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What Time is the WWDC 2013 Keynote?

Apple will take the stage at its annual Worldwide Developers Conference to deliver the opening keynote on Monday, less than three days from now. As the excitement draws closer, this infographic above creatively shows what time the WWDC 2013 keynote will take place at prominent places around the world. What time will it be in
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2013-06-07 20:23:24

Do You Think Apple Will Have ‘One More Thing’ at WWDC?

Apple keynotes in previous years often featured an iconic “one more thing” moment, in which the late Steve Jobs showed off a new product or service that was typically a complete and utter surprise. While we already know that the focus of WWDC 2013 will be on the future of iOS and OS X, alongside
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Do You Think Apple Will Have ‘One More Thing’ at WWDC?
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2013-06-07 19:27:55

iRadio is a Go: Apple Signs Sony Up for Streaming Service

AllThingsD reports today that Apple has successfully concluded negotiations with Sony regarding the issue of iRadio. iRadio has been rumored to be unveiled at WWDC 2013, and this most recent report would back up such rumors. Sony was the final major label that Apple had to sign in order to offer iRadio with a full
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iCloud Service to Hold Movies as well as Music?

2013-06-07 17:16:48

Coming Soon: Trade Apple Your Old iPhone for Cash

What if you could trade in your older-model iPhone at an Apple store for cash or store credit? Would you do it? A report from Bloomberg claims that exactly this may be happening in the relatively near future. Apple is apparently teaming up with Brightstar Corp. (STAR), a mobile-phone distributor, to get the program off the ground.
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2013-06-07 02:32:10

Review: Seta Stand

1.0 Innovations | Universal Stand/Dock/Mount | $29.00Stands and docks are all over the place nowadays. Most of them are thick, heavy, blocks that use their weight to keep them standing. Each seem to be specifically targeted towards a device or family of devices. If they aren’t, they have clunky adjustable arms that make them overly
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2013-06-06 23:00:56

T-Mobile Quietly Offers Unlimited Data and Texting for Just $30 Per Month

If you are looking for arguably the best smartphone plan in the United States, look no further than T-Mobile. While its network might not be up to snuff with its large competitors in AT&T and Verizon Wireless, T-Mobile has been inconspicuously offering a very affordable unlimited data and texting plan for just $30 per month
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2013-06-06 19:39:46

This Interactive iPhone 5S and iOS 7 Concept is Truly Awesome

Mobile blog Recombu has created a fully interactive iPhone 5S and iOS 7 concept, and you ought to check it out. Not only does this concept provide a first look at what could potentially be the new design of iOS 7, but it does so without the use of a single image. Instead, it is
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Another Sleek Looking iPhone Concept Design

2013-06-06 16:55:22

Snapchat Gets Design Overhaul, In-app Profiles, and Speed Enhancements in Significant 5.0 Update

Snapchat may have its X-rated uses and a bit of sexual connotation when mentioned, but I think the app is actually great at solving one of the biggest problems with texting: the inability to express emotion. I use the app daily for legitimate conversations, and I only seem to use it more and more as
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2013-06-06 02:54:09

Siri, When is Father’s Day?

Siri isn’t exactly sure when Father’s Day is, it appears. Now you have an excuse if you forget. [Reddit via Cult of Mac] Continue reading Siri, When is Father’s Day?
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Siri, When is Father’s Day?
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2013-06-05 23:43:11

Review: Marshall Monitor

Marshall | Over-Ear Headphones | $200.00 When Marshall first entered the headphone business, it didn’t come with the bang that they wanted. Lately, though, they have stepped up their game. The Major 50th Anniversary Edition proved to be the first of their better models. Like Skullcandy, Marshall obtained a new engineer to tune their headphones.
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2013-06-05 23:00:11

