Best HREFER trick EVER

backlinksforum.com - 2012-10-07 17:06:48 - Similar - Report/Block

The one single trick I ever came up with regarding improving HREFER speed was to edit googlehost.txt to the below. It increase scraping speed very much. I think it's much better then editing with different google ips. Code: www.google.com www.google.ae www.google.am www.google.as www.google.at www.google.az www.google.ba www.google.be ww...

Trick Shot Winner #1: This Frisbee Trick Video Is Excellent

brobible.com - 2012-08-24 20:31:24 - Similar - Report/Block

Last Friday we launched a trick shot challenge with 3OH!3, who just dropped a dope trick shot video for their latest single "You're Gonna Love This." Check out all the details . We're happy to announce our first weekly winner, YouTuber Discabled Brajas . They'll be winning a prize pack from 3OH!3 for their incredible trick sh...

Hrefer settings

backlinksforum.com - 2012-08-28 17:14:16 - Similar - Report/Block

I learned tons from guys giving me their xrumer settings the other day so in kind could you also offer your hrefer settings. Sieve on/off (additives ofc will vary and maybe we can get into that a bit later but atm mostly concerned with the functional settings), proxy settings, save all alive or all anon? and threads etc plz. AS ppl said b...

2-Year-Old’s Basketball Trick Shots

theawesomer.com - 2013-02-06 18:30:00 - Similar - Report/Block

Don’t hate on Titus’ shooting form, because he’s got the touch. Watch him display his sharpshooting skills using a variety of shots, hoops and balls. Better watch out, Dude Perfect Hat Tip Link More Awesome Stuff for You to Click On: All-Star Bowling Trick Shots Ping Pong Trick Shots 2 Vinyl Record Trick Shots Angry Birds Trick Shots Abe...

New Hrefer Engine - Mamma.com

backlinksforum.com - 2012-10-03 22:27:17 - Similar - Report/Block

Simply add the code below into your engine.ini file , located inside your hrefer dir HTML Code: [Mamma.com] Hostname=http://www.mamma.com/ Query=result.php?type=web&q=[QUE RY]&j_q=&l= LinksMask= <div class= "u" <a href= "[...]" target= "_blank" [LINK] </a&g...

Secure Erase: SSD will not unfreeze

hardforum.com - 2013-05-02 07:43:16 - Similar - Report/Block

I Have an Intel 320 and an OCZ Agility 3 SSD. Both of which will not "unfreeze" and secure erase using the manufacturer's tools. I've done the power unplug trick, the sleep mode trick, and diskpart offline trick. AHCI is enabled in BIOS, and I installed win 7 on a spare drive. Motherboard is a Gigabyte GA-990XA-UD3. Any ideas?...

Hitleap Exploit to get membership feature.

thebotnet.com - 2013-04-10 04:32:06 - Similar - Report/Block

Hello guys after doing lots of hardwork , i successfully got a trick to get hitleap premium traffic and it is 10000% safe for adsense. Those who want this trick then pm me.. condition for new user : make a new account with my refferal for users who already joined pay 1$ for getting this trick my refferal is : http://hitleap.com/by/kumars...

Hard Metal Whoosh Pack (Sound Packs)

audiojungle.net - 2013-04-12 17:47:26 - Similar - Report/Block

12 Hard Double Crystal Metal deep whoosh builds into a deep bass impact. For presentations, trailers, cinematics or websites Please also check out my other single or triple Hard Metal Whoosh as part of my Hard Metal Whoosh Collection. Single Metal LFO Whoosh (01): 0:06 Single Metal LFO Whoosh (02): 0:05 Single Metal LFO Whoosh (03): 0:05...

Pairing iphone to another iphone's bluetooth hotspot

modmyi.com - 2012-08-26 11:25:07 - Similar - Report/Block

I have an iphone without data service and want to access another iphone's bluetooth hotspot as that can be left on with low power consumption. Can that be done? If so, which software/mod do I need on the which of the iphones (the bluetooth client/server or both?) ipod/ipad can all connect to the bluetooth hotspot but iphone can't see each...

Coffee Cup Trick

biggeekdad.com - 2013-02-23 21:51:04 - Similar - Report/Block

Criss Angel performs a really cool trick with a coffee cup at the world renowned Cafe Du Monde located in the French Quarter in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Two Year Old Trick Shot Baskets

biggeekdad.com - 2013-02-06 16:47:16 - Similar - Report/Block

Prepare to be amazed as you watch two year old Titus show us how easy it is to make trick shots with a basketball as well as other balls he plays with.

