The 'find of a lifetime': Bizarre striped 'Panda bat' found in South Sudan

dailymail.co.uk - 2013-04-10 14:21:35 - Similar - Report/Block

The bat, found in South Sudan, is so rare researchers believe it is an entirely new genus.

Panda-Printed Sneakers - These Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Panda Shoes Feature 'Panda Camo' (TrendHunter.com)

trendhunter.com - 2013-06-05 12:43:02 - Similar - Report/Block

TrendHunter.com ) If you're a fan of the classic Converse All Star shoes and you love animals, these panda shoes might be the perfect find for you. Converse Japan came out with the ‘Panda Camo'...

Moving text within a string to the end

stackoverflow.com - 2012-03-28 23:07:01 - Similar - Report/Block

Let's say I have strings like this: PH&N 2015 LifeTime Series D PH&N 2020 LifeTime Series D PH&N 2025 LifeTime Series D PH&N 2030 LifeTime Series D PH&N 2035 LifeTime Series D PH&N 2040 LifeTime Series D PH&N 2045 LifeTime Series D How would I move the numbers to the end like this, using R: PH&N LifeTime Se...

Adorable Panda for Android

androidzoom.com - 2013-03-25 18:27:54 - Similar - Report/Block

Riffel Feed the Panda! The coolest game of the moment! Help the panda to pick all the food balls! catapult + golf + panda in fun levels! This game is a success! You will approve! FREE...

Panda-Themed Hotels - The Haoduo Panda Hotel is a Cuddly Place to Sleep (TrendHunter.com)

trendhunter.com - 2013-03-03 14:41:01 - Similar - Report/Block

TrendHunter.com ) The Haoduo Panda Hotel is the very first panda-themed hotel in the world. Located in China, the panda capital of the world, the hotel boasts a plethora of exciting and adorable panda items. From...

Punto and Bravo successors will be inspired by Panda, 500

gminsidenews.com - 2013-03-25 17:47:27 - Similar - Report/Block

Successors Fiat Punto & Bravo inspired by Panda & 500 20 March 2013 Fiat CEO Olivier François has confirmed in an interview with the Italian newspaper La Repubblica that Fiat will indeed be following a new strategy for the B- and C-segment in the future. The Fiat Panda and 500 will be the basis for the styling of future models, with the 5...

Protect your Windows 8 PC with Panda Cloud Antivirus

betanews.com - 2013-02-20 10:29:33 - Similar - Report/Block

Spanish security company Panda Security Ltd has released Panda Cloud Antivirus Free 2.1.1 , a minor update to its free cloud-based security tool for Windows. Version 2.1.1 is the first release to secure a Windows 8 compatible logo after passing the eligibility requirements laid down by Microsoft. Panda Cloud Antivirus, also available with...

I have a mustache!

deviantart.com - 2012-04-06 21:29:29 - Similar - Report/Block

Red panda (Ailurus fulgens, panda cervena) from ZOO Schönbrunn, Vienna, Austria Thank you for your comments and faves ____________ INFO ABOUT THE ANIMAL: Name: Red panda (Ailurus fulgens) Location: Himalayas (from Nepal to China) Size: 60 cm long body + 60 cm long tail weight: 6 kg Diet: mostly bamboo, birds, fish, eggs, small roden...

Highlighting the clicked row of a striped HTML table

stackoverflow.com - 2012-03-31 03:47:37 - Similar - Report/Block

Here's an example of my problem on jsFiddle. I have a table with striped rows imposed by using tr:nth-child(odd) in the CSS, as is done in Twitter Bootstrap for the table-striped class. I want to highlight the most recent clicked row of that table. I do that with the following Javascript: $('#mytable tbody tr').live('click', function(ev...

WTB: Panda Power Precision or Trinity pro

badmintoncentral.com - 2013-05-14 12:46:36 - Similar - Report/Block

Looking to buy 2 * Panda Precision (not pro) or trinity pro. I'm not fussy can have a few chips. I have 2 Panda revs from new 290/85 BG80 26lb used for about a month I may part with these ?...

