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A Great Controller for Gaming on your A2109A

Hey all:
I just recently got me this controller made by Nyko it can be used for HID games. Touch mapping, as well as Keyboard Mapping.
It can also be used as a Mouse.
It will run on Android, iOS, and Windows.
But was designed to be used on Android.
The Touch Mapping at the moment is a little glitchie because of anything above 4.0 isn't really working well on the compatability App they call PlayGround.
But they say a Fix including an update is just around the corner.
It works "GREAT" for me and I just thought one of you might be interested in it as well.
So here's the link to mine.
Amazon.com: Nyko Playpad for Android/Bluetooth (White): Video Games
Hope you like. Have a Great Day: Ricky

2013-06-10 11:00:32

How to Root the new Brauhn WL-101GQC 10.1” Tablet

I got my tablet last Wednesday and have been trying to root it.
I have tried a whole range of methods, some guaranteed to work on all Android devices, most were free but I paid for several. None of them worked or else stated that they had not yet found a way.
These included
SuperOne Click
Root with Restore by Bin4ry v30
, etc.
Having found that the
binary must reside in
directory, I tried to use
to move the binary into it using a range of strategies.
Fortunately I found a free program that actually worked and also allowed the Tablet to be unrooted.
This morning I unrooted my tablet and did a factory reset.
Guess what? I couldn’t root the tablet with the program.
After a good play around, I managed to root it, so starting with an unrooted ta

2013-06-10 06:00:34

My tablet is frozen

So I was updating my firmware and I was at the last step of it waiting on it to finish. I laid my hand on it but I don't think I put pressure on it. So now my tablet is froze the screen is timberwolf colored and everytime I press the power button it goes to either a black screen or the timberwolf screen. This is my third tablet and I just got it like a week ago and its already messed up. Please please help.

2013-06-10 05:02:47

*Help* Acer A700 Stuck on Load Screen..

Yesterday I was putting some videos into my acer a700 tablet when it turned off suddenly. I turned it back on and it is stuck on the green acer logo screen for quite sometime. I decided to do a hard reset (pressing volume up and moving the lock switch) I even saw the message (erasing userdata, erasing cache) but when I turned it back on it is still stuck on the green acer screen. I tried pressing the reset button it didnt do anything.
I was just putting in videos. I wasnt doing any upgrades or anything to the system.. It just turned off all of a sudden. I left my tablet on for 2hrs+ and it is still stuck on the green acer logo screen. Help Please!!

2013-06-09 22:14:43

Google Now question Google Now question

I'm running a Nexus 7. I was playing Black Ops 2 with some friends on my PS3 yesterday when I received a network error from the system. I didn't think much about it. I reset my PS3 and went about my business. Later that night, I was looking at my tablet and saw this:
Not only did my tablet show me details on the error message I received, but about the last game I played yesterday. I didn't Google either yesterday.
My guess is that it's because they are on the same network, but does anybody have a better answer about how my tablet knew this? Is this something that others here have seen before?
Attached Images

2013-06-09 17:37:21

Ployer momo 9 star 4.0.4 - connected to wifi but not working

I know there are several threads on wifi issues but i haven´t found the solution to my problem so hopefully you can help me.
I just bought a momo ployer 9 star 4.0.4. It is working fine on open wifi (slow but it´s ok), but not at home. It detects the wifi, I can connect to the router and I get the 3 bars if I get close enough. However impossible to open a webpage and if trying to open Play store it says "no connection". At the same time the connection is excellent with the laptop and the mobile phone. The router is WPA. And I have tried to stop and start the router but it didn´t change anything.
Thanks for your comments

2013-06-09 16:19:49

Need Help to Identify Tablet And Flash ROM... Need Help to Identify Tablet And Flash ROM...

