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Could NASA Be Getting A Neil Armstrong Center? Should They? Could NASA Be Getting A Neil Armstrong Center? Should They?

Being the first man to walk on the Moon has its benefits. Lots of things are named after
Neil Armstrong
, but one thing that doesn’t have his name on it is a space center. There’s a push in Congress right now to change that, and to
rename the Dryden Flight Research Center where a young Neil Armstrong worked as a test pilot after him
. Sorry, former NASA deputy administrator
Hugh Dryden
In February Congress voted with a surprising 394 to zero in favor of the motion to rename Dryden after Armstrong. Administrators at Dryden are currently weighing the pros and cons of the name change. Not to take anything away from Armstrong, but maybe now isn’t the best time to be spending money renaming things. NASA is already underfunded, and it’s not like renaming a space center is going to get anybody to

2013-06-09 20:00:59

Author Iain Banks Dies of Cancer At Age 59 Author Iain Banks Dies of Cancer At Age 59

The family of Scottish author Iain Banks has said that the writer passed away after a battle with terminal gall bladder cancer
. Banks was best known for his novel
The Wasp Factory
as well as his science fiction work published under the name Iain M. Banks. A statement by his publishers said, “Banks’ ability to combine the most fertile imaginations with his own highly distinctive brand of gothic humour made him unique.”
Banks announced his illness back in April, and said that it was unlikely he would live more than a year. As a result of his cancer, Banks requested his publisher move up the release date of his last book
The Quarry
. The book is scheduled to be released on June 20th, but Banks had seen finished copies, and attended celebrations of the work before his death.
The Quarry

2013-06-09 19:00:42

Rumor: Skyfall’s Rory Kinnear Offered Doctor Who Rumor: Skyfall’s Rory Kinnear Offered Doctor Who

There’s been no official word from
about the decision, but
The Telegraph
is reporting that
actor Rory Kinnear has been offered the job of replacing Matt Smith on
Doctor Who
. This comes after Kinnear commented on
rumors in April that he was being used as a decoy. My only problem with this rumor that is that I’m pretty sure Rory Kinnear isn’t
Richard Ayoade
Kinnear would be a departure from the trend of quirky actors playing The Doctor we saw with Smith and
David Tennant
, but he’s still in the longstanding tradition of white men playing the part. There had been some hope from fans that the 12th Doctor would be played by a woman or minority actor, but if the rumor about Kinnear is true, we have another white guy on our hands.
Given his credentials on
he coul

2013-06-09 18:01:53

World’s Oldest, Arguably Most Adorable Primate Fossil Discovered in China World’s Oldest, Arguably Most Adorable Primate Fossil Discovered in China

Say hello to
Archicebus achilles
, the new oldest-known primate fossil
. The above picture is an artistic rendering, and is noticeably cuter than the actual fossilized skeleton found in a lakebed in
. Besides being the oldest-known primate skeleton,
also provides new information for our understanding of human evolution
The skeleton was found at the bottom of an ancient lakebed and dates back to 55 million years ago, and as the newly crowned oldest-known primate fossil it gives us new insight into where primates were in their evolution at that time.
Christopher Beard
was one of the coauthors of the study on
said, “It’s not just that it’s the oldest primate, but it turns out that this fossil tells us that primates had already been evolving for quite some time.

2013-06-05 22:15:51

A 1:1 Scale LEGO X-Wing Should Be Able To Penetrate The Outer Defenses A 1:1 Scale LEGO X-Wing Should Be Able To Penetrate The Outer Defenses

This Wednesday night,
Cartoon Network i
s premiering the new animated series
LEGO Star Wars: T
he Yoda Chronicles
. To celebrate the new show
LEGO unveiled a life-sized LEGO replica of an X-Wing fighter in Times Square
. We’ll give you all the specs on this beauty in a second, but first — try to guess how many bricks it took to build. Go on. Guess.
The official count is 5,335,200 LEGO bricks to construct the 11-foot-tall, 43-foot-long X-Wing. It’s wingspan is an impressive 44 feet, and it took 32 master builders a combined total of 17,336 hours over the course of four months to complete. It weighs in at 45,980 pounds, and it’s even built to withstand not only it’s travel plans, but is also rated for seismic activity at LEGOLAND in California.
LEGO also released a new X-wing model kit — the

