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[ROM] [TORO] [AOSP] [JB-4.2.2] Crossbones v2.3.2 [05/10] [ROM] [TORO] [AOSP] [JB-4.2.2] Crossbones v2.3.2 [05/10]

Mod Type:: ROM
Difficulty:: Very Easy
Mod Base:: AOSP
Mod Status:: Beta
Apply In:: CWM Recovery
Carrier:: Verizon
Optional:: Custom Settings
Requires Root:: Yes
Optional:: Requires GApps
Android Version:: 4.2.2 (JB)
mwielgosz - Lead Developer
IT_Blackbelt - Developer
Current version: 2.3.2
This custom Android project is built off of Google android-4.2.2_r1.1 source code.
list can be found
can be found
These are always updated to the latest changes to the source code
Source code:
We would like to give a special thanks to
for hosting our buildbot and server. If you have an AOSP project and would like to utilize the buildbot for your project, please s

2013-06-07 09:19:23

Is Sony's Xperia Z joining the Google Edition club?

Hot on the heels of the announcements of Google Editions of the Galaxy S4 and the HTC One comes a rumor that Sony's flagship Xperia Z might be joining the Google Edition club. Sony is already well-known for its developer-friendly policies, so it wouldn't be much of a stretch to imagine that these rumors could be true. On the other hand, since Sony has already published AOSP source code for the Xperia Z, it seems a bit redundant to me for Sony to release a Google Edition.As I mentioned before in another article , Google Edition phones strike me as a media ploy for OEMs while giving Google a wider selection of devices in its Play Store catalog (a "win-win" right?). For that reason, Sony might indeed release a Google Edition of its phone for GSM networks. Incidentally, I suspect the real reas

2013-06-05 22:51:08

Crashlytics for Android Released, debugging made more efficient for developers

Are you an Android developer having difficulties managing your crash reports and detecting the main cause? The Crashlytics team posted an announcement Thursday claiming that relief is now available via Crashlytics for Android. The popular service that started in iOS has made its way to Android, bringing all the features iOS developers have been enjoying for quite some time now. The Crashlytics team says that they are out to build the "most powerful, lightweight crash reporting solution for the Android platform." Crashlytics is said to delivers real-time crash reporting across all devices. Crashlytics breaks down every bug by device model and version, which helps to divert more of a developer's time to fixing the issue rather than finding it.The Crashlytics SDK for Android is available now.

2013-05-30 21:07:48


hello guys I am pleased to present the AOSP ROM * SuperNova * compiled with Linaro GCC ** 4.8 **. this Rom is a collaboration between Miseusegau ( "lo zio"..)Crotan and lacky44. A special Thanks to THINK BRIDGE TEAM and udK...
http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthre ad.php?p=41719044
Full wipe + format system/data/cache....flash rom...flash gapps....reboot system now......enjoy....
*Download SUPERNOVA V2...
*Download Gapps..
http://goo.im/gapps/gapps-jb-20130301-si gned.zip
**Flash at your own risk**
**A Thanks is appreciated
Credits :
http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthre ad.php?p=31467636
*AOSP....android open source project...!!

2013-05-26 08:58:44

Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean test firmware leaked for the international Galaxy S3

In a previous article we posted a rumor that originated on a Facebook page dedicated to Galaxy Note 2 enthusiasts claiming that the Galaxy S3 and the Note 2 would receive Android 4.2 Jelly Bean by the end of May. Coincidentally (or not), it turns out that a leaked test build of Android 4.2.2-based TouchWiz is available today on Samsung enthusiast site SamMobile .The rumor we posted before might not completely pan out, if SamMobile's claim of a June launch of the update for the Galaxy S3 turns out to be true. The site also said the leak is not feature-complete since it is a test build and development work is continuing for this update. Nevertheless, the actual firmware leak is available for download on SamMobile, so I suggest you download it while you can, before Samsung's lawyers issue tak

2013-05-20 09:56:07

Triple tap to zoom!

Everyone probably knew this already, but I just found out there is a triple tap to zoom feature and thought I would share
Sent from my Galaxy Nexus using RootzWiki

2013-05-14 08:32:41

How do I put a zip in the "internal memory" through fastboot?

I had to go back to stock (wiped internal memory), then I wiped everything in CWR in preperation for a new ROM... BUT... I forgot to put the zip file back. What commands would I use to fastboot the file to internal memory?
Thanks guys!!!

