WTT: My Spektrum DX18QQ for your Jeti Duplex DS-16... :-P

helifreak.com - 2013-05-02 18:11:45 - Similar - Report/Block

I know this is a long shot, and MANY of you will laugh at this post, BUT...you never know. I know a lot of you are starting to receive your DS-16's, and maybe it turns out not being everything you had hoped it would be. With that said, I would be willing to trade my practically brand new Spektrum DX18QQ for your Jeti Duplex DS-16 + CASH ,...

USED JETI DUPLEX DC-16 Telemetry Transmitter

helifreak.com - 2013-05-13 02:04:19 - Similar - Report/Block

I have a used JETI Duplex DC-16 2.4GHZ Telemetry radio for sale. This radio was used until the DS-16 became available in May. The radio was purchased new in January and is in perfect condition. It comes with a case, power supply and USB connector. This is a 16 channel radio with full voice telemetry. Price is $950.00 shipped in CONUSA. Th...

Can't bind Jeti Box Profi to Jeti Rx

helifreak.com - 2013-04-10 10:17:29 - Similar - Report/Block

Just bought a Jeti Box Profi and and Duplex R6L EX receiver. I have tried about a hour, but still can't bind the Rx to the Jeti Box Profi. - I have switched the JB Profi to "Telemetry Mode" - If I connect the Rx to JB Profi directly via the receiver cable, JB Profi will recognize it correctly. - JB Profi firmware: 01.18 - R6L firmware: 3.

Questions on Jeti Duplex and HC3SX

helifreak.com - 2013-02-26 10:05:41 - Similar - Report/Block

I think this question is directed toward Josh as I believe he is a happy Jeti user :) I am seriously considering picking up a DS-16 when they are available here in Germany (should be soon :bacon). I know its superficial but after seeing pictures and looking into Jeti's products... well, I simply don't like my DX8 as much anymore :-) I hav...

Using JetiBox Profi as 8FG transmitter module

helifreak.com - 2013-03-03 22:14:29 - Similar - Report/Block

While I'm waiting for the Jeti DS-16 to arrive, I'd like to get rid of the Futaba receivers in my helicopters. As far as I have understood, the (European) JetiBox profi is a full-range transmitter which can be connected to the PPM output on another transmitter. Is it possible to connect the trainer port on my Futaba 8FG to the JetiBox Pro...

Jeti Mezon 130 BEC measurements

helifreak.com - 2013-05-08 16:32:02 - Similar - Report/Block

Dear all, for your information. I have done some BEC measurements of which results I've put on the Jeti Forum : http://jetiforum.de/index.php/jeti-r...- in-helicopter regards Sebastien...

Skookum setup

helifreak.com - 2013-05-04 14:32:30 - Similar - Report/Block

This is my initial cut on a complete list of instructions to set up an SK-720 that was already configured with another receiver or satellites to work with a Jeti Receiver. I would welcome any suggestions for additional steps, corrections or embellishments. 1. In the SK-720 setup program. Control Tab Radio Input Options Type "Futaba / JET...

Eagletree V4 100A wire leads & RPM sensor

helifreak.com - 2013-05-15 05:17:26 - Similar - Report/Block

Bought this intending to do datalogging on my turbine; while waiting for the turbine to arrive and finish the build I made the jump from Spektrum to Jeti and it ended up that my Jeti TX can log everything I wanted to log. Eagletree V4 with wire leads, 100A, and magnetic RPM sensor. All brand new and never used. Asking $55 shipped. Please...

Jeti Mezon and rpm

helifreak.com - 2013-05-10 02:23:40 - Similar - Report/Block

Hi guys, i am new to the Jeti mezon and appreciate guidance. I am setting up a logo 600 sx with Hacker 560KV and Jeti 130A. I would like to use the internal governor and an rpm of 2200. How do i program my throttle curve to get this head speed? Is it like the jive you set flat curve? I do have the programmer available.

like new dx8 4000mah spektrum lipo

helifreak.com - 2013-05-06 05:56:59 - Similar - Report/Block

for sale spektrum dx8 used very little spektrum 4000mah lipo also spektrum 2000mah nimh . large spektrum carrying case case is perfect on inside shows some minor ware on outside. also have 2 spektrum ar400 rx. also comes with manual and dx8 neck strap. $350.00 pp and shipped lower 48 states.:thumbup: Attached Thumbnails...

