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maxed out 450X maxed out 450X

Hey i have a blade 450x with upgrades
cc ice 50 esc, algin 415servos, hitec msg 584 tail servo
scorpion -8 motor 4 lipos- and exrtas blades parts.
looking for some one that wants to rid of maybe a bigger bird
this 450 flys real nice and its a power house let me know that you have:peace
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2013-06-12 14:28:37

Belt lifespan?

How many flights are you typically getting out of a belt?
How much tension are you using?
A friend told me his first belt snapped at 48 flights and I was curious what other experiences were. I know he was doing a lot of piro flips with it so I imagine he has some decent tension to help prevent the belt from slipping.
Have any of you had issues with belt slippage. I understand that is an issue with the X2 and people have added an additional pulley to help fix that issue.

2013-06-12 14:28:21

"Very Old Fart" upgrading to a 500

Bought an Blade mcpx,12 months ago. Then a Blade 130x followed by a Blade 450 3d.Can now do reasonably tight flips and rolls with the 450 and have not had any crashes for the last 50 flights.
Looking for a more Visible and less Twitchy Heli that I can still fly with my DX6i radio. Whilst I have a Blade stockist about 15 minutes drive away not keen on the 500X.
(1) T-Rex 500 RH509EO2X kit +Beastx Micro+ Spektrum AR6210 receiver.... app $910
(2) T-Rex 500 RH 50E01XW kit with 3Gx + Spektrum AR 6210 .........................app $979
(3) Gaui X4 11Super combo with Mini V-bar + Spektrum AR 6210................... app $1100
Very keen on the Gaui X4, but have not yet seen one as there are no local stockists in Melbourne (OZ). If I go for (1) will have a spare $190 for batteries! Howeve

2013-06-12 14:24:11

300X - main and tail blade alternatives?

Main blades:
Would anyone who has done comparison tests please chime in? Tell us why one is better in your opinon than the other.
This is what I know and my findings so far:
Blade CF main blades are way better than the stock woodies, especially at higher heaspeeds (less vibrations). Also they wake the heli up, you get noticeably more pop. But make sure you balance them before you fly, mine have been way off.
Ref. Dylan the SAB 255 blades are better than the MicroHeli CF. "They are smoother, and have a little less pop, but are more precise." How long are the MicroHelis?
I plan on getting hold of and testing EDGE 253mm and SAB 255mm main blades. Unless anyone strongly suggests anything else?
-Revolution does not seem to make smaller than 325mm
-How about Rail?

2013-06-12 14:00:06

Which Servos For 500SE

I am getting a 500SE and wondered which servos are an easy fit? I have read that the Torq 9180 and 9188's are a really tight fit. I already have the Torq servos so may have to trade for a better fit.:thumbup:

2013-06-12 13:29:31

Align RPM sensor on 2S?

Can the Align clutch magnet rpm sensor handle 2S LiPo?
I hope to get my first Skookum airborne in the next day or so. I put a 540 and a PB on my 700 nitro that I pulled a BeastX off recently. So far it seems like things are going smooth. The sensor toggles in setup page so it appears to be working. Love the setup software. Just wish it had an apple or android interface :bawl I went ahead and got the field programmer so that takes care of me now. A bit of a learning curve with this as I've never used any FBL unit but BeastX up til now but was curious to see if I would notice any difference in flying qualities and governor. I previously used the rev limiter on a Spektrum AR7100R but was never real happy with it.

2013-06-12 13:28:40

will we see a bluetooth adapter for the powerlab 6/8? will we see a bluetooth adapter for the powerlab 6/8?

just wondering on this guys..
would be awesome to have an app for the ios or android devices
kind of like the sky rc charger
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Attachment 427800
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2013-06-12 13:13:12

Duratrax Onyx 235 AC/DC Charger Duratrax Onyx 235 AC/DC Charger

New in box, never used.
All charge leads an manual included.
$70.00 shipped free in USA
PayPal or Money Order
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2013-06-12 13:12:07

DFC Head Conversion

Hello everyone, I have a 600N Pro that is fly barred and I am wanting to convert it to FBL. I purchased the Align conversion for 550E/600. I went to install the main shaft and come to find out the main shaft is too short, the shaft will bottom out on the upper bearing block before it goes all the way through the gear and the third bearing block. Is there a seperate main shaft that I need to get for this? Any help, thoughts, or feedback would be appreciated. Thank you