2013-05-25 17:00:26

Yahoo CEO Vows Not to Screw Up Tumblr Before Detailing Exactly How Yahoo Will Screw Up Tumblr Yahoo CEO Vows Not to Screw Up Tumblr Before Detailing Exactly How Yahoo Will Screw Up Tumblr

The news broke yesterday that
will pay $1.1 billion for the Internet’s foremost source for cat GIFs and teenage poetry,
. Not everyone is taking the news well, but Yahoo CEO
Marissa Mayer
has stated that she promises “not to screw it up.” Then she outlined
a plan to feature more ads on Tumblr
. That sounds a lot like screwing up Tumblr.
When we reported that the deal to purchase Tumblr was approved by the Yahoo board, we were also curious about what exactly Yahoo would do with the service. According to
a post on Mayer’s Tumblr
, the plan is to let the service continue operating independently with
David Karp
remaining on as CEO. Mayer’s Tumblr post focuses primarily on praising Tumblr for what it does well, but there may be a dark lining to that silver cloud. On the point of

2013-05-20 17:35:56

Deathstroke To Be Playable With Arkham Origins DLC Deathstroke To Be Playable With Arkham Origins DLC

Since I’m a rational, right-thinking person, it should come as no surprise that the last two Batman games —
Arkham Asylum
Arkham City
— rank among my favorite video game offerings in recent memory. With Rockstar giving up development duties for the series, though,
my excitement for
Arkham Origins
has been tempered. The fact that one of my favorite DCU villains — the assassin and Dark Knight arch-rival Deathstroke — will be playable in the upcoming title, could change that.
All of a sudden, that
teaser vid
for the title we were so excited about makes way more sense, so congratulations,
Arkham Origins
: I am officially psyched for you to come out.
While I have pretty mixed felings on DLC in general — and on buying new games in particular, which doesn’t make much sense for me conside

2013-05-20 14:35:09

Put Tobias Funke in the Movies With InsertMeAnywhere Put Tobias Funke in the Movies With InsertMeAnywhere

So, remember when we told you yesterday that a) there was going to be a good deal of
Arrested Development
promotional material
arriving in the coming weeks and b) you were going to see a lot of it here, because we’re pretty damn excited for the show’s return? Yeah, we totally meant that.
The latest piece of promotional brilliance is With InsertMeAnywhere, which you can use to cram up to 100% more Tobias Funke into any existing video, from cinematic classics to home movies.
InsertMeAnywhere is a series of auditions/demo reels featuring Tobias in a variety of roles that show his range as a performer, from “Doctor” to “Cowpoke” to “Action Hero.” To insert Tobias into any video, just download the green screen footage of one of his performances, then place him in the video of your choice. Com

2013-05-16 14:30:32

Bethesda Softworks Announces Wolfenstein: The New Order Bethesda Softworks Announces Wolfenstein: The New Order

Wolfenstein 3D
is one of those
video games
that most folks, even those that don’t regularly play games, have some semblance of knowledge about. People tend to think of
as an early first-person shooter, but
Wolfenstein 3D
predates it by a year. They haven’t really let the series die out, either. The last real entry,
from Raven Software, came out in 2009, but now
Bethesda Softworks has announced
Wolfenstein: The New Order
It appears GameSpot’s been given a juicy exclusive, so we should start seeing features crop up over there starting tomorrow, May 8th. What do we know right now? Well, we know that the “action-adventure shooter” is being developed by
. We also know that they’re considering this a “reimagining.” If the current FPS landscape is any g

2013-05-07 21:15:03

Activision Officially Announces Call of Duty: Ghosts Activision Officially Announces Call of Duty: Ghosts

In case you’ve been waiting with bated breath for the latest annual installment of
Call of Duty
, you don’t have much longer to go.
Activision’s officially announced
Call of Duty: Ghosts
, which has long been rumored to be the next game. We don’t have a whole lot of information just yet, but there is a teaser that reveals when we should know a whole lot more about it.
is being developed by Infinity Ward, which you may remember was behind the original
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare
, and supposedly features “an all-new story, all-new characters, [and] an all-new
Call of Duty
world” set in a new next-gen engine. That’s mostly just PR for: “This is a new game.” Regardless, folks will eat it up.
Here’s the teaser for Ghosts they released with the announcement:
As the video says, we shou

