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Least productive time of day for office workers revealed

A new poll has found that office workers are indeed at their least productive at precisely 2:55 pm.
The poll of 400 workers, conducted by British office brokerage londonservices.com, also found that 10:26 am and 4:18 pm are the most-productive times of day for office workers, according to Canadian a newspaper.
Michael Davies of londonoffices.com offers one perennial suggestion on how to overcome the 2:55 hump.
He recommends people to take a few five-minute 'mini-breaks' throughout the day, which could include popping to the water fountain, grabbing a cup of tea or even a quick walk round the office.

2013-06-10 08:53:19

Sonam charges Rs 11 for her next movie Sonam charges Rs 11 for her next movie

While there is constant buzz about actors outdoing each other when it comes to commanding fat fees for their projects, we hear that Sonam Kapoor charged only a meagre Rs 11 to sign Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra’s next. And that’s apparently because the actress was dying to work with the director again after Delhi 6.
A source says, “Sonam has always been proud of her previous project with the director. She came to be known as the Massakali girl after the film. When Mehra approached her for the Milkha Singh biopic, she refused to charge him anything. Instead the amount of R 11 was like a shagun.”
Insiders say Rakeysh too is quite fond of Sonam and wanted her to be part of his project. A source close to the director says, “Sonam plays an important role. Those who have seen glimpses from the film fe

2013-06-10 08:39:43

Chilli Chicken - priya's recipe..

Chilly Chicken
Chicken-1/2 kg cut to bite size pieces
sour curd-1/4 cup
ginger garlic paste-1tsp
soy sauce dark-2tsp
light soy sauce -2tsp
plain red chilly powder-1 1/2 tsp( or adjust to taste)
salt -to taste
For gravy
Onion -1 medium sliced
Garlic - 5 flakes chopped finely
Green chilly -3 to 4 chopped( or as spicy as you want)
spring onion -chopped 2tbsp
green capsicum -1 cubed
salt -to taste
tomato sauce -1 tbsp
Lemon -1/2 optional
Mix all the ingredients listed under marinade ...marinate for 4 hours...
In kadai add the oil ...
when hot add the marinated chicken and saute for 5 min ...
add the onion ,garlic ,sliced green chillies....
saute and add just a touch of salt( remember marinade has salt)
cook until the chicken is 3/4th done ...
now add the capsicum an

2013-06-10 01:19:00

7 Golden Rules: building a sandcastle 7 Golden Rules: building a sandcastle

Professor Matthew Bennett, of Bournemouth University, is a quaternary sedimentologist and geomorphologist. He’s also renowned as a world expert on building sandcastles. We asked him for his top tips.
1 Location, location, location
The sand on some beaches is far better for building the perfect castle than it is on others. In 2004, I scientifically compared — yes, scientifically, to my shame — sand from the 10 most popular beaches in the country to find out which was best for building castles. Torquay came out on top, thanks to its delightful red sand, closely followed by Bridlington, with Bournemouth, Great Yarmouth and Tenby tied in third. Blackpool took sixth spot, followed by Eastbourne, Herne Bay and Newquay. Rhyl came 10th.

2013-06-09 22:21:36

IIT-Madras engineers showcase low-cost housing model; 800 sq ft house for Rs 10 lakh IIT-Madras engineers showcase low-cost housing model; 800 sq ft house for Rs 10 lakh

Believe it or not, researchers at
Indian Institute of Technology
, Madras have developed a unique method where one can construct a two-bedroom house of 800 square feet for a cost of just Rs 10 lakh.
The researchers from the civil engineering department have been working on the project for over a decade and have constructed a two-storey building to showcase the technology they developed to build rapid, cost-effective mass housing using glass fibre reinforced gypsum (GFRG) panels.
The researchers have constructed a 'model housing apartment' inside the IIT-M campus comprising four flats in a two-storeyed building. Interestingly, this method of construction is not only less expensive, but also less time consuming as the 'GFRG demo building' was constructed by the IIT team in just a month. Sinc

2013-06-09 20:18:12

Enslaved in Saudi Arabia, 200 Indians cry for help

Nearly 200 skilled and unskilled labourers from
Tamil Nadu
, Delhi, Uttar Pradesh,
, Rajasthan and
Andhra Pradesh
are stranded in Saudi Arabia after their
Bangladeshi employer
cheated them. The workers said they were promised jobs in a plastic factory, but were made to clean toilets.
Sources at the Indian mission in Saudi Arabia said the Indians travelled to Dammam after paying Rs 90,000 to Rs 150,000 each to a Mumbai-based labour agent called
Fahad Enterprises
. The workers have appealed to the government of India for help to return home.
"I have asked Indian ambassador to Saudi Arabia Hamid Ali Rao to look into this and get back to me. Despite so many awareness campaigns and advertisements asking our people to go abroad only through proper channels, many of them continue to go un