Spektrum with Jeti DC/DS

helifreak.com - 2013-05-20 15:27:06 - Similar - Report/Block

Wow I am impressed by the ingenuity of some guys. Look at this With this little gizmo you can control with your DC/DS-16 the Horizonhobby bind and fly stuff. It is self powered sends a control to it from your DC/DS-16 to the Rx and covert it through the module to a DSM radio wave. Impressive Attached Thumbnails...

Henseleit TDR and Jeti help

helifreak.com - 2013-05-20 05:39:04 - Similar - Report/Block

Ok I am making the move, I am ordering a TDR Anybody with one can tell me if the Mezon 130 will fit on the tray ? I have looked at the helifreak thread but not many on Jeti yet. Any other advice is welcome too...

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Time to say: thank you Jeti et all

helifreak.com - 2013-06-07 13:57:42 - Similar - Report/Block

Well, I think it is time to kiss some a.. Thank you Jeti and vendors alike for bringing us this great system. Sure they are and will be some growing pain, but I think it is warranted to give all related to the product some words of appreciation. After all positive feedback is always nice to have. It is said that if you don't like somethin...

spektrum telemetri, 100% useless as it sits now

helifreak.com - 2013-02-25 23:54:54 - Similar - Report/Block

Hi, recently changed over to dx18, from JR, even got a tm1000, thinking hey, Ill do some telemetri since its got it.. joke is apparantly on me. there are no usefull sensors out there?! I want mah alarm, and I want it for up to 16s, and at least 250-300A, and I dont care if its $100-200, and who makes it. I mostly fly big helis, but I also...

Smaller Jeti ESC's ?

helifreak.com - 2013-06-04 02:28:42 - Similar - Report/Block

What is the smallest Jeti ESC with a governor? I'm looking to drive a 330 watt 3S Scorpion motor in a 250 class heli.

H3c-Sx, Jeti Mezon and Rsat2 wiring

helifreak.com - 2013-04-18 15:25:23 - Similar - Report/Block

I had some problems with my set up on my Kasama with the H3c-Sx and the Jeti Mezon with the Rsat2 receiver. Thanks to F1 Rocket who gave me the solution after much frustration and lots of programming. May be it seemed obvious to some but having just set up a H3c-Sx with castle ice on an other machine, the wiring diagram was different so I...

Fedora 17 XFCE canon mp495 duplex printing

fedoraforum.org - 2012-09-20 19:48:30 - Similar - Report/Block

I am having troubles setting up my printer. I have installed the driver for my canon mp495, but I can't get the duplex printer function to work with my libreoffice Attached Thumbnails...

Reversed collective

helifreak.com - 2013-06-09 06:56:59 - Similar - Report/Block

I have been trying to set up a 450 flybar heli, converting it from Spektrum to Jeti using an R6EX Rx, and DS 16 Tx. Everything has gone well with the exception of my collective (pitch) ended up reversed. All of the cyclic servos move in the correct directions as well as the tail servo.I get negative pitch when I raise the throttle/collect...

New Jeti Mezon Lite

helifreak.com - 2013-05-01 23:03:14 - Similar - Report/Block

Look what santa brought :clap http://www.espritmodel.com/jeti-mezo...t elemetry.aspx That should be good for thight place the full size is sometimes big. 20mm shorter 2mm thicker when compare to the 135 and of course 90 continuous to 135 for the bigger brother, always a trade off ESC Jeti Mezon 90 Lite Manufacturer Jeti Applications Heli/A...

