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SVS PB-10 NSD excessive port noise

I hope this is the right forum for this, if not please forgive. Is my sub driver going out or is it time to replace my sub?
While playing DieHard 5 at -25dB below reference, I noticed really load port noise coming from my Left PB-10 NSD. At first I thought something was vibrating in my room, but when I got out of my seat I discovered the noise was my sub.
I'm running 2 PB10s in my front soundstage. So I took off the front grills and played the scene (John McClain's son gets off bus in front of courthouse) and watched the driver. The driver in my left sub was jumping all over the place, while the driver in the right sub was moving,but nowhere near as much.
I recorded a video of it so you can watch You'll hear the noise I'm talking about clearly in the video. I've had this. I'm hoping anyone

2013-06-10 13:34:13

active 7.2 home theatre system

dear forum friends gp this side from hyd.
friends planing to make 7.2 active two way system .process er is onkyo ,projector optoma hd33, speakers are peerless Denmark,amplifiers are mine. and the crossover os LR forth order with linear phase.
pl give me your valuable guidelines
thank you

2013-06-10 08:45:50

Epson 8350 Judder?

Hello, anyone out there own a 8350, or know of a way to squeeze as much "judder" out of it as possible? I have started to notice my eyes have issues tracking movement, or panning on movies.. It is quite annoying and makes for a bad viewing experience, I have set my PS3 to 24 hrz, and also turned it off, there was not much of a difference.. I may just return it tomorrow and get a DLP projector as I have heard they have much less of an issue with this, any thoughts on how to help resolve this problem, or on picking up a BenQ W1070 instead?:dontknow::ponder:

2013-06-10 07:54:00

Stuffing for a Sealed SDX12

Hello I am currently in the process of building a sealed enclosure with the dimesions of 18"x18"x18" as recommended by CSS for their SDX12 driver. I have the box complete and am currently doing trim work in preparation to clad 4 sides in maple. I don't know how to get pictures loaded up or I would throw a few on to show you what this baby looks like. I am super excited to see the final result but am taking my time to do a really good job (be even more excited if it turns out like I picture in my head). Anyway I am just curious if anyone can tell me how much stuffing if any I should be putting in the enclosure before I install the BASH 500 Watt Amp to seal it up at the end?

2013-06-10 01:39:46

Center speaker that goes well with Paradigm Monitor 7 floor standing speakers

I went and checked out a bunch of new speakers and settled with the Paradigm Monitor 7 floor speakers and I wanted go with their Monitor 1 center speaker. The problem I have is the speaker is still a bit too big for my setup. I would need to mount my 59" Plasma on the wall or get a whole new tv stand. The Monitor 1 is about 10.5" deep and I don't have that much room on the stand. Any suggestions on another speaker to consider?

2013-06-09 01:50:05

Yamaha Aventage RX-A3020 Receiver Review Discussion Thread Yamaha Aventage RX-A3020 Receiver Review Discussion Thread

For the Full Review Click Here
We don't see as much discussion about Yamaha receivers as we do some others, but after spending a couple of months with this receiver, I believe Yamaha deserves more attention and consideration among those looking for a receiver. I was very pleased with this 3020, as it looks good and performed admirably. Their top of the line Aventage receivers offer all the features you could ask for with ample power. The new 3030 model even steps up to the newer ESS DACs. Overall, I can not imagine anyone being disappointed in this unit... and it has a very attractive price in the flagship receiver arena.
For the Full Review Click Here

2013-06-08 20:33:39

Problem with Image of Hitachi L40c205

Hitachi Posted: Sat Jun 08, 2013 12:41 am Post subject:
I have a Hitachi L40c205 with less than 2 years of use. Today i turn on and saw that the image looked bad. Attached two images as seen with the programming and how it looks when the screen is black.
http://imageshack.us/a/img27/2963/201306 03174209.jpg
http://imageshack.us/a/img401/2584/20130 603174202.jpg
I wonder what could be causing the problem? Whether it is necessary for a technician to fix it or you could try to arrange for someone who has experience in electricity. Thank you very much for your help.