Kung Fu Panda Puzzles for Android

androidzoom.com - 2013-01-31 20:56:19 - Similar - Report/Block

grimdevteam Please take your time and spend several unforgettable minutes playing our Jigsaw Puzzles – Game «Kung Fu Panda» wich contain high quality images from American computer-animated action comedy film «Kung Fu Panda». Set in a version of ancient... FREE

Panda Photobooth Applications - The Panda Show by Pinar & Viola Allows Users to Create At-Home Art (TrendHunter.com)

trendhunter.com - 2013-03-10 14:05:02 - Similar - Report/Block

TrendHunter.com ) The Panda Show by Pinar & Viola is an application piece that boasts new aesthetics and amusement. Stellar art and design duo Pinar Demirdag and Viola Renate have created an interactive webcam...

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Panda Cloud Cleaner 1.0.35

babooforum.com.br - 2012-12-14 21:08:56 - Similar - Report/Block

Olá pessoal blz? Mais uma Ferramenta para desinfecção dos Malwares FakeAV. Author: Panda Security Date: 2012-12-14 Size:1 8.0 MB License: Freeware Requires: Win 8\ Win 7\ Vista\ 03 \XP Como desinfectar o Adware/FakeAV malware com o Panda Cloud Cleaner Para desinfectar malware Adware/FakeAV detectado em seu computador, você precisará da F...

Panda Cloud Antivirus v2.1.1

babooforum.com.br - 2013-02-19 14:01:18 - Similar - Report/Block

Olá pessoal, blz? Panda Cloud antivírus v2.1.1 A Panda Security disponibilizou para download nesta semana uma nova versão do seu antivírus gratuito Panda Cloud antivírus. O antivírus é baseado em computação em nuvem (cloud computing) e utiliza uma tecnologia proprietária chamada Collective Intelligence para poder detectar vírus, rootkits...

Kawaii Panda pillow

deviantart.com - 2012-04-03 12:51:48 - Similar - Report/Block

Kawaii panda on black and hot pink polka dots pillow ^^ Designed by me and produced by ArtofWhere (Canada) You can buy this panda pillow cover here: [link] High-quality printed on thick, soft and durable velveteen, it's cuteness overload and lovable ^^ Really comfortable to snuggle ^^ More kawaii pillows designed by me:...

Panda Pop for Android

androidzoom.com - 2013-06-09 12:49:03 - Similar - Report/Block

lava Game Panda Pop Are you a super fan of diamond or gem games (Bejeweled, Diamond Dash, Jewels Deluxe, Jewels Link, Jewels, Jewels Maze!, etc.)? Try Panda Pop, the best finger-tapping gem elimination games on Android Market! Are you tired of the... FREE

Zoo keepers artificially inseminate the UK's only female giant panda after she fails to hit it off with her partner

dailymail.co.uk - 2013-04-21 16:10:04 - Similar - Report/Block

Keepers at Edinburgh Zoo hope they will soon be hearing the pitter patter of panda cub paws, after the UK's only female giant panda was artificially inseminated in the hope of making her pregnant.

Striped make up

deviantart.com - 2012-03-20 04:01:23 - Similar - Report/Block

Striped make up Model, hair/ synthetic dreads, make up: Me. Photographer: Drew [link]...

[$29.00] RedWhite Pique Polo Shirt Polpis Striped Polo by Nantucket Brand

dealsucker.com - 2013-03-01 08:19:10 - Similar - Report/Block

Redwhite striped polo shirt. A classic, 100 cotton pique polo shirt for those casual days. Solid ribbed collar and sleeve. This striped polo features an alternating stripe pattern. 3 button placket. Straight hem with side vents. Embroidered logo on left chest. Custom Nantucket Brand buttons.

