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Differences TASM vs NASM

new book using TASM and the syntax of assembly is different from NASM.. well atleast some of the structure of asm file is different.. I thought all assembly was universal?
just confused and looking for explanation why there are differences or if they really are different assembly language?
is TASM outdated or whats the deal?
I'm trying to program 16 bit assembly on windows 3.1
thank you!

2013-06-09 15:29:01

Unable to open an Excel File using VB .Net 2008

I am trying to open an excel file using vb 2008.
This is what is happening
I have a Module GlobalVariables.vb and the main code I have written in Form1.Designer.vb
imports Excel = Microsoft.Office.Interop.Excel
Module GlobalVariables
public oExcelApp as New Excel.Application
public oExcelWorkbook as New Excel.Workbook
public oExcelSheet As new Worksheet
End Module
oExcelWorkbook = oExcelApp.Workbooks.Open("C:\File.xls")
In this case the
TypeInitializationExeption was unhandleded
error was occuring
so this is what i did
oExcelWorkbook = oExcelApp.Workbooks.Open("C:\File.xls")
End try
I also did the same with oExcelSheet
oExcelSheet = ExcelWorkbook.Sheets("FE")
end try
Now the code works without errors but nothing happens whe

2013-06-08 13:29:04

Useing Properties files within a jar

In a game I am making in java I need to save and load information from a Properties file that is all within a jar file. I can acomplish this outside of a jar file via the folowing code:
//save info
Properties prop = new Properties();
try {
//set the properties value
prop.setProperty("speed", Integer.toString(playerSpeed.getValue()) );
//save properties to project root folder
prop.store(new FileOutputStream("/Config/options.proper ties"), "The Options...");
} catch (IOException ex) {
//Load info
try {
prop.load(new FileInputStream("/Config/options.propert ies"));
} catch (Exception e) {
playerSpeed = new JSlider(JSlider.HORIZONTAL, -30, 30, Integer.valueOf(prop.getProperty("speed" )).intValue());
but this only works in

2013-06-08 08:04:44

Facebook LoginButton Errors

No matter what I try, I cannot seem to get the LoginButton working with my android app. This is the piece of the code that is used in the xml file that declares my primary layout.
I have had a similar problem when trying to do the Scrumptious App Tutorial offered on Developers.Facebook.
Exception details are logged in Window > Show View > Error Log
at android.content.res.BridgeResources.getS tring(BridgeResources.java:501)
at com.facebook.widget.LoginButton.setButto nText(LoginButton.java:540)
at com.facebook.widget.LoginButton.finishIn it(LoginButton.java:479)
at com.facebook.widget.LoginButton.onFinish Inflate(LoginButton.java:474)
at android.view.LayoutInflater.rInflate_Ori ginal(LayoutInflater.java:754)
at android.view.Layo

2013-05-30 02:57:06

C++ Logical Operator NOT

I would like to inverse the value of the AND operator in the following code.
using namespace std;
int main(void)
double sides[] = {5, 4, 3};
if (sides[0] < sides[1] && sides[1] < sides[2]) {
for (int x = 0; x < 2; x++) {
if (sides[0] > sides[1])
swap(sides[0], sides[1]);
if (sides[1] > sides[2])
} swap(sides[1], sides[2]);
cout << "{";
for (int i = 0; i < 3; i++)
cout << sides[i] << " ";
cout << "}" << endl;
return 0;
I don't want to re-sort the three doubles if they're already in ascending order. I can't figure out the proper placement of the NOT operator. I have tried the following code.
!(sides[0] < sides[1] && sides[1] < sides[2])
The compiler gives me a "Error: expected a '('" message.

2013-05-27 00:03:28

login to roundcube

hi , i have a code fot login to webmail (cpanle) and it works but i want a code for login to roundcube
is a browser-based multilingual IMAP client with an application-like user interface and
you know
roundcube is a app in cpanel
this is my code for login to web mail cpanle pleaze costomize for

2013-05-26 07:13:51

SQL Server (2008): Passing Table Parameter to Stored Procedure SQL Server (2008): Passing Table Parameter to Stored Procedure

Prior SQL Server 2008, in SQL Server 200 to be exact (I never have serious project with SQL Server 2005), I always wondering why we could not pass a table variable to a stored procedure. I often needed this to pas information in the form of records. At the time I solved the problem using temporary table. The solution is fine, I just think it would be better (for maintaining and simply more intuitive) if we can just pass populated local table variable.
SQL Server 2008 finally opens up this option. With SQL Server 2008 (and above), you can pass table variables to stored procedures and user defined functions and have them handle those tables without problem. No need for temporary table! Well, not really. We still need temporary table (or global cursor) if we want to get table-like information

2013-05-21 08:37:00


how to solve it
Design an inventory class that stores the following members:
serialNum :
An integer that holds a part’s serial number.
manufactDate :
A member that holds the date the part was manufactured in dd/mm/yyyy format.
lotNum :
An integer that holds the part’s lot number.
The class should have appropriate member functions for storing data into and retrieving data from these members.
Next, design a queue class that can hold objects of the class described above. The program should have a loop that asks the user if he or she wishes to add a part to inventory, or take a part from inventory. The loop should repeat until the user is finished. If the user wishes to take a part from inventory, the program should ask the
of the part and delete the part from the queue. When the us