[1000$ Work] Win $10/day

dreamteammoney.com - 2013-05-14 01:25:06 - Similar - Report/Block

Trick How To to Win $10 and more every day in the games CentPLAY to Increase Bet. Instant Payment to your Payment Processor No Minimum Payout don't need to signup Minimum deposit $0.01 Double Win 199% PLAY NOW.!! Click Triple Chance HI - LO The Trick, example : Bet "HI" $0.01 if you lose? Bet "HI" again $0.02 if you lose? Bet "HI" again $...

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Shell Game Machine

theawesomer.com - 2012-08-02 00:30:44 - Similar - Report/Block

Despite it’s simplicity, we’ve always enjoyed the old shell game trick. Here, an handmade automaton manages to mess with our heads as it performs the familiar trick whenever its crank is turned. Hat Tip More Awesome Stuff for You to Click On: Marcel the Shell Two Marcel the Shell Biggest Fireworks Shell Ever Ferrari x Shell: 6...

I passed Nclex exam

allnurses.com - 2013-05-01 13:22:52 - Similar - Report/Block

I tooky nclex RN on yesterday did Pearson vue trick and got the. The PV trick is ture bc I used it in 2009 when I took the LPN. Suggest I took my exam in MD and the exam was straight forward and out of the Nclex prep books SAUNDERS IS VERY TURE TO THE EXAM. I used kaplan as well and felt it was to unnecessary info that I did not get on my...

Android ListView Refresh Single Row

stackoverflow.com - 2010-01-23 13:10:23 - Similar - Report/Block

After I have gotten the data for a single row of a ListView, I want to update that single row. ATM. I am using notifyDataSetChanged(); but that makes the View react very slow, are there any other solutions?...

iPhone lockscreen can be bypassed with new iOS 6.1*trick

ipadforums.net - 2013-02-15 06:35:33 - Similar - Report/Block

I'm posting this here because so many iPad owners have iPhones, too. iPhone lockscreen can be bypassed with new iOS 6.1 trick | The Verge...

MindShot - Card Trick System for Android

androidzoom.com - 2013-02-26 17:40:57 - Similar - Report/Block

cloud-nueve Amaze your friends and family with this simple but effective card tricks system, which comprises the MindShot trick and a card revelation process that will allow you to perform card tricks by using your device. MindShot is amazing. Ask someone... $0.99

How To Make Money From Head or Tail Betting

thebotnet.com - 2013-04-26 09:42:25 - Similar - Report/Block

Sites to play http://www.gugold.com http://www.lrgame.us/ http://www.headtail.us http://www.eggame.info http://www.libertyreservegame.com http://www.300game.info http://www.7double.com http://www.2goldgame.info http://1goldgame.com http://dragonace.info/goodluck/index.php http://www.bettergold4u.com http://win29.com/htgames.php What you n...

Leeds 42 Castleford 24: Keinhorst hat-trick lifts the gloom for Rhinos

dailymail.co.uk - 2013-06-07 23:38:31 - Similar - Report/Block

Jimmy Keinhorst celebrated his recall to Leeds’ first team with a match-winning hat-trick as the Rhinos ended a four-match losing streak with a tense triumph at Headingley.

Wangapi mpo single hapa..??? Tafsiri ya kuwa singo bongo ni mauzauza

jamiiforums.com - 2013-02-27 16:07:28 - Similar - Report/Block

Hivi maana halisi ya kuwa Single ni nini??Kuna watu wako Single kweli??Na how long mtu unaweza kuwa Single na ukawa happy tu bila kuwa na stress ukiona wenzio wanasafiri kwenye MV Mapenzi wakati wewe Jahazi lako limezama Nungwi kitambo.. Nna mashaka na watu wanavyotafsiri neno Single...Unakuta mtu kakazana ooh Am a divaaaa,am single and...

matlab: random combination of matrices

stackoverflow.com - 2012-03-21 05:48:42 - Similar - Report/Block

lets say I have two matrices, of a different size: a = zeros(1,100); b = ones(1,200); now I want to combine them together. The trick is, that I want to mix them randomly, but with defined how to call it.. hmm, lifetime of each group, with normal distribution. so instead of having random 010010101010001010.. I want to set this 'lifetime' p...

Fulham 1 Liverpool 3 - match report: Sturridge bags first hat-trick as Reds come from behind at the Cottage

dailymail.co.uk - 2013-05-13 07:12:27 - Similar - Report/Block

Daniel Sturridge wreaked havoc on his return to west London, firing Liverpool to an easy win at Fulham with a superb hat-trick at Craven Cottage.

