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Fanatical coverage of Sid Meier's Civilization series.

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Venice discussion Venice discussion

Since there are leaked screenshots everywhere now, I think we can safely assume the last two BNW civilizations are confirmed. One of them is, as expected, Venice!
Leader: Enrico Dandolo
Lion of St. Mark, symbol of Republic and City of Venice, but standing for some reason
Unique Ability: Serenissima
Cannot gain settlers nor annex cities. Double the normal number of trade routes available. A Merchant of Venice [Unique Unit 1] appears after researching Optics. May purchase in puppeted cities.
Unique Unit 1: Merchant of Venice
This Venetian unique Great Person replaces the Great Merchant. Aside from the ability to conduct a Trade Mission, the Merchant of Venice can purchase city-states outright, bringing them under Venetian control as a Puppet.
Unique Unit 2: Great Gall

2013-06-10 13:37:00

[BNW] Idea: Formations and Tactic points

Having finally acquired G&K upgrade for $5, thanks to sale, and having experienced how faith works, I was wondering whether civ 5, wehther it be BNW or another expansion, could add a new scheme, focused around unlocking tactics and formations. Most formations I have in mind are side-grades, so they could be available for various units already or you need to gain tactic points to unlock new formations/tactics. Total War games inspired me to make this idea.
How it works:
Like culture and faith, you need to produce tactic points to unlock a particular tree. To produce tactic points, you acquire these by:
- killing units in battle, both in defence and attack (bonus tactic points for use of flanking bonus)
- Expend great general to unlock free tactic or have him close by to generate more tactic

2013-06-10 04:56:10

German Soldier Pack German Soldier Pack

Wehrmacht soldiers from the early years of the war. Armed with Karabiner 98k in a 7.92� mm Mauser, equipped with M36 tunic and steel helmet. Comes in two uniform styles: the first a standard Feldgrau and the second has darker trousers and helmet. Thanks to Wyrmshadow who provided the original animations and many of the associated props in his Bryce infantry tutorial.
Wehrmacht Heer Infantry
Wehrmacht Alternate Infantry

2013-06-10 04:22:51

Deliverator's Blender Scripts Deliverator's Blender Scripts

These are some useful scripts for working with 3D graphics in Blender.
Download Latest Version 4
1) You will need to install
Blender 2.49
2) Locate the Blender scripts folder - on my Windows 7 PC this is at: /Users//AppData/Roaming/Blender Foundation/Blender/.blender/scripts. Copy the unzipped script files into the folder.
3) Start Blender - the scripts can be run from a Scripts window.
NB2 Import Script
This is an import script for the
NB2 format files
that have been exported from
Nexus Buddy 2
. Using this script it is possible to getting the vast majority of 3D game assets including Units,
, Wonders into Blender with both mesh and skeleton data so that they can be altered or used as a template for new graphics.
FBX Export Script
This is my version of Campbell Barto

2013-06-09 09:52:04

Mods crashing Civ4 over LAN

I started a thread in the CIVILIZATION IV > Civ4 - Creation & Customization > Civ4 - Project & Mod Development > Civ4 - Caveman 2 Cosmos > Multiplayer and LP's section
http://forums.civfanatics.com/showthread .php?t=497718
but was suggested I should try here.
Quick summary:
2 machines both Win7 home ed. on quad core with 4gb RAM and run Civ4 BTS on LAN perfectly.
However, when I try to use mods, like C2C or VIP, the 'older' comp crashes to desktop.
On 1 machine I just installed Win7 in the past 2 days, so it may not be fully patched or correctly configured for multiplayer. It could even have security or firewall blocking files. I don't know if certain port have to be open for mods to work.
Yesterday, I went through and turned on Network Discovery, File and Print Sharing, Public Sharing, and

2013-06-08 16:40:18

Worldbuilder & City states

I'm making a scenario, and I need a couple of directions on how to rename a city state (e.g. renaming
), and I would also like to know if there is a way to make a city state permanently allied to another civ in the game, so it will grant bonuses, occasional military units, etc.
For renaming city states, do I have to mod an entirely new city state, or is there a way to bypass that? Also note that I'm trying to rename the entire city state itself, not just the city the city state controls, if that made any sense.

