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stored procedure for deleting

Hi All,
I have created stored procedure in oracle 10 G
create or replace procedure sales_tar_del is
delete from sales_tar
Unfortunately I am unable to execute this one oracle 10 G in home page ( Web browser). Could you please let me know how to execute the procedure..

2013-06-10 07:46:04

Alphabetical heading for a report

I am putting together contact details of businesses in a report that is named, Business Address Book.
I decided to group their names alphabetically by adding another header to the report. There, I place a textbox in and inserted this formula:
Now this formula gives me the single left-most letter of the Business Name.
The problem I'm facing is, the letters are repeating.
The report View is ok. The names are grouped alphabetically. However it is not the case when it is on Print Preview.

2013-06-10 02:25:35

help updating data from two feilds with two tables

Hello all, hope you're having a fine day.
Scenario Short: I have a book database with two tables one native Access table that contains the fields: ISBN, Price, Author, Publisher etc. and one linked Excel table that contains just: ISBN and Price.
What I need to do is match the ISBN fields of the Access and Excel table and then update the Price in the Access table off the corresponding ISBN in the Excel table.
There will be a new excel table weekly with different ISBN and price fields to be updated, so I need to be able to just replace the file and have it updated when the database is refreshed.
How would I go about doing this?
Thanks in advance,

2013-06-09 05:07:31

root.sh failed on first node. ( Oracle RAC 11gR2 )

root.sh failed on node1 while installing grid infrastructure.
Your help will be appreciated.
Please find below req. information along with root.sh log:
[root@database1 ~]# uname -a
Linux database1.kucb-oracle.com 2.6.18-348.6.1.el5 #1 SMP Fri Apr 26 09:21:26 EDT 2013 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux
[root@database1 ~]# uname -r
[root@database1 ~]# /u01/app/11.2.0/grid/root.sh
Running Oracle 11g root.sh script...
The following environment variables are set as:
ORACLE_HOME= /u01/app/11.2.0/grid
Enter the full pathname of the local bin directory: [/usr/local/bin]:
Copying dbhome to /usr/local/bin ...
Copying oraenv to /usr/local/bin ...

2013-06-08 14:03:38

plz help me in this query , have exam tomo

please help me , I have exam tomorrow and I don't know what to do :confused:
this question I don't know the ans : (primary keys are underlined)
branch (
, branchname, address, city)
customer (
, customername , address , city)
, customercode, accounttype, branchcode)
, accountnumber, date, time, type-of-operation, amount)
specify the following query in relational algebra:
show the name and the city of the branches , in which at least a deposit operation (type-of-operation='deposit') with amount greater than 2000 euros has been done
specify the following query in SQL
for the customers who hold at least 2 bank accounts in the same branch , show the name of the customers and the name of the branch
I am sorry

2013-06-08 11:24:09

Report Code is not allowing return to main code

From access 98 through 2003 this process worked fine until I upgraded to 2013 access.
I have a form that is used for shipping a parts back. A few fields have to be manually entered such as the return date. The code for the print this part allows up to 3 copies to print. Each copy has to have a different footer on it. This identifies which / who's copy it is. I pass the who's copy data to the report and is put in a report tag.
When the docmd to open report print executes I get only the first copy printed. The report acts as if it does not allow the code to return to the forms code to get the next who's copy.
The forms code use to change who's copy is:
'Set up for copy to who - (3/3=RPC,3/2=Repair,3/1=CE),(2/2=RPC,2/1 =Repair),
'(1/1=Select Who-1=RPC,2=Repair,3=CE)Copywho is variant = const