2013-06-08 09:20:23

Denon 1713 and Pioneer SP-PK52FS compatibility

I am thinking of getting
Denon AVR 1713
as my receiver.
With all the help on other thread, I decided to start with bookshelf speakers rather than in-a-box 5.1 system :)
I was wondering if Pioneer
can be paired with 1713.
The confusion came due to following specs and my technical inabilities to understand this :)
Denon 1713 product info:
Equal Power Amplifiers: Yes 5-channel
Power Output Per Channel(20Hz-20kHz, 0.08%THD@8ohm): 80 Watts
Power Output Per Channel(1kHz, 0.7%THD@6ohm):
120 Watts
Maximum Power Output Per Channel:
175 Watts
Pioneer SP-BS22 product info:
Maximum Power Handling:
Frequency Response: 55Hz - 20kHz
Impedance: 6
Crossover Description: 3 kHz
Pioneer SP-C22 product info:
Maximum Power Handling
Frequency R

2013-06-04 23:04:19

Stereo Integrity 18" D2 Curved build! Stereo Integrity 18

Well, I suppose I will finally start posting my build that I've been working on for a while. I was planning to hold out until it is completed but the HTS site has started to give me "words of encouragement" at the top of the page every time I log on.
I had originally set out to build two sealed curved cabinets similar to the Funky Waves boxes but eventually decided that with the radius I had desired, the overall width of the boxes would be too big for my (shared) home theater space. So, I decided to turn the curves the other way; from up to down instead of side to side. Here's where I started in January when the woofers finally arrived!

2013-06-04 21:33:33

onkyo 5009 usa question?

hi a friend of mine is about to buy a onkyo 5009 usa version amp i want to know will the american amp accept pal devices will they work properly on the tv ie sky hd box playstation 3 wii oppo 105 i live in the uk will there be any problems accepting the pal devices need help asap please?

2013-05-31 10:33:38

Yamaha unveils three new AVENTAGE AV receivers Yamaha unveils three new AVENTAGE AV receivers

A month ago
we reported
that Yamaha had unveiled two receivers in their new 2013 RX-A 30 Series of AVENTAGE network AV receivers. The RX-A730 and RX-A830 are two relatively similar models and occupy the series’ budget oriented segment, priced at $699 and $899 MSRP respectively. Yesterday, Yamaha announce three new receivers that occupy the middle and upper ends of the AVENTAGE lineup: The RX-A1030, A2030, and A3030. These models are loaded with features that are sure to please higher-end buyers looking for a new receiver.
"Album after album, film after film, AV professionals say how much they appreciate the clean, detailed and powerful sound, and the highly convincing sense of ‘being there' that embody our AVENTAGE receivers," said Bob Goedken, general manager, AV Division, Yamaha Corpora

2013-05-31 03:45:14

REW, UMIK-1, and ASIO4ALLv2 Problems REW, UMIK-1, and ASIO4ALLv2 Problems

I was wondering if any of you had seen this issue. I have run into this on my laptop and my desktop PC. Cannot for the life of me figure out what is going on.
I have installed the latest REW beta (wizardinstallv5.01beta17) and ASIO4ALL (ASIO4ALL_2_11_Beta1). I will just use my desktop PC for this example. I have a Radeon HD6900 card.
I have set my playback and recording devices as suggested in AustinJerry's setup guide. The strange thing is once I finally make it to the ASIO settings within REW. Either my output settings can be selected correctly and not my input, or my input settings can be selected correctly but not my output.
If I disable one or the other they become active. Both are not active at the same time. I know this type of setup and troubleshooting this issue is fairly new, but

2013-05-30 19:45:31

Dayton Audio Titanic Subs are being discontinued?