2013-05-21 05:34:55

What can't Tomcat do? J2EE

what the heck can a full J2EE web server do that Tomcat can't?
and I'm not talking about EJB's or the terms and etc.. I specifically mean.. what does EJB and all the other junk in J2EE enable you to do that without them you could not do?
thus without all that other **.. do you restrict yourself to doing anything practical in Tomcat..
So at the end of the day would there ever be a time where I'm building a website and would go "oh I HAVE to use Glassfish because it would be impossible to do this in Tomcat since I only have servlets and JSP"
Please please explain this to me.. I'm really not getting why Java EE has so much junk in it.. as opposed to the servlet container servers like tomcat
Thank you!
PS: please don't say that tomcat is only a servlet container.. thats everyones response.. it

2013-05-21 05:16:54

What is JBOSS?

Thank you for your help,
what is JBOSS and can I take a server already using jboss and transition it into tomcat easily?
thank you!

2013-05-20 21:07:35

Disable and Enable COM1 port? Disable and Enable COM1 port?

I want to Disable and Enable COM1 of my computer by using C#.
How can I do this job?
Attached Images

2013-05-10 12:46:56

Increasing Font Size in PhpDesigner 8

Hi! I'm using PhpDesigner 8. How to increase font size while typing code? I didn't found either on menu option or by google search. Any idea?

2013-05-07 14:00:02

Inserting Image into MySQL Database

Hi! I have a two basic extension file for Uploading and Inserting Image in MySQL. First I have a ADD.HTML File & Second INSERT.PHP, ADD.HTML provide form input box for image upload, it goes as below:
Form upload to DataBase
Second, I have INSERT.PHP to insert image to MySQL Database, which code is as below:
// Temporary file name stored on the server
$tmpName = $_FILES['image']['tmp_name'];
// Read the file
$fp = fopen($tmpName, 'r');
$data = fread($fp, filesize($tmpName));
$data = addslashes($data);
// Create the query and insert
// into our database.
$query = "INSERT INTO tbl_images ";
$query .= "(image) VALUES ('$data')";
$results = mysql_query($query, $link);
// Print results
print "Thank you, your file has been uploaded.";
print "No image sel

2013-04-24 10:27:33

help need asap

Line 7
: error: expected identifier or '(' before ')' token
Line 8
: error: expected identifier or '(' before ')' token
Line 9
: error: expected identifier or '(' before string constant
"void display =sum"
/*prototype for funtion*/
just one final part of the code giving me hass

2013-04-22 08:38:59

WYSIWYG from Bootstrap submit?

Hi, I'm using
plugin in my project and this plugin is good for m. Though I have an issue within. This plugin can be assigned only to div element, thats why I can't submit my form and get a POST data from editor. I don't want to use jQuery ajax or something, so how to get a data?
strange, but others similar plugins are good for this.

2013-04-21 15:13:58

GUI File Writing & Reading Help

I'm fairly new with Java and I'm having some issues with reading and writing to CSV files. What I initially want to do is write data entered by a user via GUI and it's then written into a single CSV file. Code for this is
try {
FileWriter fw = new FileWriter("Patients.csv",true);
PrintWriter pw = new PrintWriter(fw);
//Write to file for the first row

2013-04-20 23:51:35

Pascal's Triangle Dynamic Visual Display - GDI Program Pascal's Triangle Dynamic Visual Display - GDI Program

Here is a program I created most recently which draws out the pattern of pascal's triangle using each number as a base color specified out of the modular base to be used per each individual shape drawn in the overal visual itself. This originally was an experimental project I was doing as an example, but it turned out to be something in the end that I finished off to the best of my ability.
Program Screenshot:
Output Examples:
I had created a 5000x5000px image as well, but there's no point in posting that here lol... I'll show you the program screenshot though:

2013-04-19 11:47:40

How to execute jquery in ajax response

Some one please help.
In ajax response, jquery validation is not working.
Please assist how to execute js in ajax response.
//response comes here but jquery is not working that i used in enquiry_form.php,I also put js file in the
head section of this page but not working.In enquiry _form.php,there is a form that i want to validate.Plese
assit me to do this.
send enquiry

2013-04-19 01:06:04

Generate Xml File!

Can anyone share the ideas, Actually I got a project where I have to generate xml file of front-end control?
Details: Suppose I take a Aspx page where I take grid and textbox and lable according to field. Now what I want to do is, first it will generate the Xml file for all controls and second thing when i create a new form it will also generate xml file for new form and if I make any changes it will also modify in generated xml file.
Now paraphrasing, I want to generate XML file for front-end Control.

2013-04-16 13:40:10

How can I put categories in highcharts?

Hi all friends
I have a problem I want to put in highcharts category and is dynamically
I have an array with names like the Aryeh Data1 defines the category to dynamically put in highcharts
I put my code
Thank you
Attached Files

2013-04-15 16:23:53

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