Manufacturer: unknown
Model: Softwinerf761
Android: 4.0.4; 20130131; SDK15
Display: 800 x 480
Touch Screen: Multitouch 5 points
GPU: Mali-400 MP; ARM; OpenGL ES-CM 1.1; OpenGL ES 2.0
RAM: 448 MB Flash: 4 GB Build-in (3.749 GB actual)
Processor: 1 core; ARMv7 Processor rev 2 (v7l) exDroid; Max: 1200.0 MHz; Min: 30.0 MHz
Phone: GSM
Wi-Fi: 8192cu
USB Host: Yes Bluetooth: No GPS: Yes
Battery: Technology: LiFe; Voltage: 3886
Camera: Photo: 1.9 MP; Max: 1600x1200; Focus: auto; No flash
Additional Camera: Photo: 0.3 MP; Max size: 640x480; Focus: auto; No flash
build.prop info
# begin build properties
# autogenerated by buildinfo.sh
ro.build.display.id=f761_dblgc0308_ep_2g _V1.1.9_20 130131_m668_dcab1ef

2013-06-09 12:55:14

otg cable problem (a13 tablet)

heloo, since my a13 tablet wasnt working i flashed a rom ..but touch screen wasnt working so i thought it might work with a mouse ...so i bought an otg cable n then when i tried it didnt work ..but th e same otg cable works on my xperia
please help me with this problem .. :)

2013-06-09 12:04:00

Is it worth to own this Newsmy S8 Mini? Is it worth to own this Newsmy S8 Mini?

I learnt Newsmy released the latest android Tablet-Newsmy S8 Mini compared IPAD mini, It is ultra-thin design, as thin as 7. 2mm. Quad-core ARM Cortex-A9 CPU(28nm), can reach up to 1. 6GHz Quad-core GPU, Quad-core Mali400, cool 3D games for your fun life 7. 9 inch OGS touch screen technology for beautiful pictures Over 8 hours displaying time Fashional Ultra-thin Design, only 7. 2mm thickness with aluminum body this info was got from Mewsmy official site:
Newsmy | Wholesale Tablet PC & Wholesale Smartphones
, the price is around $171. 99 anyone knows about this brand? I only know Newsmy is wel-known brand in China, is it worth to buy this amazing latest Tablet? Thanks and look forward to your advice.
Attached Images

2013-06-09 11:39:57

Popularity of Android tablets

It seems that, presently the liking for android tablets are spreading like wild fire. Android tablets' popularity is also causing downward slide in PC and laptop's sellings. But I wonder, what may be the cause for such the surge in tabs' popularity. Why for, the people are interested in buying and using tabs? These tabs may be very good entertainment gadget, but are still far behind to become true business machines. There are still a long way for these tabs to go to become true replacement of laptops. Then, please tell why are these cute machines are so popular? Are they only liked for easy handling of some email reading, a little browsing and some video watching? Or, is these any other use of these tabs, as replacement of PC/laptops? Thanks.

2013-06-09 09:58:44

Which Android Tablet should i get....

Hey everyone...
Thinking about getting a new tablet, I already have an iPad 2 but want something different so I'm thinking of going with an Android tablet. Thinking of one of these two tablets....
Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1" Tablet...
Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1" Tablet, Android 4.0, 16GB | Staples®
Acer Iconia A210 Tablet...
Acer Iconia A210 Tablet, Android 4.0, 16GB, Grey | Staples®
Any suggestions on which of the two is the better tablet or a suggestion of a different tablet completely?
Looking forward to everyone's opinion...

2013-06-09 03:37:14

IVONA on Acer Iconia a200?

Is it possible to install IVONA (text to speech app) on my Acer Iconia a200? The play store said that it was unavailable for my device. Is there some other way that I can install it. Preferably without rooting.
Also, which text to speech apps are best. I think I'm going to go with SVOX Classic TTS if IVONA doesn't work but I'd like to see if there are any others worth trying. Are there any free ones that are worth looking at?

2013-06-09 01:47:52

Coby Mid 7060-16

I bought a Coby Kyros mid 7060-16 tablet (in Portugal) and then I discovered it doesn't have google play store. I was hoping it could be installed or the firmware upgraded but I can't see any info about this model in
or in
(this internet page is offline for days).
I can see model 7065 which looks like 7060 and has google play store.
I don't want a tablet without google play store, so before I return the tablet to the store, can you tell me if google play can be installed in coby kyros mid 7060 (or firmware upgraded to a new version with google play)?
I saw a thread with a dump of 7065 version firmware. Is it compatible with and can be installed on 7060 model? Is it safe? Can a backup be made before installing?
Thank you.
Best Regards.

2013-06-09 01:35:02

Best Tablet I Can Get For $70 or less

New to the tablet scene so I have no idea what specs are more important on a tablet, any input would be appreciated, my budget is around 70 and I know that woun't get me much but I'm just trying to get the most bang for my buck.

