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New Tool for making scales - Rotary Planer

I've been looking for a better way to thin wood for razor scales, as I have some great figured wood that is a little thick but would make beautiful scales.
The Wagner Safe T Planer has been discontinued for a while, but a few places are starting to make rotary planers now that the patent has expired.
I just picked up this
rotary planer from Woodworker Supply.
Some have expressed concern about the open structure on the base that some speculate could catch on the wood being planed.
I'm happy to report that the rotary planer that actually ships has a closed structure on the base, much more like the original Wagner Safe T Planer.
Tomorrow I'll try thinning some wood and report back on its performance.
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2013-06-08 04:18:30

New and trying to find a regular cream.early impressions and input request.

Thanks all for such a great community and help so far. I'm in the process of trying new creams and have some questions.
First, I discovered wet shaving with Art of Shaving products and really like the silky feel (lather) of their unscented cream. Their lemon scent set my face on fire so I am searching for a clean and subtle fragrance that is equal in quality.
I got a sample of the TOBS Avocado and Coconut and both have a "chemical" overtone that just doesn't work for me. Both scents are just too bold, for lack of a better term. It seems like they had a good base scent and then added something that just rubs me the wrong way. Instead of putting my nose closer, I pull back.
I am considering, but have not tried, the following brands/scents:
-TOBS Grapefruit (interested but concerned about lem

2013-06-08 04:03:45

mike's natural soap. bar or tin?

i've discovered mike's natural soap and i'm in soap lovin' heaven! i ordered several samples and am ready to buy a couple of the full size. i'm relatively new to the shaving world, just a few months. i've always used a mug to make my cream. i see that mike sells his as a bar or in a tin. which would you recommend, bar or tin? i like the idea of the tin because i could have a few and switch off from day to day. but is it possible to whip up good lather without a cup or mug to contain it?
many thanks, nathaniel

2013-06-08 04:01:14

Knives - Benchmade and Bark River Knives - Benchmade and Bark River

- Never used Bark River Personal Survival Knife with Brown Elder Burl handles. Includes pocket sheath at the top right of the picture. - $100 shipped
- Lightly used Benchmade Mini Griptilian 556S with Olive Drab Micarta replacement scales (roughed finish) from Cuscadi. Missing 1 retaining screw (visible). The opposing retaining screw is there and there are no issues with any scale play. - $75 shipped
- Hardly used Benchmade 550HG Griptilian with Olive Drab Micarta replacement scales (roughed finish) from Cuscadi. Flawless. - $100 Shipped
All three can be purchased as a package for $250 shipped
PayPal will be the payment method.
I reserve the right to sell to whoever I choose, but the default will be the first "I'll take it" posted in the thread followed by a PM.
White balance is a bit off,

2013-06-08 03:59:58

Safety Razor Recommendation?

Hey guys, I just registered for an account here after googling and research about this matter; safety razors. However, I am I bit stuck, I want too purchase a safety razor but I'm anticipating getting a cheap $30 from the internet. Is that relatively bad compared to the $200 ones?
Also, keep in mind that I've been shaving for just couple of months with a sensor excel and I've been getting horrible breakouts of ingrown hairs. I don't if has to do with the fact that I'm black (nappy facial hair, I don't even have alot of hair im 18) or I just really suck at shaving. I've been doing all I could possibly think of... shaving with cold water after shower, wet shave in the shower, shaving with the grain, etc and I still ending up screwing it up :/
So at this point, I'm just straight up fed up. So

2013-06-08 03:57:54

Anyone a member of an online cigar club?

A friend of mine recently joined a wine club. With it came 15 bottles of wine. I was at her house the other day and took one, "you got 15 bottles of wine for 60 bucks!?...Well I'm taking one".
I told you that to tell you this....
So I'm sitting here chugging the bottle :a54:(ha! slowly sipping) and was thinking "maybe I should join a wine club?" but then I thought "nahh I don't enjoy wine nearly as much as I enjoy cigars" :idea:
So to google I went. Seems to be quite a few cigar clubs out there. I'm curious if any of us here are members of any such clubs?
What are the good ones?
In your experience what are the pros and cons of joining a cigar club?
I found this one
which looks like a good deal. $30 per month for 5 cigars.
I'm seeking the pros advice here :thumbup1:

2013-06-08 03:37:54

PIF: Gillette Super Adjustable

Come and get it:
http://badgerandblade.com/vb/showthr...6 3#post5184063

2013-06-08 03:37:13

Guys/Gals, what is wrong with today's TV history shows and the wrong Gillette info.

Tonight on History channel's
American Restoration
TV show, a Barber brought in a towel warmer for restoration, but the show had some wrong info on the advent of the Gillette's razor and its history....he was a bit off, the show stated that during WW1 Gillette gave soldiers
the 1st disposable
razors in
[ it was
disposable blades
not razors]
1st of all
World War 1 began in 1914 to 1918.
, Gillette never gave the soldiers disposable razors, Gillette contracted out the Brownie razor in the Khaki service set in 1918 to 1920. Wow, what a blunder, not only did they get the WW1 dates wrong they also got the wrong Gillette razor and date. They really need to do some research, maybe they can come on B&B and get the true facts before going on air to 60 million people with inaccurate info

2013-06-07 09:04:10

Dorko blades don't need beard prep?