2013-05-12 20:26:01

CyanogenMod nightlies come to the T-Mobile Galaxy S 4

Steve Kondik once again took to Google+ to announce that CyanogenMod nightlies are coming for the T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S IV (aka "jfltetmo" on get.cm while you're wearing out your F5 key). At the time of this writing, the nightlies have not yet been posted on CyanogenMod's site. If you don't want to wait for the nightlies to appear on the official site, you're free to build it for yourself, as the code on CyanogenMod's github should now be sufficient to create a working build.Kondik also mentioned that the nightlies still have "a few rough edges" but should be suitable for use as a daily driver. Interestingly, he said that Android's "hover events" should be supported, which means that you can control your phone without even touching the screen. "Hover events" appears to correspond to "A

2013-05-04 12:15:12

[ROM] MIUI v5 (3.4.27) [ROM] MIUI v5 (3.4.27)

Mod Type:: ROM
Difficulty:: Easy
Mod Base:: MIUI
Mod Status:: Beta
Apply In:: CWM Recovery
Carrier:: Verizon
Requires Root:: Yes
Android Version:: 4.1.2 (JB)
Mod Type:: ROMDifficulty:: EasyMod Base:: MIUIMod Status:: BetaApply In:: CWM RecoveryCarrier:: VerizonRequires Root:: YesAndroid Version:: 4.1.2 (JB)Source::
This is a port of miui v5 for the galaxy nexus Toro.
You tell me
1- wipe data/cache
2- wipe dalvick cache
3- install v5
4- boot and set up phone
5- reboot into recovery and fix permissions
6- continue using phone and it should settle/stop lagging after an hour tops
if that fails
1-flash v4 found
2-set phone up
3-reboot recovery

2013-04-28 17:28:38

[ROM][4.2.2] Slim Bean (Toro) [Build 4] [ROM][4.2.2] Slim Bean (Toro) [Build 4]

Mod Type:: ROM
Difficulty:: Moderate
Mod Base:: AOSP
Mod Status:: Stable
Apply In:: CWM Recovery
Carrier:: Verizon
Optional:: Custom Settings
Requires Root:: No
Optional:: Debloated
Android Version:: 4.2.2 (JB)
Disclaimer: We are not responsible for any damages on your device.
Original Slim Features:
The Real Dark Slim
Notification drawer Shortcuts
Full hardware key rebinding!
Keyboard rotation
Check out our full feature list
Find our latest Changelog go
Chat with the slim team and other slim users
New to IRC? Don't have a native app? Try the Freenode web client [
] or the Firefox extension Chatzilla [
Google+ [
Twitter [
Facebook [
Installation instructions
For Most Users
Please keep in mind if a s

2013-04-21 01:15:14

[ROM][4.2.2|CM10.1][TORO][GCC 4.7] JellyBeer - v4.16 [UNOFFICIAL] [4/18/13] [ROM][4.2.2|CM10.1][TORO][GCC 4.7] JellyBeer - v4.16 [UNOFFICIAL] [4/18/13]

Mod Type:: ROM
Difficulty:: Very Easy
Mod Base:: CyanogenMod
Mod Status:: Beta
Apply In:: CWM Recovery
Carrier:: Verizon
Requires Root:: Yes
Android Version:: 4.2.2 (JB)
+ Based on CM-10.1
+ PA's hybrid engine for a full user experience
+ Switch between three different UI modes
+ Change the system DPI
+ Add apps to different DPI groups
+ Change the navigation bar height
+ No reboot needed for UI changes
+ More features and improvements
+ This is always a work in progress
+ Per App Layout
+ Clock Mods
+ Notification Background
+ Circle Battery Tweaks
+ Wake up when device is plugged or no
+ Fixed Hiding clock and it going from top of notifications
+ CRT Off Animations
+ Notification Behaviours
+ Latest CM10.1 Merges
+ and

2013-04-19 17:31:51

AT&T HTC One Unlocked Bootloader via HTCDev (Root & CWM Recovery Installed) - Get it while you can

Those of you waiting for your AT&T HTC One to arrive we have great news for you. The bootloader in your HTC One can be unlocked. If you are aware of rooting, custom recoveries, and custom ROMs having an unlocked bootloader is very important. The best part is that the unlock comes from HTC’s Dev website making the unlock legit. Users over at XDA have already reported on gaining root access and successfully flashing a custom recovery (ClockworkMod) on to the AT&T HTC One.This is great news for you developers that are looking to tinker with a HTC One but rather than shelling out $650 for a developer version , you can (for now) go with the AT&T model. Keep in mind, though, that the bootloader unlock will not be available for long. HTC has already stated that AT&T will not allow bootloader unlo

2013-04-17 15:22:17

[Kernel] [JB 4.2.x] [v6.4, 4/13/13] Leankernel: Minimalistic Kernel

Mod Type:: Kernel
Difficulty:: Very Easy
Mod Status:: Stable
Apply In:: CWM Recovery
Requires Root:: Yes
This is a minimalistic Galaxy Nexus kernel. My philosophy is to keep the kernel as lean and stable as possible, at the same time to keep the kernel as modern and close to latest mainstream linux as possible. You will see that my kernels will lack some of the bells and whistles from other kernels.
JB 4.2.x (for both 4.2.1 and 4.2.2): [
stable builds
exp builds
change log
exp changes
JB 4.1.x: [
exp builds
Terminal Emulator not finding my scripts? Read
this post
Patched to latest in Linux 3.0.x branch.
All unnecessary kernel components removed to make kernel
lean and fast
OC to 1.65ghz. Boot speed is maxed at 1.2ghz within kernel (in addition to ramdisk)

