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ATR-42/72 Line training at Farnair

Hello people,
Is anyone familliar with the Line training at Farnair (ATC) (dutch company called: Aircrew training center).
Is there any chance that you will get a contract after the 400 hours on the ATR at Farnair?
Thank you!

2012-10-12 12:45:44

Bought a type rating? Let it go uncurrent? You're screwed

Just want to point out something to you guys that I found on another thread ... an EASA law change that's come in in the last few weeks regarding type rating and IR renewals
AMC1 FCL.625(c) IR — Validity, revalidation and renewal
(a) Paragraph (b)(1) of FCL.740 determines that if the instrument rating has lapsed, the applicant shall go through refresher training at an ATO, to reach the level of proficiency needed to pass the instrument element of the skill test prescribed in Appendix 9 to Part-FCL. The amount of refresher training needed should be determined on a case-by-case basis by the ATO, taking into account the following factors:
(1) the experience of the applicant. To determine this, the

2012-10-02 01:00:57


Got new CPL licence yesterday, all seemed good, but looking at the FI section this morning, there are a number of errors regarding my privileges, this section is quite different to JAR. I rang the CAA this morning and they are sorting for me. They state you need to check CAP 804, Section 4, Part J, subpart 1, page 1 - when you get the new licence -
My night instructor priviledge gone as is the IF for IMC(IR R) ? Any ideas - A thought I do not have a night rating, as incorporated in CPL, CP804 only mentions IR instructor priviledge.
I like the fact that the EASA PPL is imcorporated on licence, although if I drop down to class 2 and operate on PPL, do I still have night priviledges ?
All licence covers ATPL and CPL appear to be blue, is this correct ?

2012-09-18 22:09:11

Banning Genghis the Engineer

The thread asking where is Genghis the Engineer had an explanation added to it by PPRuNe Towers explaining at least in outline what has happened to GTE, and then the thread was locked.
Before learning from PPRuNe Towers what had happened, I had assumed that GTE’s absence was of his own choosing and posted appropriately on that thread. However now that I’ve learnt from PPRuNe Towers that GTE’s absence is enforced and not of his own choosing I feel the need to express my dismay at the decision.
I have only met GTE once. That was earlier this year at the PPRuNe flyin that HE organised. However I don’t think you need to have met him to know that he is an extremely nice person. His post here have always been well mannered and professional, and whatever it is that has happened, it seems extrem

2012-09-17 11:30:41

Fastjet first base

FastJet Plc ("FastJet"), the AIM listed African airline in which Lonrho owns 67.4%, announces today that it will establish its first operating base at Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.
The airline will commence flying in November with seats going on sale online a few weeks earlier. Fares will be available for as low as $20 one-way excluding taxes and charges.
The lease for FastJet's first Airbus A319 aircraft has been signed with lessor BBAM and will arrive in Dar es Salaam next month. Recruitment for crew and ground staff is already well advanced.
FastJet Chief Executive Ed Winter said:
"Our initial focus will be on East Africa with the airline's first base at Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, where the A319 aircraft has already been approved by the Tanzania Civil Aviation Authority. This

2012-09-17 08:42:44


Skybus have just announced expansion plans with the aquistion of another 19 seat prop, improved ferry services and a new terminal and tower at Lands End to meet the demand of tourists and improved flight reliability in poor weather , what with the loss of the helicopter link at the beginning of November.
Unsure yet when it'll arrive but the building works have been in progress already for some time with the tower nearing completion.
Good for Skybus.

2012-09-16 12:44:02

Learjet 24 down in Bornholm/Denmark

A privately operated Learjet 24 crashed on Saturday during approach to Ronne on Bornholm. The plane arrived from its homebase Strausberg EDAY (Berlin, Germany).
The two persons on board are in critical condition according to media reports.
ASN Aircraft accident Learjet 24D D-CMMM Bornholm-Rnne Airport (RNN)
TV 2/Bornholm

2012-09-16 11:49:20

3G Laptop Connection Stops After 4 Years (Error 628)

Never been defeated before; anyone got any bright ideas?
T-Mobile SIM; internal Dell Broadband Card Utility. Has worked perfectly for four years.
Shows strong signal and indicates "Ready" to connect.
Click "Connect" and it indicates "Connecting", "Authenticating", but then reverts to "Ready" and fails to connect (for the last week in different 3G areas).
Sometimes shows Error 628
Dell Diagnostics shows 'pass' for Hardware/Software/Network.
Windows Diagnostics indicates no problem with laptop.
T-Mobile indicate no problems with account (or coverage in various areas over the last week).
T-Mobile supply new SIM; same result.
Try Vodafone mobile SIM; same result.
Device Manager indicates Modem working correctly; no

2012-09-12 11:30:24

EC 120 Rollover in Germany

A EC120 rolled over during T/O at an airshow in southern Germany. Pilot and PAX ok, but one spectator died after beeing hit by debris, two others injured.
Pictures of the crash:
Ein Toter bei Unglück auf dem Flugtag in Metzingen | Südwest Presse Online

2012-09-10 07:31:20

747-400 FMC CDU "ROUTE FULL" Message

Gents, I was just wondering how you (and the FMC) would respond if the ROUTE FULL message appeared in the MCDU scratchpad?