2013-06-07 16:59:55

Slow Performance table proxy between Sybase 11.9 and Sybase 12.5 on VMWARE

First time for me on this great place. A great help !
I have a weird problem with my sybase servers on Windows Server since they are on virtual machines by wmware.
The first server is on Sybase ASE 11.9 with a base 'base_11_9' for example.
The second on Sybase ASE 12.5 with a base 'base_12_5' for example.
On base 'base_12_5', a local table 'local_table'.
On base 'base_11_9', a proxy table of server 12.5/'base_12_5'/'local_table'.
When my server were on physical machines, an insert into by the proxy table to the local table of server 12.5 was quick. 3s for example.
Now we put the machine on wmware, the insert into is about 1m40s.
The strange thing : If I do an insert into by a proxy table in the other way (Sybase From 12.5 To Sybase 11.9), I have a correct duration.
During the virtualiz

2013-06-07 16:38:21

Database to Chart Application Help

I am in need of a charting software that will take data from a spreadsheet or database entry and turn it into a graphic chart. That sounds easy but what I am looking for is a chart that looks like this link
http://www.ntia.doc.gov/files/ntia/p...r t_aug2011.pdf
I can't find anything I was hoping that there is a guru out there that can help me...please been looking for weeks.

2013-06-07 14:31:15

Pass dynamic Value to SSIS package

I have an SSIS package that has a variable called @RUN_DATE.
I would like to create a sql agent job and uses the set values tab to pass a dynamic parameter to the ssis package.
for example, i would like to always set the variable to the last day of the previous month. I know that If i hardcode the date as 5-31-2013 it works fine, but i have not been able to figure out how to make the value dynamic by using an expression or if this is even possible.
any help would be appreciated.

2013-06-07 03:52:12

Batch script to run sql file and generate output in excel

I have created a batch script that runs sql commands and generates output in excel. Now i have 4 sql scripts each gives a single output. How can i combine all the outputs in the same excel but different sheets. Currently i use spool C:\Script.xls to get the output in 1 excel sheet.
Thanks in advance!!

2013-06-06 15:31:49

Display an error message

Need help with displaying an error message.
I am comparing two GL columns from two different tables to see if there is a difference between them.
select LEFT ( gl,8) from table1
select gl from table2
and this is working it gives me the difference, what I can't figure out is how to display an error message showing all wrong numbers.
I tried
declare @Error varchar
set @Error =(select LEFT ( gl,8) from table1
select gl from table2)
if @Error > 0 print 'Error the data is not correct: ' + @Error
but this is working only if there is only one non matching record.
thank you for your help!

2013-06-06 01:49:46

ASN0569E error during start apply program

Hello, could somebody help me with following error:
ASN0569E "Apply" : "TESTQUAL" : "Initial" : The program encountered an internal error "SIGSEGV". The program will terminate.
I try to setup sql replication between mvs db v9.7 and zlinux db v10.
Capture program is running on mvs side and I try to start apply program on zlinux side using following command:
and got following:
ASN0600I "Apply" : "" : "Initial" : Program "apply 10.1.0 (Level s120403, PTF LINUX390X64101)" is starting.
ASN0569E "Apply" : "TESTQUAL" : "Initial" : The program encountered an internal error "SIGSEGV". The program will terminate.
ASN1097I APPLY "TESTQUAL" : "Initial". The Apply program stopped.

2013-06-05 22:02:37

SQL - Split dataset by every other row

Hi Guys,
I'm using SQL and can anyone help me split a dataset into 2 different groups. I need to split the customers base on every other row.
i.e odd rownums go to 1 file and even rownums go to another.
P.S we just updated our database from DB2 to Oracle, so this kind of stuff is different for me.

2013-06-05 15:38:37

SYBASE ASE ODBC Driver - win 7 - issue

hi guy,
my pc'sybase odbc driver is upgraded after migrated to win 7:
name : SYBASE ASE ODBC Driver
version :
pls advise the connection string for
.net 2010

2013-06-05 12:19:47

Create a connection to an informix DB using ODBC and parameters through Excel VBA

For reasons out of my control I cannot use Microsoft Query and parameters for this, as would be desirable, so I wish to go through this route, but I'm not sure how.
Using VBA, I want to establish a connection using ODBC to a database, and execute a SQL query passing two parameters that will be entered into cells A1 and B1 in the Excel worksheet by the users. I then require the dataset to be returned to the worksheet.
Note: I'm using Microsoft Excel 2010 and Informix 3.82.

