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“All I Meet Are Lousy Men…” “All I Meet Are Lousy Men…”

It’s not unusual that women complain that all the men they meet are lousy, married, liars, etc. If this describes you, chances are you have an agenda you’re not aware of.
has to do with
deals the
. If all the men you meet are horrible, it’s possible that this is your subconscious goal.
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“All I Meet Are Lousy Men…”
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2013-06-10 13:30:38

Judging Another Person’s Journey Judging Another Person’s Journey

“Elsa, why didn’t you do this..?”
“Elsa, you should have done this other..?”
“Elsa, why didn’t you see it this way..?”
“Elsa, why didn’t you do what I would have done..?”
I get these kinds of questions a lot. I think it’s because I am such a weirdo. I have an unconventional background and there is nothing you or I can do about that!
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Judging Another Person’s Journey
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2013-05-24 13:30:41

A Strong Desire To Figure Things Out A Strong Desire To Figure Things Out

I am working on a freakishly large puzzle. “I would like to figure this out,” I told a friend.
“You’re not going to figure it out,” she said. “You can never figure it out.”
“What if I am supposed to figure it out? What if that is exactly why I am on this earth? I am here so I can figure this out. I think this might be the case. Why else would I be so curious and have this kind of drive? Figuring this out might be my exact job to do…”
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2013-05-10 13:30:09

Full Moon in Libra: March 27, 2013 – High Stakes, Balls, Burnin’ Love And The Heat Of The Moment Full Moon in Libra: March 27, 2013 – High Stakes, Balls, Burnin’ Love And The Heat Of The Moment

The upcoming full moon in Libra will be a shocker because she squares Pluto as opposes the Sun, Venus, Mars and Uranus in Aries. I think we’d better expect some drama with this!
Many will have an impulse to amputate relationships under a sky this dynamic. In some cases it will be because they find the courage to cut off dead weight. Others will hack noses off their own faces, so try not to be one of them.
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Full Moon in Libra: March 27, 2013 – High Stakes, Balls, Burnin’ Love And The Heat Of The Moment
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2013-03-18 12:43:59

Pluto Transit the 12th House – Mine – Funeral Customs Throughout History

When Pluto first entered my 12th house by transit, I found very little written about this transit. I decided to fill the void by making a point of writing about it. You can access these posts here –
tag – Pluto transit 12th
Right now, I have Pluto in Capricorn (Saturn) transiting my 12th (Neptune). I simultaneously have Saturn transits my natal Neptune in Scorpio (Pluto). It’s no surprise I’ve become very interested in death and dying from a spiritual perspective.
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Pluto Transit the 12th House – Mine – Funeral Customs Throughout History
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2013-03-14 12:30:13

Pluto On The Nadir Pluto On The Nadir

The nadir is one of the four angles of the chart. It marks the seat of the self, the home, the family, roots. My son was born when Pluto was on my nadir. It was a thoroughly devastating time of my life, but also a time of personal rebirth. Because this is the Pluto placement he was born with, his chart Pluto will always conjunct my nadir. He’s like a permanent Pluto transit to my nadir. That is how synastry works, chart comparison.
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2013-03-09 20:01:56

How Do You Feel About Power? How Do You Feel About Power?

We had a thread about power a few weeks ago
Power is….
  I am writing about power for the Saturn in Scorpio workshop and wonder how people feel it.  When you hear the word, ho do you feel? What does it conjure up?
Do you think that power corrupts?  Do you feel you are powerful or powerless?  Do you resent people who have power or envy them?
Who should have power? Is power given, or do you have to earn it?
How do you feel about power?

2012-09-06 19:50:40

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