Ok, so I've been using the CJB/dorko combo that has become so popular on b&b and obviously it's an awesome deal.
One thing I have noticed is that if I don't do any beard prepping and shave before a shower, I actually get far better shaves than after a shower and in fact I find this way preferable for those blades.
I can't do this with regular straights, just with the CJB. Does anyone else have that experience?

2013-06-07 08:23:54

Noob Seeks Exercise Regimen

Greetings all,
I am new to the clubhouse, as well as a regular exercise routine. I'm looking for some basic exercises I can do in the morning for about half an hour to an hour. What would you gentlemen recommend?

2013-06-07 07:19:19

Tojiro knives return to Korin

Prices are fairly competitive for these excellent entry level knives, including free shipping and initial sharpening.
Of course, Korin runs a yearly 15% off sale in July, but they've been known to increase prices concurrently.

2013-06-06 15:08:54

Cleaning my brush

I was wondering how often should I clean my brush? I have a Parker badger. I use a pre-shave oil which also gets in and stays in my brush and I used sandalwood cream yesterday which scent stayed in my brush when I used my almond cream I couldn't smell it because the sandalwood scent was still in it. So how can I clean ths scent out?

2013-06-06 14:42:48

Monsavon A Bol

There's a guy selling these on ebay. With shipping to Canada cost me around $12. Can't wait to try it! I'm finding that I'm really prefering stuff with tallow in it. My current fave is ARKO followed closely by MWF. The reason the MWF is coming behind ARKO is that it seems to be more particular when it comes to water levels required; ARKO just seems to do what it needs to do regardless of the amount of water and MWF is too airy for me if I mistakenly add too much water.
Do people still love the Monsavon??? I'll post my comments when I get it in a week or so :)

2013-06-06 14:01:31

Bristle brushed and hair type

I've got a full head of hair I'd call "medium hair" and have used a strong bristle brush for 50+ years. When I needed a second brush I bought a Kent OE1, recommended for medium hair, online. It's a nice brush and leaves my hair in a good way, but its got a much lighter touch than my old brush. The bristles on the old one quickly work down to the scalp and puts the hair where it wants it fast. The Kent seems to float on top and require pressure to make a part and dig in.
Both work in the end. Which is the right brush for my hair?

2013-06-06 13:47:18

It was a slaughter.

tried out my new black beauty with a feather on 5 AND THERE WAS BLOOD EVERYWHERE :scared: think im gonna throw the damn thing away. there goes 50 bucks down the drain. damn my face hurts

2013-06-06 09:37:10

"Gillette slide" and shaving at an angle - ?

Hello again. I'm still quite new to the whole DE shaving thing, and have been doing pretty well since the weekend. Anyway . . .
After watching Mantic's "Gillette slide" video and reading some posts about the Merkur Slant, I tried something that worked quite well for me - I have a patch of hair on my chin and right under it that is quite tough and difficult to shave at any direction (WTG, XTG, ATG). So, I ended up trying to shave that area by dragging the razor not straight down but angled about 20 degrees (or more) away fromt he usual direction.
As it turns out, it worked very well in terms of cutting without irritation, so I'm wondering if anyone shaves this way? I like my Muhle R89, but if I can cut stubborn areas without nicks or irritation by angling it a bit, so much the better.
I am

2013-06-06 08:39:00

How to tame Clubman

1 drop Clubman
Gallons of water.
This works :lol: This bottle I have will last ages. It won't be used a lot, but y'know what? It's not so bad watered down. Citrusy talcum. Wayyy better than powder overload.

2013-06-06 07:22:19

Are bakelite Razors Smoother?

I am finding my Bakelite slant much smoother and closer shaver than my 37c. Is this just a YMMV situation or do others have similar results?

2013-06-06 02:26:18

Finally got it

Been saving up for a brush, and I was fortunate enough to get one PIF, so I redirected the savings and got me some GFT :)
Now I'm just crossing my fingers my wife gets me some 1805 for Father's Day.
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(18.2 KB)

2013-06-06 01:17:03

Old Spice, Shulton, India and all that.

Couple of weeks ago we started discussing this one:
Originally Posted by
Bad news for lovers of 'old spice' of shulton formulation..now p&g has taken over the license of old spice from its licensee MCPL india.. Now no more spice in our beloved Old Spice..
I believe the conclusion was that Shulton hasn't manufactured Old Spice in India or anywhere in more than a decade, and the current P&G formulation isn't different from what was selling in India or the US for years now.
I'm wondering why the online shave vendors stock Indian OS as if its better than CVS', and if the Shulton story isn't just that.
Anyone have some facts on this? I'm confused.

2013-06-05 16:14:09

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