First Look at Auxo for iPad

Auxo, a popular jailbreak tweak that revitalizes the iOS multitasking bar, will make its iPad debut tomorrow. Ahead of that release, jailbreak guru Jeff Benjamin has provided a brief preview of how Auxo for iPad will look. Watch the teaser video below to get a look for yourself. The long wait for Auxo on iPad
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Auxo Update to Address Stability Concerns, Add Landscape Mode

2013-06-05 18:51:03

New ‘Cybernetic’ Tweak Improves Notification Banners

Notifications on iOS work well enough, but I’ll just say that I’m hoping Apple to announce some updates to the feature–as well as most other iOS features–next week at WWDC. In the mean time, though, there’s a jailbreak tweak that was just released to hold us over. Cybernetic, a tweak on the ModMyi repo, brings
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New ‘Cybernetic’ Tweak Improves Notification Banners
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2013-06-05 02:52:17

iPad Mini Refresh Could Be Delayed For Quite Some Time

Apple introduced both the iPad mini and fourth-generation iPad last October, but it appears that only the latter will be in store for an update in the near future. According to DigiTimes, volume production of the full-sized iPad will begin in July-August. Meanwhile, it is claimed that production of the second-generation iPad mini could be
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Rumor Roundup: Lightweight iPad, 1.5-Inch iWatch and New MacBooks

2013-06-04 17:45:13

Apple Releases Official WWDC 2013 App

One week ahead of its annual Worldwide Developers Conference, Apple has launched an official WWDC 2013 app with event floor maps and news pertaining to the conference. The app closely resembles last year’s edition. New to the app is a video tab that will provide registered developers with access to conference session videos. Apple has
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2013-06-03 17:03:23

How to Get iOS 7 Beta When Released

Apple is expected to unveil iOS 7 for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch in less than a few weeks, at its annual WWDC keynote on June 10th, and should seed beta versions to registered developers soon thereafter. While the final version of iOS 7 likely won’t be released until September or so, there is still a chance
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2013-06-02 02:40:16

iSynergy for iOS: How to Use Synergy on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

Synergy is a popular tool for OS X and Windows that allows you to share your mouse and keyboard across multiple computers at your workstation. Thanks to the jailbreaking community, the functionality can be extended to the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch by using the iSynergy client for iOS. Find out how. Continue reading iSynergy for
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2013-06-01 04:54:21

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic Now Available for iPad

The famed and well-reviewed Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic RPG was today released for the Apple iPad, commemorating the game’s 10th anniversary and bringing it to mobile platforms for the first time. It is brought to iPad by developer Aspyr, and “serves as a tribute to Star Wars fans around the world for their unwavering
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2013-05-31 02:31:47

Apple Drops iPod Touch 4G, Introduces New iSight-Free Model in Place

Apple quietly updated its online retail store last night to reflect the discontinuation of the fourth-generation iPod touch, originally released in September 2010. The over two-year-old model was replaced with a new iPod touch that has the same hardware specifications as the fifth-generation iPod touch, but lacks a rear-facing iSight camera and detachable loop. The
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Did You Get a New iPhone, iPad or iPod touch for Christmas?

2013-05-30 17:27:55

RetroArch Emulator for iOS Released

The famed RetroArch emulator, which emulates a large number of consoles from SNES to Genesis, was released for iOS today. As you can find on the developer’s website, the emulator has been ported to iOS, sits currently at version 0.9.9, and is now publicly available for download. For those that don’t know, RetroArch (formerly known
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Developer Creating Nintendo DS Emulator for iOS
ZodTTD Releasing Beta of gpSPhone 8 Emulator Today

2013-05-30 03:40:42

PreferenceOrganizer Puts Cydia and App Store Settings in Separate Folders

PreferenceOrganizer is a new jailbreak tweak for iOS that divides Cydia and App Store preferences within the Settings app by placing them into two separate folders. Unfortunately, it was rejected from the BigBoss repository on Cydia because it may confuse unassuming, third-party users. Apparently BigBoss won’t approve the tweak seeing as when users want to
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2013-05-29 20:52:28

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