2013-04-17 04:06:19

AOKP reaches a milestone, releases a milestone

AOKP, the second-most popular AOSP-based ROM after CyanogenMod, has released its first Android 4.2-based milestone, while also achieving an important milestone: one million downloads. Personally, I've used AOKP since at least Ice Cream Sandwich build 17 back in January 2012 on my Galaxy Nexus (I now use AOKP primarily on my Nexus 7), so I remember its small beginnings. The growth has come as a surprise not only to me, but also to the team members I've talked to, including team leader Roman Birg.Back when I was running those early Ice Cream Sandwich builds, my favorite features included naming my own carrier (believe it or not, that feature was a rarity back then http://rootzwiki.com/public/style_emotic ons/default/android/wink2.png), the notification toggles and lockscreen options. Obviousl

2013-04-16 21:42:44

Avrcp on 4.2.2 rom?

To avoid "badmouthing" any other roms. I'll start a general post here.
Does anyone know of a 4.2.2 rom that has avrcp meta data working? Just installed a new head unit and would like to have this feature working.
Thanks in advance.
Sent from my Galaxy Nexus using Tapatalk 2

2013-04-10 18:43:08

[ROM][JB4.2.2] Elemental X - Toro - v1.0 - 3/26/13 [ROM][JB4.2.2] Elemental X - Toro - v1.0 - 3/26/13

Mod Type:: ROM
Difficulty:: Easy
Mod Status:: Stable
Apply In:: CWM Recovery
Requires Root:: Yes
Android Version:: 4.2.2 (JB)
Welcome to Elemental X. Since the ending of the Eclipse project I have started up a new project known as Elemental X. Elemental X is 100% open sourced and based off of the latest 4.2.2 AOSP code.
All firmware and kernel source can be found at:
I would like add a special thanks to the following teams as I have used some of their work as an outline:
Paranoid Android
Slim Roms
Elemental X features overview
Eclipse mode toggle
Elemental X is a holo dark theme natively. The Eclipse mode toggle changes from holo dark to a darker jet black look. Giving you the Eclipse dar

2013-04-09 08:06:36

AOKP Build 6 Does Not Seem Complete

Hey Everyone, I have just recently flashed AOKP Build 6 from aokp.co from GooIm after clearing my phone. However, the new version seems to have less options than a previous version I had for 4.1. Was I supposed to just flash over the old version? Or Do I need to flash the latest milestone before build 6? The version I have now doesn't even have the unicorn during startup... what's going on? Any help is greatly appreciated!!!

2013-04-07 17:42:25

Custom Rom After Activation

Im getting ready to take my phone into VZW to get a sim card activated on my non rooted/locked bootloader nexus
im wanting to know if after they activate the sim card will i be able to root/unlock the bootloader and install a custom rom and still be activated after all that is done?

2013-04-07 11:39:04

Samsung Galaxy S4 (GT-I9505- Qualcomm LTE) Rooted - this time there's proof

Reports surfaced throughout the internet yesterday indicating that the Samsung Galaxy S4 was rooted before launch. Many cheered and celebrated while others remained skeptical. Chainfire (Samsung Developer & Root Specialist) took to Google+ yesterday to announce that he believed the Samsung Galaxy S4 was still not rooted due to the lack of evidence. Today is a new day and Chainfire has announced that the Samsung Galaxy S4 (GT-I9505- Qualcomm LTE) was indeed rooted... this time there is evidence.Chainfire provides a download link on XDA providing a zip file that includes all the necessary files to gain root access. The root process was tested and confirmed on XXUAMD2 firmware (Dated April 2nd). Unfortunately, no one knows whether this firmware is actually the retail firmware so we will not k

2013-04-04 01:17:46

Do You Even Holo? Tasker Does with Today's Update

Crafty Apps ' automation app, Tasker , has always been know more for its functionality than its looks, but back in January, the developer released a beta build on their website that gave the app a new design that follows Google's holo guidelines , making the Redditors in r/Android just a bit more uppity than normal. Yesterday, the new holo-fied Tasker left beta and is now available in final form in the Google Play store.If you don't know what Tasker is, you should definitely check it out. It allows you to automate tasks on your phone and do actions based on events that happen to your phone. Here's a simple example: if you want to toggle WiFi off on your phone when you leave home, you can make a profile that will do so when you leave a preset location or it can no longer connect to your hom

2013-03-28 21:33:55

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