2013-06-08 22:51:57

Newbie Help Needed - Upgrade Kyros 8127-4G to Jellybean

Hi, everyone. I've been looking around this site and some others for a couple of weeks now and wouldn't post this if I could find the answer. I have found some info, but not enough for me to risk bricking my tablet (ahem, my wife's tablet). So I've given up and am now humbly petitioning you for assistance.
I have a Kyros 8127 running the default OS of 2.2.3, I do believe. Amazon Kindle doesn't work right and neither do some other apps. I'm hoping wiping it out and installing Jellybean would allow me to actually run something right and have access to better apps. I rooted the tablet awhile ago, tried resetting it lately, and still nothing works right. I downloaded the file coby_mid8127-seed-0001.zip from another thread for the install of Jellybean that others have put on their tablet of the

2013-06-08 22:42:13

The Fix for Can't Connect & Connected to Wifi but NO Interenet Access

For 3 days, I read hundreds of forum posts and finally fixed it thanks to all the advice out there.
I wanted to write this to maybe save others the trouble ...
First I couldn't connect and then when I did, I had no internet. Here's how I fixed both issues.
...First 'Forget' your WIFI netsork. Then turn your tablet vertical ( Portrait) and
click on your SSID wireless.. When tablet is horizontal, you can't see the bottom options for proxy and IP Settings.
... Enter your password (remember it's case sensitive).
... Keep Prosy Settings at None
... Change IP Settings from the default DHCP to Static.
... The correct entries were already there but they were in the background. I just needed
to retype the same numbers in. This is different for each tablet.
... Click Connect and I was connected imm

2013-06-08 20:16:24

Sumvision Cyclone Voyager 10.1 touch screen cracked Sumvision Cyclone Voyager 10.1 touch screen cracked

My son dropped and cracked the touch screen/digitizer of our Sumvision Cyclone Voyager tablet. After searching for hours and hours on the internet we are unable to find a replacement.
The tablet was bought from:
Sumvision Cyclone Voyager Tablet PC - Tablets | Ebuyer.com
We'd appreciate it if someone could give any information of a supplier who may have this touch screen. The LCD is fine it works, I have opened the tablet in search of part numbers. I've found the part number for the LCD but the touch screen does not appear to have a part number on it.
Thanks for your help.
Photo of cracked screen:
Attached Images

2013-06-08 19:36:38

need touch screen drivers for allwinner a13 (box chip)

hey guys can u provide me with the ouch screen drivers . its a pc tablet . specs
CPU allwinner (boxchip) a13 1ghz(cortex a8 , 3d acceleration )
android 4.0
4gb storage
512 mb ram
mutli touch screen
dual camera
7" inch
g sensor suported
sensor : cmos
please help me ..:(

2013-06-08 12:58:22

Get Best Blu-ray Ripper for Acer Iconia Tab, Asus Tablets with 30% OFF Get Best Blu-ray Ripper for Acer Iconia Tab, Asus Tablets with 30% OFF

Don't you have dozens of Blu-ray or DVD collections saved at home? Don't you want to backup them to computer hard disk and play on your Acer Iconia Tab or Asus Tablets such as
Transformer Pad Infinity 700
, VivoTab, Eee Pad Transformer, and Transformer Prime? Come and get the best Blu-ray/DVD to Acer Iconia Tab/Asus Tablets converter—
Pavtube Blu-ray Ripper
Father's Day discount
which totally saves you
15% off
Step-by-step guide about getting Blu-ray/DVD movies to Acer Iconia Tab and Asus Tablets
1. Get
Blu-ray/DVD to Android Acer Iconia Tab/Asus Tab Converter
15% off
Pavtube Blu-ray Ripper
on Windows
on Mac
, install and launch it.
2. Load BD/DVD into Pavtube Blu-ray Ripper.
You can load movie from Blu-ray Disc, DVD, and ISO image backups. Just put the disc into

2013-06-08 09:17:46

WMT 2.1.2_105 Android Tablet problem WMT 2.1.2_105 Android Tablet problem

i have a china tablet which have no name , wtm2.1.2_105 show with white line on start, what can i do,
waiting for replay ,

2013-06-08 08:57:09

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