2013-06-08 12:10:29

Roads over the Andes

I like playing as the Inca, so of course the sooner I can get over the andes to Argentina/Venezuela, the better. Early on, at least, I can't get over the mountains, but later on I find my automated workers have built roads to the other side, which is very helpful. Why/How does this happen? Is there a specific tech needed, or do those roads automatically appear when roads are built on both sides of a mountain tile? (I know this may be a general civ question, but I've only noticed it in Rhye's, probably because random maps often don't have real ranges.)

2013-06-08 11:42:26

England with no iron? Seriously?

Well, here I am, finally counting the turns to research iron working and then... NO IRON. Seriously, no iron at all, except for a source of TWO iron in the middle of the tundra. I was waiting for the iron to show to settle my 3rd city and there is none. Not even my south neighbors (Gus, Bismarck and Boudicca) seem to have it. So I literally gave up, settled my 3rd city near some more gold and marble (the 4th city will be the same) and will make money to buy it from CS, put my spies in CS that have it to rig elections and keep the alliance and move on. Well, at least my bowmen are stacking promotions like crazy. End of rant :)

2013-06-08 09:18:32

There will be a third expansion and/or more DLC for Civ5?

Maybe asking this right now is a bit odd, since BNW is not even out yet. But I'm going to ask anyway: what do you think about the future of Civ5 after the expansion?
In my opinion, as much as I'd love to have a third expansion (maybe based on the future or something), I don't think it's going to happen. But you know, since we're only 7 civs away to reach 50, maybe there will be extra DLC's...

2013-06-07 11:35:29

Modbuddy crashes frequently....how do I reinstall it?

Never had issues with Modbuddy before but all of a sudden it keeps crashing and restarting whilst writing my code.
The very first time it crashes it asks me if I would like to allow modbuddy.updater.exe to run in admin mode which I refuse since I can't verify 100% why it is doing this (at the time I was not online to steam so there is no updates to install).
I figured I give a reinstall a try but don't have a clue how to do this :(
Any help appreciated on both what that file is and how to reinstall modbuddy.

2013-06-06 12:50:10

Religion & Reformation

I have heard a lot about the Reformation feature considering Religion in BNW. I have also heard that some new Religion icons will be introduced from the Into the Renaissance scenario, including Protestantism and Eastern Orthodoxy.
Does anybody know if these two icons will be available upon founding a religion or if they are some sort of Reformation exclusive thing? I want to know if you will be able to found Protestantism before the original Christianity, etc. That would be pretty weird :crazyeye:

2013-06-05 14:54:11

[VidLP] Civilization V G&K Multiplayer Game 033 NQ 8 Player FFA: Huns

Hello Ladies and Gentelmen and Welcome to Another Game :hatsoff:
This time i'm playing No Quitters Free For All 8 Player Game.
Rules: NQ Rules, No Shift+Click
Game settings: Ancient Start, Fractal, Quick Speed, Standard Size,
Actual game can be find here:
Playlist -
http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list...6 Y2I86so3VjTaB
Introduction/Spoilers -
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0g9n3...3 VjTaB&index=1
Part 1 -
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K9z08...3 VjTaB&index=2
Part 2 -
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iZ3a-...3 VjTaB&index=3
Part 3 -
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xa5_X...3 VjTaB&index=4
Part 4 -
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EDwoI...3 VjTaB&index=5
Part 5 -
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SN5WL...3 VjTaB&index=6
Part 6 -
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2-i3V...3 VjTaB&index=7
Part 7 -