The bizarre 'unicorn fish,' with a nose, that looks almost human

dailymail.co.uk - 2012-08-31 00:17:50 - Similar - Report/Block

This bizarre marine creature can warns keepers when his water needs to be changed by altering its colour...

Striped Canopies

helifreak.com - 2013-03-20 23:08:08 - Similar - Report/Block

Would someone that has one of the striped canopies post a pic???:thumbup:Looking for ideas for new canopy!!!...

Strike a pose: World's rarest animals are caught on hidden camera exploring their habitats

dailymail.co.uk - 2013-05-22 19:30:40 - Similar - Report/Block

The giant panda, red panda, Tibetan stump-tailed macaque, takin and leopard are all regarded as endangered by the WWF.

[$29.00] BlueWhite Pique Polo Shirt Polpis Striped Polo by Nantucket Brand

dealsucker.com - 2013-02-27 08:23:26 - Similar - Report/Block

Bluewhite striped polo shirt. A classic, 100 cotton pique polo shirt for those casual days. Solid ribbed collar and sleeve. This striped polo features an alternating stripe pattern. 3 button placket. Straight hem with side vents. Embroidered logo on left chest. Custom Nantucket Brand buttons.

Employee ID matching

excelforum.com - 2013-03-26 17:33:42 - Similar - Report/Block

Pic.JPG Dear Experts, I have a data sheet as shown below. Colum A has the master employee ID (some 5000 numbers)followed by Last name and First name in colum B and C. In colum D i have some 1000 ID's only. I need to find the corresponding last name and first name. Kindly refer the attachment A B C D E F Emp ID Last Name First Name Emp ID...

Edinburgh Zoo hopes for tourist-boosting panda cub as Tian Tian and Yang Guang go back on display

dailymail.co.uk - 2013-04-23 22:21:51 - Similar - Report/Block

The zoo is hoping that the birth of a panda cub will boost visitor numbers to the attraction and said that, if the procedure is successful, Tian Tian could give birth at the end of August or the beginning of September.

WTB: looking for panda power revelation (gta)

badmintoncentral.com - 2013-03-23 06:41:53 - Similar - Report/Block

Want to try out a panda power racquet but don't want to buy new. Pm m...

[$22.00] Manhattan Collection Embossed Dobby Striped, Deep Pocket Wrinkle Free Fade Resistant Sheet Set Available in 4 Sizes and 12 Colors by FamilyShark

dealsucker.com - 2013-06-10 06:00:03 - Similar - Report/Block

Embossed Dobby Striped MicroFiber Sheet Set Available in... 4 sizes: Twin, Full, Queen or King 12 colors: Burgundy, White, Sage, Light Blue, Navy, Ivory, Dark Green, Grey, Brick Red, Taupe, Chocolate, Gold ...

¿Una panda gigante embarazada?

diariolibre.com - 2013-05-30 06:00:00 - Similar - Report/Block

JAPón. La panda gigante Shin Shin come en su recinto del zoológico de Ueno en Tokio. Según el zoo, Shin Shin está mostrando los síntomas de estar preñada. EFE...

Mog fried rice The bizarre sushi cat photographs that are amusing and baffling animal lovers around the world

dailymail.co.uk - 2013-05-14 15:12:10 - Similar - Report/Block

These somewhat bizarre sushi-themed felines, known as Neko-Sushi, have been shot by Japanese company Tange & Nakimushi Peanuts for their new advertising campaign.

Steph F.'s Review of Bazaar Bizarre - San Francisco (4/5) on Yelp

yelp.com - 2013-03-20 07:53:27 - Similar - Report/Block

This was my second time at Bazaar Bizarre! I am a huge fan of arts & crafts festivals and I can say this is one of my all time favorites! I had such a great time with my friends and I look forward…...

Sad Panda Needs Help :(

e-cigarette-forum.com - 2013-03-29 07:17:58 - Similar - Report/Block

So my battery broke today. This makes me a VERY sad panda, as I haven't had the cash yet to purchase a backup battery. Well, now I'm forced to and am looking for a good reliable 510 battery with as much mAh as I can get for ~$20. I prefer the passthru setup but I'll live if I can't get it in this price range. Can anyone point me in the di...