If a route is uploaded (or selected from the Co Route list) and it exceeds the 120 waypoint limit, the ROUTE FULL message appears. Our airline used to have a few such routes from Asia to Europe a few years ago, but I don't know how they were handled. During ground tests, I seem to recall that most of the Route was accepted, with the final waypoints missing.
Q1. Will the full Route structure appear on the ROUTE pages? (even though not all the LEGS waypoints will be presented)
Q2. Will it be possible to enter the same Company Route in Route 2 and delete Airways and/or delete waypoints at the start of the Route on the ROUTE or LEGS pages and have the missing waypoints

2012-09-09 04:58:37

visita medica in svizzera?

c' é' un centro tipo IML in svizzera italiana???
sono stretto con i giorni e ovviamente in italia il rinnovo classe 1 non puo'essere fatto da un medico aeronautico, a differenza del resto d' europa....
o anche dei medici che possano farlo privatamente, non sono riuscito a trovare molto se non poti in svizzera tedesca...

2012-09-04 15:14:41


Salve Ragazzi, sto facendo una piccola ricerchina di mercato nulla di più.
Sono un pilota come voi e come tutti i piloti che lavorano, sia in linea, sia in altri tipi di volo, come ad esempio corporate, militari, light aeroplanes, ecc ecc hanno quasi sempre un problemino: il libretto di volo.
Mi spiego meglio: le ore di volo vanno scritte, devi fare i totali; de notte, de giorno, IFR, VFR, con la nonna, con la zia, atterraggi gamba carrello sx, atterraggi gamba carrello dx, autoland e chi più ne ha più ne metta. Questo tipo di data entry su un libretto di volo elettronico come ad esempio Log Ten è perfetto perché ti da la possibilità di tenere sempre tutto sotto controllo e in un click sai praticamente tutto.
E' bellissimo, anche perché in una interview classica come Cathay Pacific, ANA, B

2012-08-31 20:16:36

Canon scanner woes ....

A lesser man might take to the bottle over this. I still can’t rule it out.
Nice new (expensive) Canon 9000f scanner (Win XP compatible), Desktop machine - Celeron engine. Windows XP SPs and 'upgrades' all installed. Previous Canon scanner software uninstalled. Supplied Canon software installed per instructions. Machine rebooted. Scanner plugged in and turned on.
Message: "One of the devices attached to this computer has malfunctioned and Windows does not recognise it". An attempt is made run the scanner from the software anyway.
Another message:
Cannot communicate with scanner
Cable may be disconnected or scanner may be turned off.
Check Status.
Scanner driver will be closed.
Code 5,1555,55
Tried both different USB cables and different USB ports - connecting in each instance to

2012-08-11 02:13:25


Are there any Fly Dubai cabin crew out here????
Would like to get a little bit of information about lifestyle as a cabin crew member with Fly dubai..
Training period
Crew Environment
Do you guys fly alot???
Do you get additional benifits in Dubai as FZ CC eg: discounts etc etc
What's the salary like at FZ as a CCM?::hmm:

2012-08-08 03:29:41

Please help with Cadet Pilot Programme (SAA)

Good Day,
I have applied for the SAA Cadet Pilot Programme and would like to prepare myself to the best of my abilities.
If there is anyone who would be willing to help me out with any material to help me out and increase my chances of making it, I would really appreciate it. Even if its websites that i can do some reading on.
I stay in the Gauteng Province and would not mind travelling if anyone would like to 'donate' old reading material which i'll return upon the conclusion of the recruitment phase.
Any help would be highly appreciated.
PS: I am a young black man and even though it is the reality of what is happening, it would be nice to have replies where the race card is not played. All im asking for is help and direction from those willing to help.
Best Regards

2012-08-06 22:56:41

Skytrans in trouble.

Well well well. Seems a lot of dirty laundry is leaking out on this mob, from some very reliable souces!!
They are on to their second Chief Pilot in 6 months. The predecessor has had numerous CASA investigations take place in to his activities over the past 18 months. Several investigations are on going. The airline didn't tell it's mining contracts about all the mischief going on (breach of contract) and now some serious sets of eyes are upon them. A lot of pilots don't want to fly the ex HOFO who still unoficially runs flight ops, however he is a protected species as the company is setting itself up to be sold or floated in 2014 and the former HOFO, who is loved for his cost saving techniques, (never mind the fact that most of those 'techniques are illegal and dangerous') has been prote

2012-07-31 09:25:26

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