2013-05-01 20:25:04

Deranged Sorority Girl, Kneel Before Zod! Michael Shannon Reads That Crazy Email [Video]

Michael Shannon
is an intimidating guy. That’s probably why he was cast as
General Zod in
Man of Steel
. He has a certain disturbing vibe about him. The
emails of clearly deranged college sorority girls
are disturbing on their own, but are made even more so when they are
read by Michael Shannon — and it’s NSFW at all, in case you didn’t realize.
If you’re familiar with the Maryland sorority email being read in the video then you probably know already that this thing isn’t safe for work — not even a little. It’s frighteningly profane.
Funny or Die
Relevant to your interests
Comedy Central is hosting a comedy festival on Twitter and Vine next week
Funny or Die beat everyone to the Steve Jobs biopic punch
They also reunited the Petes Wrigley in this is
Pete & Pete
reunion v

2013-04-24 02:10:01

Trailer for Leviathan: Warships is Perhaps the Smoothest Game Trailer Out There [Video] Trailer for Leviathan: Warships is Perhaps the Smoothest Game Trailer Out There [Video]

Just to be clear, I’m not usually much of a
Paradox Interactive
fan. Their
video games
often need a little more time in the over or too granular for me. That said,
their latest trailer from
Leviathan: Warships
has totally and completely won me over
. To put it in their own terms, “ship just got real.”
Titled “Leviathan: Warships Jazzy Trailer,” it completely delivers on everything you might expect out of a trailer described as “jazzy.” It’s obviously not something they invested a lot of money in, but it shows off the features of the game in an amusing way that makes them stick out in the mind. What more could you ask?
Plus, turn-based strategy with ships that can fire lasers. I’m sold.
Leviathan: Warships
is set to launch April 30th on PC, Mac, and iOS and Android tablets.
Relevant to

2013-04-18 20:45:58

Funny or Die Beat Everyone to the Steve Jobs Biopic Punch Funny or Die Beat Everyone to the Steve Jobs Biopic Punch

Sometimes it’s better to be first than to be the best, and while that’s far from the philosophy displayed by
Steve Jobs’
life, it seems to be the one comedy site
Funny or Die
took when churning out their Jobs biopic
It’s available online right now
, ahead of its competitors
Steve Jobs
stars former anthropomorphized Mac computer
Justin Long
as Jobs, but the wig and makeup they have him in makes him look more like
Bob Balaban
than Steve Jobs.
Left: Justin Long as Jobs. Right: Bob Balaban as Justin Long as Steve Jobs
Long is joined in the film by
James Urbaniak
Bill Gates
, and Hurley from
Jorge Garcia
Steve Wozniak.
The story is presented in flashbacks and framed with Long’s Jobs giving a keynote to the audience, and comes across as surprisin

2013-04-17 21:00:58

The Cake is Not a Lie, It’s a Resignation Letter The Cake is Not a Lie, It’s a Resignation Letter

Most of us have probably quit jobs before. Sometimes the impulse to burn all bridges on your way out is too strong to ignore, but any career advice you’re likely to get will tell you to leave in a polite, cordial way. What’s more polite and cordial than
handing in your resignation letter on a cake?
There’s almost no better feeling than being able to quit a job you’re not passionate about for one that you love. That’s what
Chris Holmes
did when he resigned from his job at a British immigration office to pursue his dream. Holmes also goes by the name
Mr. Cake
, and, as you can probably guess, he’s a baker. I can’t attest to how the resignation cake tasted, but his cake lettering is nicer than my handwriting. Take a look at the full cake (and resignation letter):
The resignation ca

2013-04-16 17:35:45

OK, But Why? Phantom Limb Sensation Induced in People With All Their Limbs [Video] OK, But Why? Phantom Limb Sensation Induced in People With All Their Limbs [Video]

Today in Scientific Studies Sure To Make You Go ‘Huh’ we bring you the
latest news from researchers at the Karolinska Institutet, who have succeeded in inducing phantom limb sensations that can make people feel like they have a third arm.
After just a few minutes being exposed to an illusion — having their own arm, which they can’t see be stroked with a paintbrush while the air in front of them is stroked similarly —
participants in the experiment were so invested in their new limb that their stress levels jumped when the fake hand was threatened with a very real knife.
Which is just silly — everyone knows you can’t stab a phantom hand with a regular knife. You need a +1 or better weapon for that!
The Karolinska team conducted a series of experiments on 234 subjects researchers found th