Very odd behavior on my Goblin

helifreak.com - 2013-05-27 02:29:59 - Similar - Report/Block

I got my Goblin swapped over from Spektrum to the Jeti system today. I have it running single line PPM to the HC3SX. I am having a very odd behavior with the throttle though. It is spinning up like normal and feels almost normal during a hover right around center stick both in normal and idle up. But one I give it a bump of positive pitch...

jeti mezon esc , any 14 or 16s compatible?

helifreak.com - 2013-05-08 10:44:04 - Similar - Report/Block

Hi, looked on websites, but can't find antyhing over 12s? anyone know if they got any other future plans for "proper" voltage? most my stuff runs on 14s theese days, and some on 16s, only the 630/6hv left on 12s, so going ds16 and changeing out esc on everything seems hard my fanboy friend jotto keeps saying jeti is so hot, so Im looking...

Jeti Mezon 130 Opto ESC w/ Telemetry NIB

helifreak.com - 2012-08-25 20:12:01 - Similar - Report/Block

For sale is a NIB Jeti Mezon 135 Opto ESC w/Telemetry. Retail is $330 Selling for $280 shipped...

Spektrum telemetry?

helifreak.com - 2012-10-24 09:24:49 - Similar - Report/Block

Is it possible to use Spektrum telemetry modules with the HC with Spektrum satellites only? I assume not but thought I'd ask just in case I am wrong.

2 x Spektrum DSM2 satellite

helifreak.com - 2012-11-08 10:20:57 - Similar - Report/Block

Got out of the hobby. These satellites are collecting dust on my shelve. 2 x *used* but great condition - Spektrum DSM2 satellite 2 x *brand new* remote extension 6" Spektrum satellite wires I'm asking $50 ship and Paypal.

Futaba 9C to 2.4Ghz Spektrum conversion?

helifreak.com - 2013-04-10 05:34:57 - Similar - Report/Block

Folk, I've got a Futaba 9C that I picked up in 2006 for a Trex 450 build ( http://www.helifreak.com/showthread.php? t=14474 ). I still have that heli and 9c, but everything else I fly is off of a spektrum dx6i. I'm beginning to outrun the dx6i in terms of models and features and would really like to use my 9c with my spektrum rx's (and the...

Spektrum DX7S Like new

helifreak.com - 2012-08-05 20:00:00 - Similar - Report/Block

Spektrum DX7S Barely used on the sim. Selling cause rather Futaba. comes with charger, spektrum DX7S neck strap never used, SD Card, Tx balancer, extra set of secraft longer sticks and original box 200$ + shipping Can include JR dual case (huge one for 2 Tx and accessories) for an extra 80$...

Spektrum Telemetry Bundle

helifreak.com - 2013-06-10 01:32:16 - Similar - Report/Block

I am selling used but in working order Spektrum telemetry electronics and accessories. These parts have not been involved in crashes. These are the parts included in the sale with corresponding list prices. Spektrum TM1000 DSMX Full Range Aircraft Telemetry Module [SPM9548] x3 - $56.99 each for total of $170.97. Spektrum Aircraft Teleme...

Spektrum Telemetry Capacity and RPM sensor.

helifreak.com - 2013-03-19 01:02:43 - Similar - Report/Block

Has anyone heard of a LiPo capacity sensor from Spektrum or do you think it is on its way? And one question more. Does the Spektrum RPM sensor work as its supposed to ? On the tube i saw a video that the sensor gave false info under load when the blades/prop was mounted because of the amp draw - has anyone experience with this? regards...

Jeti Mezon ESCs in stock

helifreak.com - 2013-03-14 09:30:22 - Similar - Report/Block

Just a heads up for those of you who are waiting... Espritmodel now has Jeti Mezon ESCs (including some versions with RPM sensor) in stock now!...

Align with Spektrum

helifreak.com - 2013-02-27 01:53:31 - Similar - Report/Block

I was wondering if I could get some advice on which Align 450 FBL kit would work with my Spektrum DX18 radio. I dont know if I would be better off with a Futaba radio and get a ARF kit. I already have a lot of money invested in Spektrum and would rather keep using it but seem to be stuck in certain heli brands because of it. I would like...

