U.K.-based organization promptly signed him to a new five-fight deal. And though Bellator had every right to keep the money, Mann said they ultimately gave it to him instead.
"As an apology – that's why I've been saying they're a great company – they are going to donate that $5,000 to myself for keeping me on the shelf so long," he today told MMAjunkie.com Radio (
). "I haven't gotten it yet

2013-06-12 00:11:02

Nick Diaz: I won't whore myself for money like Dana White

http://www.mmamania.com/2013/6/11/44...- white-war-mma
Holy shieet, war Nick! I used to dislike the guy, but after watching the Tibau fight for the first time today and reading this...shieeeet!
shonuf edit..
This was the full quote by Jonathan Tweedale (NOT NICK)
"The genesis in his thought was he was looking at a bunch of the guys around on the team and in the community that weren't on his team, and thinking about whether they had adequate opportunities to fight. The thought was that a new promotion would provide a much needed opportunity for a lot of these guys to advance their careers. So, in part, it's about giving back to the sport and to the folks around him that have helped him along the way, and, in part, it's a new project to build something for his own future. If this was solely a

2013-06-12 00:03:20

Tired, less weight, still has positive effects?

Newbie question, apologies.
Doing SS for 5 months now and it's going well, seen really positive gains.
I always lift the day after BJJ (scheduling reasons) and occasionally my arms are so tired from the previous evening that I have to bench less weight than normal.
With my zero knowledge of the science behind all this, all I can think of is I'm lifting less weight than I can usually do, so it's having less results. I doubt however this is true.
Is the lift weight relevant to how much effort it takes to complete good sets? e.g. even though my arms are tired from the night before, it still takes as much effort to lift less weight therefore it's having the same positive effects.
Hard to explain, hopefully that makes sense!

2013-06-11 21:25:05

Lets talk about your dog Lets talk about your dog

What's his/her name?
breed? age?
where did you find your best friend?
funny stories?
Here is my 3yr old Cane Corso, "Boo". I have had him since he was 10 weeks old.
He came from a Corso breeder in Ohio. He absolutely adores my two sons, and HAS to say goodnight to them every night when we tuck them in. He's also a cat-lover.
And before you start going all "shelter dogs need homes too", "Adopt before you shop", "purebred breeders suck", etc., etc., etc., just know I AGREE with you. For the most part, there are way too many unscrupulous breeders out there, and there are a ton of GREAT dogs in shelters too.
However, my particular situation is a little different. I train personal protection dogs for a living, and we specialize in Cane Corsos (PM me if you would like our website). The dogs that

2013-06-11 21:14:47

It's time. Presidential Thrown Down MMA Style

The way I look at it isif you had a tournament of all the presidents fighting in mma, it would either by Teddy Roosevelt or Abraham Lincoln
Lincoln was 6'4 212, and extremely long armed. He was an expert wrestler/ catch wrestler. I imagine he had some sort of rudimentary Greco skills and Boxing just from all of his fighting. Check the link. Kind of a modern JBJ body type. Striking okay, but wrestling awesome.
Teddy was 5'10 220 lbs with long arms.
http://www.cagesideseats.com/2012/11...i ng-presidents
, Teddy was an expert boxer, wrestler and good at judo. He's kind of like a rashad evans body type.
I think Teddy's all around skills gives him the win
george washington is a close 3rd.

2013-06-11 20:53:09

Nova União HQ and Kimura Nova União Training Advice

Hey everyone. I will be visiting Brazil, specifically Natal and Rio De Janeiro for ~3 weeks. I hope to train at Kimura Nova União (home to Renan Barão) when I am in Natal and the Upper Flamengo Nova União HQ (José Aldo, etc) when in Rio. Has anyone ever trained at these gyms recently or have some information about them? If you can share your experience(s), that would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

2013-06-11 20:50:54

vBookie: The U.S. Open Championship Pick'em - 6.13.13 - 8am ET

Just wanted to do something fun for the biggest golf tournament of the year, so I did a Pick'em for the Masters, it was fun so it will become a staple around here.
Prize depends on the amount of participants:
Under 30 people
$5,000 for first, $2,000 for second, $1,000 for third
30-39 people
$7,500 for first, $2,500 for second, $1,500 for third
40-49 people
$10,000 for first, $4,000 for second, $2,000 for third, $1,000 for fourth
Over 50 people
$12,500 for first, $5,000 for second, $2,500 for third, $1,500 for fourth
just bet your 50 on one of the "blank" options and ill worry about paying you afterwards.
How you do it:
You must pick 5 golfers, 2 from the top ten in odds, and 3 from "the field". At the end of the tournament I will add up who wins. It might be a good idea to pick a 6th "back

2013-06-11 20:44:45

Vitor Belfort on TRT: "I want people to know I have a conscience" Vitor Belfort on TRT:

Vitor Belfort believes it's important to live a life with no regrets. For that reason alone, he's finally ready to open up about his use of testosterone-replacement therapy (TRT).
"I want to leave a legacy, and the first legacy I leave is myself," Belfort told MMAjunkie.com (
). "If I can live with myself, I can give this to my kids. Nothing is worse than to go home and have to sell yourself to your family, to make up a whole different history of what you did, of how you lived your private life. That's no way to live.
"The TRT is my private life, but it's become public, and it's now a big, big thing. I believe that all the good things I'm doing, people kind of forget it and have a tendency to not pay attention or give credit for the way I'm winning fights, the way

2013-06-11 20:17:54

Jake Shields Teams with PETA for Video Game - Beats up Animal Abusers and Scientist

Didn't see a thread on this.
PETA hopes you’re down for a Cage Fight.
The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals recently unveiled an 8-bit brawler designed to draw attention to animal abuse. In the game, players help battle this problem by fighting animal experimenters and rescuing their laboratory subjects.
PETA’s Cage Fight is populated with real-life MMA fights. Players can choose between Aaron Simpson, Georgi Karakhanyan, and Jake Shields before taking the fight to the people who abuse animals. All three mixed martial artists are PETA supporters
http://www.inquisitr.com/696771/peta...g Bdvoj6CpA3.99
Try the game out here:
http://features.peta.org/cage-fight-mma- game/

2013-06-11 20:17:27

The Ultimate 80's memories thread... The Ultimate 80's memories thread...