2013-04-11 15:32:36

Shadowrun Returns Set to Release in June Shadowrun Returns Set to Release in June

In case you haven’t been following along,
the excitement for the release of Kickstarter success story
Shadowrun Returns
is palpable in the Geekosystem office. There’s something about an advanced throwback to the isometric age of our youth that always manages to get us slavering. We’ve been somewhat patiently awaiting the announcement of a release date from
Harebrained Schemes
, and they’ve finally delivered:
Shadowrun Returns
is coming out in June
That’s just two months from now! It’s not like we didn’t know it was coming, but this close to release seems a bit down to the wire. Even so, you’ll hear no complaints out of me. There’s been no exact date set as of yet, but there’s only so many days in June.
In addition to the release date, Harebrained’s Kickstarter update also notes that the

2013-04-10 21:50:40

New Skype Malware Makes Computers Mine Bitcoins New Skype Malware Makes Computers Mine Bitcoins

is all the rage right now, with the price hitting above $100 and people with a background in economics and finance taking it a bit more seriously, so it’s only natural that folks would look to capitalize on its current prominence. Those that are looking to get rich quick are even getting inventive, going so far as to create a
new form of malware propagating through Skype that turns the host computer into a Bitcoin-mining slave
The virus spreads by sending Skype messages out with innocuous phrases followed by links that contain the infected payload. According to Kaspersky Lab, the malware does a bunch of things, but the fact that it turns the computer into a Bitcoin miner is perhaps the most interesting. If your CPU usage goes up significantly, and you’ve recently clicked a suspici

2013-04-06 20:00:57

French Intelligence Forces Volunteer Sysop to Delete Wikipedia Article French Intelligence Forces Volunteer Sysop to Delete Wikipedia Article

In what seems like something straight out of an updated version of
, the
Direction Centrale du Renseignement Intérieur, or DCRI, a French intelligence agency, apparently recently summoned and subsequently forced a Wikipedia volunteer to delete an article on the online encyclopedia
. This came after the agency first attempted to get
France to remove what it considered classified information from an article about a French military compound in March.
They declined to remove the offending bits, so DCRI took more drastic measures
By “more drastic” I actually mean “threatening to hold and prosecute a Wikipedia volunteer sysop.” The unfortunate position the volunteer found themselves in, despite having had nothing to do with the creation or editing of the specific article, is a li

2013-04-06 19:00:40

First Two-Headed Bull Shark Confirmed by Science as Actually Two-Headed First Two-Headed Bull Shark Confirmed by Science as Actually Two-Headed

Researchers at
Michigan State University
have confirmed that
a two-headed bull shark discovered in 2011 is, in fact, exactly what it appears to be — one shark with two heads, and not a pair of conjoined twin sharks.
I mean, I guess I thought we could tell that just by looking at how freaky it is, but hey, good to know, right?
You wouldn’t think it would be too complicated to tell if a shark has two heads, right? I mean, you look at the shark and either it’s got one head, and is only as frightening as sharks usually are, or it has two heads and is magnitudes of order more frightening than a shark usually is, because it looks like a video game monster. But to confirm that the shark was one creature, and not two conjoined ones, researchers had to run a battery of tests including MRIs and x-r

2013-03-26 14:35:25

It’s There for a Reason: Studies Suggest Pubic Hair Removal Can Be Hazardous to Health It’s There for a Reason: Studies Suggest Pubic Hair Removal Can Be Hazardous to Health

Every once in a while, a study comes along that demands my undivided attention. This week, I encountered such a study, and before you ask, yes, of course it involves
pubic hair
. Well, technically speaking, it involves a notable lack of pubic hair.
A small study at a French health clinic found that
Molluscum contagiosum —
a pox virus normally rare in healthy adults — was becoming more common in at least one class of adults. 28 of 30 cases of the virus reported at the clinic were in men and women who had eliminated all traces of pubic hair.
The denuded crotches were mostly the result of shaving, with clipping and waxing also popular methods of laying bare the crotchal region, and, interestingly, the virus was much more common in men, who made up all but six of the viral victims. Considering

2013-03-21 22:45:28

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