2013-06-03 12:47:42

Nexus Buddy 2 - Granny Editor for Civ 5 Nexus Buddy 2 - Granny Editor for Civ 5

Thread in progress...
Nexus Buddy 2 is a tool for importing and altering 3D Graphics in Civ 5. It allows new textures to assigned to existing models and for completely new 3D models to be imported from FBX format files.
Latest Version:
Nexus Buddy 2.0 beta 2
Improvements over old versions of Nexus Buddy:
Append Mesh
and (Load)
Skeleton File
functions which provide a way of successfully getting
models with multiple meshes into the game
. Mini tutorial to follow. *
+ Support for all known
Leader shader types
- allowing for Leader textures to replaced/switched. **
+ Support for
- the shader used by Features and some other things.
button will
open Granny Viewer
for the current file.
Save Animation
will save only the animation from your current GR2 into a new g

2013-05-27 15:29:15

OCC Deity Domination - What civ?

Hi all, as the title says, I'm looking to spend a couple hours to get a start that appears to be deity-occ-domination doable. Settings are as follow:
Pangaea medium water level
Standard civs#/cs#
Only domination victory checked
No enemy civ selection, no teams *maybe* legendary start, not that it matters that much if I am to spend a few hours to get a doable start but for strategic resources maybe...
The poll choices are based on my own opinion. I welcome people picking "other" to further develop their view. I don't think the poll is really relevant however. People arguments about a civ or another in their replies will help me make final decision.
I might throw the start in a DC if there is an interest for it.
My thoughts:
Babylon > Songhai > Ethiopia > Inca
I know there are many other civ

2013-05-27 01:13:21

[civup 2.5.2 gke 1.13.4]

I have only this 2 mods installed and activated .
Each time i play at turn 2 the warrior loses its LS and 1 movement, i can sent him around but he reveals nothing.And at turn 10 when it saves or sometimes when my city finishes the first building/unit the game crashes and sends me to the desktop.

2013-05-21 14:20:39

how to solve runtime error? how to solve runtime error?

I added the VD for DoC to DoCv1.10 , now I can choose civs, but when the game start initiating and loading the graphics, I got the runtime error. ( I use windows 7, and I downloaded the packed DoC and VD, not svn. I reinstalled the C++ from microsoft offical site)
and I really don't know how to solve it.:crazyeye:

2013-05-16 13:54:55

[G&K] Warmongering modifier

Can someone explain the Warmongering modifier, I can't seem to get past the industrial era without everyone on the planet have the modifier to me.:mischief:

2013-05-15 09:39:30

Enter a brave new world

Posted on the facebook page today:
Introducing our new featurette series: Enter a Brave New World
For the next several weeks we will be releasing videos that focus on the new features that Civilization V: Brave New World has to offer.
If you haven’t done so already, *like* the Civilization Facebook page to keep in touch with the latest news about Civilization and Civilization V: Brave New World.

2013-05-08 07:41:38


Hey guys,
I've rcently taken up SGOTM as a hobby and thus needed BUFFY. Since then I've been re-installing civ4 and the mods 3 or 4 times :rolleyes: At some point the BUG.dll starting non-functioning the way it was supposed to...
When I load up a game with no mods running, as it happens sometimes in test games for SGOTM, pr-chopping and lots of other good stuff get disabled with this error:
I've not been able to fix it without re-installing civ4... can you guys help me out?
latest update for bts
BUG (latest version)

2013-05-05 12:13:44

Far-Reaching: An idea for a new unit system in future Civ games.

As it stands currently in all the civilization games, units are individual entities. You develope new units as you research new technology (you start off with a warrior who then upgrades clearly into a spearman and then a pikeman, etc.) Unique units help punctuate special traits in civilizations. I have another idea.
Instead of a list of preset units, I think units should be created. What technology should unlock is not a static list of new units, but new equipment for units to use (and thats a new place to implement some resources, yeah?) For instance, you would open the production screen of a city, and select a "Create Unit" item. You may be able to define some presets. You are then presented with a screen that lets you select a unit "chassis" (like infantry, cavalry, armored, etc.), alo

2013-05-05 04:30:59

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