Apparently, Parts Express (also dba Dayton Audio) has discontinued the
Titanic MKIII subwoofer
line. The 12" driver has been out of stock since Christmas and a user who had it on back order has posted that he has received an e-mail saying the subwoofer will no longer be available. If you go on their website, PE no longer lists the out of stock
I don't know if the
is the replacement for the
or if a
Titanic MKIV
is planned down the line.

2013-05-30 19:45:23

Vizio E701i-A3 I'm about to bite, anything I should know?

I'm aboht to finally buy an HDTV for my main systen( I've been running a 48"sont rear projection for @ 13 years). I've read some pretty good things about the Vizio, and it's certainly cheaper than mid-line stuff I've seen. There's got to be a trade-off. I'm looking at the E701l-A3. Has anybody seen any problems?:dontknow:

2013-05-28 23:33:51

Tascam US-144MKII for signal output for time alignment setting

I am will be using a Tascam US-144MKII, laptop and Dayton Audio EMM-6. To properly measure and set the time alignment of the speakers in my vehicle can I use the "line out" on the Tascam US-144MKII to the input on my head unit? My microphone will be connected into the "mic in" on the Tascam US-144MKII.
Please excuse my lack of understanding this!

2013-05-27 21:28:49

FS: TruAudio CSUB-12 Subwoofer FS: TruAudio CSUB-12 Subwoofer

Want a tiny subwoofer that doesn't necessarily sound like one? The TruAudio CSUB-12 might be what you're looking for. This is the one I used for
the review
I did a few months back. My conclusion at that time was it wasn't worth $1249, but it was certainly impressive given it's size. I'm selling this one for only $500, which includes shipping anywhere in the continental US. Paypal only. PM me if interested.

2013-05-27 01:05:08

"The soundcard measurement varies by 11db"

"The soundcard measurement varies by 11 dB between 20Hz and 20kHz, that is much higher than it should be, the measurement may not be valid and should not be used to make a calibration file"
I just tried calibrating my external USB soundcard and I got this result. I matched the out/in levels very closely and completed the process correctly.
What does this mean and what should I do now?

2013-05-21 15:42:10

Apartment home theater, my first Apartment home theater, my first

I just got into home theater with the wife's approval. We live in a a town house, which is really an apartment, lets not kid ourselves. A home theater and apartment dwelling don't mix well, but I want what I want. My wife and I agreed that we'd wait to build our home theater system until we moved into a house, but when my father in law gave me a set of this speakers for free it was all I could do not to set them up immediately. After scolding said father for encouraging me to start early, the wife coincided and bought the needed devices to get a working system going.
I was given a Morel applause system, which apparently is somewhat rare. I replaced the sub with a definitive technology pro sub 800 and since his receiver had no hdmi options I bought a denon 1913. I built the tv stand myself

2013-05-21 07:13:03

$3 million home theater, 4 years in the making $3 million home theater, 4 years in the making

Home theater systems certainly aren't what they used to be. From unique entertainment sources (i.e. Internet streaming) to
the Dolby experience at home
, and now home theaters taking longer to build than entire homes, we are a far cry away from the giant tube TVs that were so big they didn't need a stand, and with enough room on top to house the top-loading VCR and radio tuner.
The home theater on topic here today is a 45-seater that cost around $3 million and 4 years to complete. It was ranked as the "Best Home Theater" Over $150k in the
Electronic House Home of the Year Awards
. The theater has seen more use in it's first year, requiring replacement of the 2,000 hour projector lamp, than most other home theaters see in their lifetime.
The room for the home theater became an 8,000 square

2013-05-20 23:07:12

Epson 8350 Auto Iris Error

My 1 1/2 year old Epson 8350 has and Auto Iris Error which to date has occured maybe 8 times and each time I have had to unplug the projector for a few minutes to get it to work. Anyone have this problem? I believe I have like 1400hrs on it. Why does unplugging the unit make it work again its soo weird. Would Epson cover this under warranty?

2013-05-20 22:47:43

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