Spektrum RPM sensor and Align gov?

helifreak.com - 2013-02-08 07:02:42 - Similar - Report/Block

Guys, Have read many older forums about hooking up a Spektrum engine back plate sensor and an Align RCE-G600 gov. However, I would like to have it as "clear as possible" from todays current users of this setup (just don't want to fry anything, lol!). So what I woud like to do is use a Spektrum sensor to go to the Align gov AND also be abl...

Radio madness

helifreak.com - 2013-02-26 18:32:11 - Similar - Report/Block

I can't decide I have a futaba 6j and a spektrum dx8 and I like the spektrum for the bnf and the programming but I like the way the futaba feels way more so I can't decide wich I want to use or if I should sell the futaba and put it into a higher end futaba so I can have the spektrum and a good easily programmable futaba...

Jeti box easy access on Tx

helifreak.com - 2013-04-18 15:45:13 - Similar - Report/Block

Thought I would trow that in: To have easy access to your Jeti box function on the Tx, just have the Jetibox appear on one of your main front page just like you do for telemetry. When you see the Jetibox on the page, just press the escape (ESC) button. The arrows will appear on the screen for the navigation of your Jetibox function The sa...

WTT: 3 brand new Spektrum receivers (AR8000, AR6115e, AR400) for Spektrum AR7200BX

helifreak.com - 2012-10-12 09:21:33 - Similar - Report/Block

All of these receivers are brand new and I would like to trade the lot of 3 for a new Spektrum AR7200BX flybarless control system.

spektrum receiver blinking on zyx

helifreak.com - 2013-05-10 17:45:38 - Similar - Report/Block

I'm a futaba user so asking this for spektrum users. Why would a 6 channel spektrum receiver blink? But everything is working properly. We tried rebinding to radio. Still blinks imediatly after plugging battery in. 4.0 firmware. We did have to take out eflite digital tail servo. Zyx didnt like it but I knew 4.0 doesn't like certain servos...

HKIII 4035 rewind

helifreak.com - 2013-04-21 17:10:09 - Similar - Report/Block

This one started out as HKIII 4035-330. Started to wind with 1.32 did half the motor as it was going into a Logo 600 so it would've been more than powerful enough however later decided to switch things around and now it is going into a Goblin 700. So I had to unwind and start over. New wind will be 6+6 1.4mm YY. I will be using 12S 45C/60...

Spektrum TM 1000

helifreak.com - 2013-05-16 03:17:03 - Similar - Report/Block

Band new Spektrum TM1000 out of my DX8 radio kit 50.00 shipped Lower 48 only...

Duplex En Venta Palermo, Capital Federal - 4 Ambiente(s) - US$ 480.000

enbuenosaires.com - 2013-06-10 02:46:14 - Similar - Report/Block

Excelente departamento en dúplex, con frente a la Rural y Embajada de Estados Unidos. Ambientes muy amplios y luminosos. 3 Dormitorios uno en suite, d...

Duplex Alquiler 24 Meses Lomas del Mirador, Zona Oeste - 3 Ambiente(s) - $ 3.500 / Mes

enbuenosaires.com - 2013-06-09 21:58:01 - Similar - Report/Block

Duplex en Alquiler de 2 dormitorios con placard, living-comedor, cocina instalada, 2 baños, patio, terraza y dependenciaS.COD 698-491...


zol.com.cn - 2012-09-18 16:38:17 - Similar - Report/Block

10.XX.YY SUPPLIES ERROR For help press? 13.XX.YY JAM IN TOP COVER AREA For help press ? 13.0A.00 JAM IN TOP COVER AREA 13.XX.YY JAM IN PAPER PATH For help press ? 13.XX.YY.DUPLEX JOB INTERRUPTED For help press ? 13.XX.YY.JAM IN DUPLEX PATH For help p...


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