2013-06-09 19:45:35

Hansika Motwani one-take artist

Rarely does southern actress Hansika Motwani need a second take to perform a scene, says director Hari Gopalakrishnan who included her in the forthcoming Tamil action-drama 'Singam 2'.
Hansika is one of the additions to the cast of 'Singam 2', a sequel to 'Singam'.
"I included her in the sequel to play an important role. I haven't worked with her before but have seen her performance in so many films. She is a one-take artist and rarely do you need spend few more takes to complete a scene with her," Hari told IANS.
"If you show her exactly what you want, she will do it in no time. She brings in so much of energy to the team and that keeps us all going," he added.
She joined 30 other artists in the sequel.
"Audiences are familiar with all the actors who appeared in the prequel, but I was hes

2013-06-09 11:25:03

Penmai's Super Star - Best Cheerer

Dear Friends,
So glad to announce
Penmai's Super Star of the May Month
, under the field
Best Cheerer
. Hope you all know the best cheerer in Penmai.
A well known person, who is the 1st one to cheers up the
new members, posts wishes for Penmai members on their special days and also for the rewarder's & winners
. Yeah all your guess is right...
winning the
Penmai Super Star Award
this time. Thank you very much for cheering us!!
By starting this award series, we hope that we honor our members, their works and their vital role in our Penmai.
Here is the Gift for you sir. :)
Your avatar will be changed to
Penmai's Super Star
. Whenever you wish, you can change it as per your choice.
Please send your Indian Postal Address with Phone no. to Parasakthi through priv

2013-06-08 14:15:13

'After Earth' to have big release in Tamil 'After Earth' to have big release in Tamil

Manoj Night Shyamalan's upcoming science-fiction 'After Earth', which is being dubbed in Tamil as 'Abaaya Graham', will release June 7 in as many as 100 screens in Tamil Nadu.
"The Tamil dubbed version of 'After Earth' titled 'Abaaya Graham' will release in about 100 screens in Tamil, while the English version will release in about 20 screens," said a statement.
Starring Will Smith and his son Jaden Smith, 'After Earth' is a post-apocalyptic tale of a father and son in search of a new home beyond planet Earth.
Will Smith has also penned the story of the film, which has been produced by Overbrook Entertainment and Blinding Edge Pictures.

2013-06-08 09:09:56

Sripriya to direct '22 Female Kottayam' remake Sripriya to direct '22 Female Kottayam' remake

Veteran actress Sripriya, a popular face in south Indian cinema of the 1980s, will helm the Tamil-Telugu remake of critically acclaimed Malayalam revenge-drama '22 Female Kottayam'. Nithya Menon has been roped in to play the lead role in this women-centric film.
"The film is set to go on the floors in July and is slated for a December release," said a statement.
Nithya Menon will reprise the role of Rima Kallingal in the remake. Rima won the Kerala state award for best actress for her performance in the original movie.
'22 Female Kottayam' is about the travails of a nurse who seeks revenge on her tormentors.
"Having worked in strong women-oriented films, Sripriya was so intrigued by the film that she decided to remake it," added the statement.
For now, the makers are finalising the rest of

2013-06-08 09:06:00

Bra Ban On Students Ahead Of Chinese University Entrance Exam !! Bra Ban On Students Ahead Of Chinese University Entrance Exam !!

Bra Ban On Students Ahead Of Chinese University Entrance Exam
More than nine million students packed exam halls across China for the opening day of the country’s university entrance exam on Friday — with attempts to stop cheating even leading to bans on metal bra clasps.
A Chinese student gets his belongings searched before taking the tough college entrance exams in Bozhou, China on June 7, 2013. More than nine million students packed exam halls across China for the opening day of the country’s university entrance exam on Friday — with attempts to stop cheating even leading to bans on metal bra clasps.
Students in the northeastern province of Jilin were banned from wearing clothing with metal parts and education authorities installed metal detectors in exam centres to clamp down on “wirele

2013-06-07 19:30:38

Russian President Putin, wife announce divorce Russian President Putin, wife announce divorce