2013-06-12 12:40:10

Koala 119 - Shutdown Issues Koala 119 - Shutdown Issues

The good news is that I finally completed my Agusta 119 Koala, using 600E mechanics (more or less stock) after quite a few months of effort. And, it also remains in one piece after some pretty hairy shutdown events.
The bad news is that I simply cannot find a solution to a persistent engine shutdown problem encountered during test flights. New CC 120HV ESC, engine seems ok, Spektrum FBL Rx system, 6s 5000 mAh 40C, and Align BEC with independent Rx batt.
After 1-2 minutes of either idling around 50% on the ground, or very lower hover around 60%, it simply shuts down. Engine and ESC cool, overheating not a factor.
Review of the CC manual indicates settings ok, but I am definitely not an electronics or power systems whiz
Any thoughts greatly appreciated! :arggg:
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2013-06-12 12:22:52

Pheniox v4 sim w/cable $80 shipped

Bought to try out but I prefer real flight.. will ship immediately

2013-06-12 11:49:52

O ring on stock ESC throttle wire . any idea what it is there for ?

just wonder can i get rid of it ..and what is it for ? i try to get some answer in YGE forum without luck .

2013-06-12 11:09:47

HV servos really needed in a 700e DFC?

I know the newest thing are the HV servos, but does the 700e DFC really need them or are the 610's and 615's enough?

2013-06-12 11:07:41

KST DS515MG "HV" servo For 500 Size KST DS515MG

All metal gears and full metal case KST DS515MG servos, this a set of 3 servos.
The have about 20 flights on them, asking $150 PP and shipped.
Operating Voltage:
Weight: 35g
Working Frequence: 1520us/333Hz, 800us-2200us
Motor: Φ15mm Coreless
Ball Bearing: 2BB
All metal case and metal gear.

2013-06-12 10:56:08

Main gear crown sliding down on one way bearing on FAIFA

Hi all !
I'm very happy with my Srimok FAIFA but yesterday i've had a little problem :
The aluminium main gear case slide down on the one way bearing (2 mm)...
So the main gear crown (with the main gear case) is down and touch on is down side the frame !!!
Do you have seen that before ?
I don't know how the one way bearing is block in the main gear case, mine was assembled by kasama.
I will disassemble them end reassemble, but must i use loctite 638 or 648 or other ?

2013-06-12 10:49:15

narrow framed helis vs trex 600N

is there a big difference in flight performance between the narrower framed helis and trex 600N? the trex 600 is just as light. I would like to get a trex 600N pro kit because I can get all the parts from my LHS. just wondering if the peformance is just as good

2013-06-12 10:27:22

Elevator ball link binding

I'm currently building a Goblin 500.
Cyclic servos : MKS DS9660 (without A+)
Servo arms : Mikado Carbon 20mm
Balls are in the second hole (17mm). First hole could be an option but it's only 14mm so not in line with Sab recommandation.
I had to trim a little bit the elevator servo arm to prevent binding, that's ok now.
The problem is that now it's the elevator ball link that is binding...
What do you suggest?
Thanks in advance for your help!

2013-06-12 09:47:33

Spektrum DX7SE Spektrum DX7SE

This isn't the newest DX7 (the DX7s), it's the older version made made JR. In my opinion, the older unit feels like it's built better, and JR's reputation is top notch.
This is the SE version, 11ms frame rate and 2048 resolution. Compatible with all DSM2 and DSMX receivers, although this is not a DSMX transmitter. Also, to get the 11ms speed you need to use an AR7000 or higher. It will work will AR6000-series, it will just be at the slower 22ms/1024 resolution. Also be aware that the SE did not have a trainer port, so you can't use Phoenix unless you use the wireless SimStick.
In excellent condition, just a few very light marks on the screen. Has had the ball bearing mod done to the gimbals (didn't like the stock bushings), and the battery is a Sanyo Enerloop pack. This lasts a lot longer

2013-06-12 09:16:51

Shortening wires on satellite receiver.

Ok, is there a way to shorten the wires going from my flybarless controller to the remote satellites?
I really don't want to spend the $20 for 2x6" wires.
Why the heck do they provide the 12" wires?
Really for my setup I only need 4" wires.
I am thinking about just cutting the wires and soldering them but I would hate to interfere with signal reception.
Any suggestions?

2013-06-12 09:14:05

Servo burning - Why?

Just wondering if the population general can offer any thoughts on why the following ocurred ...
T-Rex 450 with MKS DS95 cyclic servos fed from a CC Edge ESC/BEC set (and measured) at 5.5 volts (servos are rated to 6).
Servos have only had a few dozen flights - no crashes. Heli has only had about 4 flights on a new KDE Direct motor (all previous flights were with the stock Align 450MX motor).
I landed the bird when the battery was flat - brought it inside - disconnected the old battery - connected a new battery - and then smelt that wonderful "frying electronics" / acrid burning smell.
Immediately disconnected the battery. Thought initially that it was probably the ESC/BEC or even the motor (ESC/BEC had made the KDE aluminium battery tray a little warm), but it really did smell like the #2

2013-06-12 08:27:03

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