This thread is for all the guys that grew up in the 80's...
Post some fond memories you have from the decade... your favorite movie, band, Event, cartoon, car... whatever... let's reminisce.
Ok... let's start it off with a poster that seemed to be on every young man's wall back in the 80's... yep... Heather Thomas!
Remember when Waterbeds were cool back in the 80's...
Who remembers guys wearing skinny ties... and girls wearing off-the-shoulder sweaters in the 80's?
Do you guys remember when VCR's looked like this back in the 80's?
There's still a few arcades around now... but back in the 80's arcades were packed with kids!
What were some of your favorite arcade games back in the 80's?

2013-06-11 20:15:30

Fights being stopped earlier

I was watching War Machine vs Jared Rollins and a couple other fights the other day and kinda noticed it seems like fights used to be allowed to go on a lot longer then they do now.idk if they're trying to preserve fighters, trying to make the sport more watchable to a wider audience, or if im just makin shit up..thoughts?

2013-06-10 19:01:25

UFC 161 predictions- Kamikaze Overdrive MMA

UFC 161: Evans vs Henderson Predictions- Saturday June 15th 2013
UFC 161: Evans vs Henderson Predictions- This Episode of the show covers Predictions for the 5 Main Card Fights on the UFC 161: Evans vs Henderson card.
205lbs- Rashad Evans vs. Dan Henderson
265lbs- Stipe Miocic vs. Roy Nelson
135lbs- Alexis Davis vs. Rosi Sexton
265lbs- Pat Barry vs. Shawn Jordan
205lbs- Ryan Jimmo vs. Igor Pokrajac
Preliminary Card
170lbs- Jake Shields vs. Tyron Woodley
155lbs James Krause vs. Sam Stout
170lbs- Sean Pierson vs. Kenny Robertson
135lbs- Roland Delorme vs. Edwin Figueroa
155lbs- Mitch Clarke vs. John Maguire
135lbs- Yves Jabouin vs. Dustin Pague

2013-06-10 18:51:56

UFC Undisputed 3: PS3 Online Servers Shut Down?

Hey, I just bought UFC Undisputed 3 again for PS3 and it looks like the online option is locked and the servers are shut down. This is a shame because back in January I was still able to play this game online for PS3. The XBox 360 version still seems to have online servers up but I sold the XBox 360 version recently because I would often get disconnected during matches and there weren't many people playing so I figured I'd get the PS3 version again since I prefer the PS3 controller more and the free online but come to find out that the online option is locked. I went ahead and bought UFC Undisputed 2009 since from what I've read online the community is still active and there is no need for an online code and the servers are still active.

2013-06-10 12:26:45

Looking back on GSP vs Hughes 1

I just re-watched GSP and hughes' first meeting and I have to say that Matt's Kimura/arm bar transition is one of the cleanest/smoothest submissions I have ever seen. That is by far my favorite submission ever in MMA. I forgot how good hughes was in his prime.
Also, Matt had a lot of success scrambling with GSP en route to the take down. A lot of the wrestlers that shoot on GSP seem to shoot from the outside. GSP is just too quick and has VERY good reaction time. If Bigg rigg can scramble with GSP in the clinch to takedown game I think he will have some success maybe taking him down.
If hendricks strikes with GSP, imo it will be just like the second Koscheck fight. GSP will jab jonny all night long with ease. GSP's reaction time is on another level for him to get caught.
That being said, I

2013-06-10 09:57:24

Padilla & Sons Mako Gold Gi

Does anyone have this kimono? I found some old reviews for gold weave kimono but not for the mako series. it's 150 right now which isn't that cheap either. Koral is ~40 more dollars which would be better?

2013-06-10 09:52:47

Associate a vBetter to a team

Taken from discussion in the vStreak 14 thread.
Take a gambler in this forum and associate them with a team, with some kind of explanation. Start with yourself.
I'll put myself as ... St. Louis Rams. One it once, came close to a second title, and now winning one round at most. Championship came and went with the dynasty teams taking over.
Go. Associate yourself, feel free to associate others :eek:

2013-06-10 07:18:43

Actual, Real-World "Game of Life" to be played on Japanese Island

http://gma.yahoo.com/real-life-game-...w s-travel.html
Yep a real life version of the game will be hosted on the small Island of Yoron, which is next to Okinawa
If you thought you'd mastered the Game of LIFE, think again.
The American board game classic is being adapted into a real-life rat race on Japan's Southern island of Yoron, and participants need only pay a $5 entrance fee to join the month-long match.
The inaugural Game of LIFE will feature all the signature pieces of the board game – a life-sized roulette, 18 square foot boards, and a bus parading as a game piece, shuttling players from marriage to retirement…or in this case, one end of the island to the other.
The real-life experience, which begins July 20, will be reminiscent of the popular show "The Amazing Race.

2013-06-10 06:30:32

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