Russian President
Vladimir Putin
and his wife
announced on Thursday they are divorcing after nearly 30 years of marriage.
The Putins made the statement on state television after attending a ballet performance at the Kremlin.
"It was our joint decision," Putin said.
Lyudmila Putin was rarely seen in public during her husband's long tenure at the top of Russian politics and implied that she didn't like to travel with him on his frequent trips.
"I don't like publicity and flying is difficult for me," she said.
The Putins married on July 28, 1983, and have two daughters, Maria and Yekaterina. In the televised announcement of their divorce, Putin appeared reserved and Lyudmila smiled tentatively.
"We practically never saw each other. To each his own life," Putin said.
Lyudmila Putin

2013-06-07 08:02:30

Vijay's pair in Kushi - விஜய்க்கு ஜோடி : குஷியில் சமந்தா! Vijay's pair in Kushi - விஜய்க்கு ஜோடி : குஷியில் சமந்தா!

பாக்ஸ் ஆபிஸில் வசூலை அள்ளிய படம் 'துப்பாக்கி'. விஜய், காஜல் அகர்வால் நடித்த அப்படத்தினை இயக்கினார் ஏ.ஆர்.முருகதாஸ். ஹாரிஸ் ஜெயராஜ் இசையமைக்க அப்படத்தினை தயாரித்தவர் தாணு.
தற்போது 'தலைவா' படத்தினை முடித்துவிட்டு 'ஜில்லா' படப்பிடிப்பில் மும்முரமாக இருக்கிறார் விஜய். அப்படத்தினைத் தொடர்ந்து மீண்டும் ஏ.ஆர்.முருகதாஸ் இயக்கத்தில் நடிக்க ஒப்பந்தமாகி இருக்கிறார் விஜய்.
இப்படத்தினை தயாரிக்க இருக்கிறார் லண்டன் கருணாஸ். நாயகியாக நடிக்க பல்வேறு முன்னணி நடிகைகளிடம் பேசி வந்தார்கள். முதலில் தீபிகா படுகோனிடம் பேசினார்கள். அம்மணி தன்னிடம் தேதிகள் இல்லை என்று கூறிவிட்டார்.
உடனே சமந்தாவிடம் பேசினார்கள். விஜய் - ஏ.ஆர்.முருகதாஸ் கூட்டணியில் உருவாகும் படம் என்பதால் உடனே தன்னுடைய கால்ஷீட் தேதிகளை ஒதுக்கி கொடுத்து இருக்கிறார்.
விஜய், சமந்தா நடிப்பில் உருவாகும் இப்படத்திற்கு அனிருத்

2013-06-06 20:12:50

Cauliflower Recipes

Dear Friends,
This month Lets share
for Recipe of the Month "Ju
"... You can share any type and variety of
葡汁焗椰菜花 Baked Cauliflower Curry02.jpg
Pls share your own recipes, just avoid copy pasting from other web sources. You can share your usual/ordinary recipes like Cauliflower Rice, Cauliflow
er Pakkoda and Cauliflower 65
Normal recipes also differs in taste and preparation method from home to home. Also we can learn many new recipes. So don't hesitate to share your recipes here.
Attached Images
葡汁焗椰菜花 Baked Cauliflower Curry02.jpg
(38.7 KB)

2013-06-06 16:54:26

Pappu Rock...Obama Shock...

400_F_34328263_Y9jvdl0K4uCBgBWL5nRWNzPtd cn5apKz.jpg
Pappu went to USA and had a meeting with OBAMA
OBAMA : I want to show you that how much advance we are
Come with me, He takes him to a forest.
OBAMA : Dig the ground. pappu did it.
OBAMA : More….More…More-… pappu went upto 100 Feet.
OBAMA : So now, try to search something.
Pappu : I got a Wire.
OBAMA: You know, it shows that even 100 years ago we used to have telephones.
Pappu became frustrated. He invited OBAMA to India.
Next year OBAMA was in India.
Pappu : I want to show you our advancement.
The same…he takes OBAMA to a forest.
Pappu : Dig it... obama does.
Pappu : More….More…More-… …OBAMA goesupto almost 400 feet.
Pappu :Try to find something. OBAMA tries
Pappu : Did you get anything?
OBAMA: No, there is nothing here

2013-06-06 13:21:17

84-year-old Florida woman wins $590 million jackpot 84-year-old Florida woman wins $590 million jackpot