2013-06-05 12:01:45

Type Mismatch error in query string

Hello, it has been some time since I last used Access.
I have a query string which works fine in a Query, but I need to use the code with a command button on-click event and I am getting a Run Time Error 13 Type Mismatch error because the field "businessID" is numeric, and the field "businessName" is text.
I cant remember how to fix the Type Mismatch error from the code below in VBA -
Dim strRowSource2 As String
strRowSource2 = "SELECT tblBusinesses.businessID, tblBusinesses.businessName FROM tblBusinesses" & _
"WHERE (((tblBusinesses.businessID) Like " * " & [Forms]![frmSearch]![Text5] & " * ") AND ((tblBusinesses.businessName) Like " * " & [Forms]![frmSearch]![Text5] & " * "));"
Can anyone show me what I need to change please?
Many thanks,

2013-06-05 11:08:28

need help to generate excel file from ms-access

Hello all,
Im new to this forum, need help on ms-access VBA code to generate excel file and the generated excel file should automatically go as attachment to a perticular person through outlook. details as follows
i will enter first name,last name,id,email id in access database and vba code should generate excel file as follows
first name: xyz,
lastname: abc,
id: 111111,
email id:
and the excel file also need to be hardcoded as follows
name: xyz
so totally i need 5 rows in excel and this file need to be sent a perticular person when ever i make new entry in the database.. as im new to VBA coding pls help me on above..

2013-06-05 09:12:30

Data between 2 dates

I am new to Access and I am currently putting together a simple database for my daughters small security company. I want to make a simple query to extract data between 2 dates. For example:
I have a roster table with the following fields StaffName, SiteName, WorkDate, StartTime, EndTime, and Hoursworked. I want to be able to extract data from this table using dates i.e. between, 1/5/13 to 7/5/13. I have read several threads, but still cannot seem to crack it. I have created a Form that has the 2 date fields, a StaffName and a query button but it only seems to display the empty table. I am too embarrassed to give you the query string, because I know it is missing the display the required data. The data I want the query to display is StaffName, SiteName and Hoursworked fields in a table I ha

2013-06-04 15:45:34

Excel Query: [Informix][Informix ODBC Driver]General Error.

Im using Microsoft Excel to query an informix database using to parameters that are in Cell A1 and B1.
When the SQL statement is executed in Microsoft Query it works and returns the required data, but the following error occurs when returned to Excel:
[Informix][Informix ODBC Driver]General Error.
The driver is version 2.81 TC1 and the SQL query being executed is:
SELECT DISTINCT t1.r1, t1.r2, t2.r3, t2.r4
FROM informix.t1, informix.t2
WHERE t1.r1 = t2.r5 AND ((t2.r3=?) AND (t2.r4 =?))
I really hope someone can help or offer advice.
Thank you

2013-06-04 13:00:16

Crystal Report (8.5) is not working on win7/windows 2008 64 bit system

Crystal Report (8.5) on win7/windows 2008 64 bit system
My application is a
application and I am using Crystal report 8.5. It is working fine on 32 bit system
and 64 bit system of Windows 2003 server. When I run the same application either on win7 64 bit or on 2008
64 bit, report does not open.
I am using
script to access the database.
Part of the code written in the
script file is as follows:
Dim objrsRecordSet 'As RecordSet
Dim strSQL 'As String
'**** Open Database Connection using the parameters passed from the main program
Set dbConnection = CreateObject("ADODB.Connection")
dbConnection.ConnectionString = "Provider=SQLOLEDB;Server=" & mstrServer & ";uid=" & mstrUserName _
& ";pwd=" & mstrPassword & ";Database=" & mstrDatabase & ";"

2013-06-04 11:10:25

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