Panda hotel: China to open hotel dedicated to the Panda

dailymail.co.uk - 2013-02-28 13:47:18 - Similar - Report/Block

A hotel is set to open in southwest China's Sichuan province in May, where everything is themed around the creature, from black and white beds to murals from the movies - with characters played by pandas of course.

[$8.00] NIXON STRIPED TANK by GearSlash

dealsucker.com - 2013-04-25 11:36:28 - Similar - Report/Block

Nixon Striped Tank in Bone White...

Hà Nội: tặng kem body nhà bepanda

lamchame.com - 2013-06-08 01:43:02 - Similar - Report/Block

Kem body nhà mẹ panda thì mình không phải quảng cáo thêm các mẹ cũng biết rồi. Mình sẽ di vào chủ đề chính luôn nha. Dạo truóc mình có mua 1 hộp body để xài nhưng do mình lười bôi nên vẫn còn khoảng 1/2 hộp . Mình muốn tặng lại cho bạn nào có nhu cầu dùng thử kem body nhà me panda .phải công nhận là khi bôi xong kem có mùi thơm rất dễ chị...

Judge Bans Airing of Lifetime TV's Chris Porco Movie (Exclusive)

ronpaulforums.com - 2013-03-21 06:57:23 - Similar - Report/Block

Quote: In a development that could reverberate throughout the entertainment industry, a New York Supreme Court judge has taken the bold step of enjoining the broadcast of Lifetime Television's telefilm Romeo Killer: The Christopher Porco Story, which was scheduled to air Saturday. http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/thr...- banned-429988...

[$99.99] Magellan 7` GPS with Lifetime Maps by Tech.Woot

dealsucker.com - 2013-06-04 07:00:52 - Similar - Report/Block

Dear Magellan,I would like to return my Magellan Roadmate 7` GPS with Lifetime Maps.When I purchased my Magellan GPS, I was told that I would receive directions for wherever I needed to go, but it has been three weeks since owning this product, and I still haven`t gone anywhere.Every morning I wake up and turn on the machine. The GPS asks...

Panda Bear Cookies II

deviantart.com - 2013-06-08 01:29:06 - Similar - Report/Block

(i did not make these cookies.) 1. You can buy the panda bear cookies from your local Asian bakery or grocery stores. 2. If you wish to make these adorable cookies, here is a [link] My Tumblr - - - [link] - Follow me All images are ©copyright theresahelmer. You may NOT use, replicate, manipulate, or modify images without my permission.

Red Panda Leather Mask

deviantart.com - 2012-05-16 18:37:33 - Similar - Report/Block

New design! Just finished a couple Red Panda masks...one of them is in my shop. [link] They are just the cutest critters ever. There's no way you could wear this mask and look dignified at the same time...it's too adorable. Made of hand-carved, hand shaped leather. Painted with Liquitex acrylics. Signed, dated and numbered, limited editi...

Reuben - Teacup Bunny Plush - For Sale.

deviantart.com - 2013-06-08 13:02:27 - Similar - Report/Block

Another bunny I made while over at Panda's earlier this week and managed to put the finishing details on last night. He is made from highest quality, super soft minky in 'grape' and 'latte'. He has printed cotton fabric inside his ears and on his tail, depicting an adorable vintage inspired theme of stamps picturing flowers, bunnies and k...


ettoday.net - 2013-05-09 12:14:00 - Similar - Report/Block

一開始,來學一句英文,「True love can last a lifetime - but sometimes it takes a lifetime to find it.」真正的愛情可以持續一生,但有時需要一生的時間去追尋。106歲的老太太瑪喬 莉(Marjorie Hemmerde)和73歲的歐吉桑嘉文(Gavin Crawford)證明了要當超級「閃光」永遠不嫌晚。 《詳全文...》


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