An 84-year old woman from
has won the USD 590.5 million
Powerball lottery
, the second largest US jackpot, officials have announced.
Gloria Mackenzie
opted to take a lump-sum cash payment of somewhat smaller amount of USD 370.9 million, rather than receiving the full winnings
out over 30 years, Florida Lottery secretary Cynthia O'Connell said at a news conference in
on Wednesday.
Mackenzie purchased the winning ticket at a Publix supermarket in the small city of Zephyrhills, 48 kilometers northeast of Tampa, officials said.
The jackpot had been touted by lottery officials as "the largest in the 21-year history of the game."
The two-dollar tickets are sold in supermarkets, convenience stores and service stations across 42 US states, the capital Washington and the US

2013-06-06 12:02:59

Shun sunscreens, non-stick pans if baby’s on the way

Are you expecting a baby soon?
Make sure you don't paint your house, buy new furniture, use shower gels or
, and cook in
non-stick frying pans
. These are among a long list of everyday objects that the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (RCOG) says can expose the unborn child to harmful chemical exposure.
A list of what mothers should not be doing, issued by the RCOG is the first of its kind antenatal advice that informs women who are pregnant or breastfeeding of the potential risks that some chemical exposures could pose to their babies.
Exposure to environmental chemicals causes pre-term birth, low birth weight, congenital defects, pregnancy loss, impaired immune development, as well as impairment of fertility.
Under normal lifestyle, pregnant women are expos

2013-06-06 09:04:58

Happy Wedding Anniversary dear Swathi Ganeshkumar(swaga2008) Happy Wedding Anniversary dear Swathi Ganeshkumar(swaga2008)

My dear Friend Swathi and Brother Ganesh,
Wishing you a very

2013-06-06 02:46:35

Japan unveils 500 kmph 'levitating' bullet train Japan unveils 500 kmph 'levitating' bullet train

Fast and Furious! Japan has unveiled its new "levitating" bullet train, designed to travel at speeds of upto 500 kmph, which has undergone its first test on tracks.
Japan's first commercial model of a magnetically levitated train has been placed on an outdoor test track.
Officials at Central Japan Railway unveiled the L0 model on Monday at its test track in Yamanashi Prefecture, central Japan.
The track is being extended to 43 kilometres to enable full-fledged test runs.
The 5-car train, towed by a locomotive, ran on the track slowly to check whether the train bottom has proper clearance from devices on the ground.
Commercial runs of the maglev train are scheduled to start between Tokyo and Nagoya in 2027.
The train will travel at speeds of up to 500 kilometres per hour and will link the 2

2013-06-05 16:24:28

The Book Lingoo by Lingusamy - முதல் வெளியீடு லிங்கூ!-ஓவிய கவிஞராக' &

ஓவிய கவிஞராக' மாறிய லிங்குசாமி... முதல் வெளியீடு லிங்கூ!
இத்தனை ஆண்டுகளாக தான் வரைந்த ஓவியங்கள் மற்றும் கவிதைகளை இணைத்து ஒரு ஓவியக் கவிதைப் புத்தகத்தை வெளியிட்டுள்ளார் முன்னணி இயக்குநர் லிங்குசாமி.
புத்தகத்தின் பெயர் லிங்கூ!
ஆனந்தம், ரன், சண்டக்கோழி, வேட்டை உள்பட பல படங்களை இயக்கியவர். இன்றைய முன்னணி தயாரிப்பாளர்களில் ஒருவர் லிங்குசாமி. இவர், கடந்த 23 வருடங்களாக எழுதிய கவிதை மற்றும் ஓவியங்கள், ‘லிங்கூ' என்ற பெயரில் நூலாக தயாராகி இருக்கிறது.
ஒவ்வொரு கவிதைக்கும் பொருத்தமாக அவரே வரைந்த ஓவியங்களை வைத்திருக்கிறார்.
இதன் வெளியீட்டு விழா, சென்னையில் நடந்தது.
‘மெட்டல் டிபோசிஷன்' என்ற புதிய தொழில்நுட்பத்தில் தயாராகியுள்ள இந்த நூலை பிரபல சினிமா ஒளிப்பதிவாளர் பி.சி.ஸ்ரீராம் வெளியிட்டார்.
நடிகர் மோகன்லால் பெற்றுக் கொண்டார்.
இயக்குநர் கே.பாலசந்தர் வாழ்த்து செய்தி அனுப்பியிருந்தார்.
இயக்குநர் லிங்குசாமி

2013-06-05 07:47:10

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