Romelu Lukaku's hat-trick against Manchester United sees him join exclusive club including Dirk Kuyt, David Bentley and Peter Beardsley

dailymail.co.uk - 2013-05-20 16:20:29 - Similar - Report/Block

Romelu Lukaku’s hat-trick against Manchester United not only helped West Brom gain a point against the champions, but it put the striker on loan from Chelsea in the history books.

PG accomodation options (is Victorian Houses any good?)

thestudentroom.co.uk - 2013-05-02 15:09:12 - Similar - Report/Block

Hi there, I submitted my accomodation request form today. My preferences are: - Victorian Houses Standard Single - Victorian Houses Small Single - Wedderburn/Gowar Single - Penrose Court Single - Runnymede Single - Highfield Single - Victorian Houses Large I've heard good things about Wedderburn, and Victorian Houses looked very picturesq...

CONSUR XV 21 England 41: Billy Vunipola lands six-minute hat-trick

dailymail.co.uk - 2013-06-03 00:32:20 - Similar - Report/Block

Billy Vunipola scored a six-minute hat-trick as England completed their preparations for the Test series against Argentina with victory over a South American XV.

When to use Single method Interfaces in Java

stackoverflow.com - 2013-03-04 11:21:21 - Similar - Report/Block

I have seen in many libraries like Spring which use a lot of interfaces with single methods in them like BeanNameAware , etc. And the implementer class will implement many interfaces with single methods. In what scenarios does it make sense to keep single method interfaces? Is it done to avoid making one single interface bulky for examp...

Crystal Palace 4 Hull 2 match report: Kevin Phillips hat-trick, Wilfried Zaha score goals

dailymail.co.uk - 2013-03-06 01:09:41 - Similar - Report/Block

Some things never change. Kevin Phillips scored. In fact, the veteran hit a brilliant hat-trick to maintain Crystal Palace's Premier League charge against promotion rivals Hull.

Video: Hat trick heroes - Robin van Persie joins legends Alan Shearer, Andy Cole and Michael Owen

dailymail.co.uk - 2013-04-23 14:21:42 - Similar - Report/Block

Robin van Persie's stunning hat-trick against Aston Villa helped Manchester United clinch the title and officially shifted him into Premier League legendary status.

YONEX-USJ23 Badminton Junior Championship 2013

badmintoncentral.com - 2013-04-23 16:36:31 - Similar - Report/Block

Dear all, First of all, a warm greeting from USJ23 Badminton Center to all of you. We would like to inform you all that the YONEX Junior Badminton Championship 2013 is organized by us again on 23th and 24th June 2013. For your information, this year we are organizing 8 categories: 1) U-10 Boy's Single 5) U-12 Girl's Single 2) U-12 Boy's...

The Tiny Trick-Shooting Toddler Returns With an Amazing New Video!

theblaze.com - 2013-05-31 16:33:39 - Similar - Report/Block

Remember little Titus Ashby? He’s the trick-shot toddler who took the country by storm in February. Well, now he is back with a dazzling new basketball shooting video. The toddler’s first viral video generated 11 million clicks in three months, an included shots like this: Remember him? This is a screen shot from his first video. Not lon...

Xrumer Server requirements

backlinksforum.com - 2012-09-21 11:39:08 - Similar - Report/Block

Hi all , I'm going to order a high server for xRumer but I'm still confused as I haven't tried high server like this before So here are some questions I hope you clear it for me and I'll be thankful :o 1- What does the server ram do for xRumer ? is it good to have 8 , 12 , 16 , 32 Gb ram ? and which Ram is the best to run xRumer and Hrefe...

DAG with single source and sink

stackoverflow.com - 2012-03-25 22:24:49 - Similar - Report/Block

I have to write an algorithm that find the path in DAG with single source and single sink... I really don't know what to do ( tried to use DSF and topological sort but nothing...) I don't want anyone to solve it for me but just some guidance. Thank you...

BetterTouchTool 0.78 - Customize Trackpad gestures on your MacBook (alpha).. (Free)

macupdate.com - 2012-07-19 08:17:30 - Similar - Report/Block

BetterTouchTool adds many new, fully customizable gestures to Magic Mouse, Macbook Touchpad and now even the Magic Trackpad! Also adds tons of new features, like Windows 7-style window snapping. These gestures are customizable: Magic Mouse: Pinch in / out (zoom) Single finger tap left Single finger tap right Single finger tap middle Sing...

3S-FE distributor cap removal

toyotanation.com - 2013-04-21 05:21:55 - Similar - Report/Block

OK, ridiculously simple questions, but I'm not at all mechanically inclined: What's the simplest way to remove the distributor cap if I need to dry it out after giving the engine bay a quick rinse (without high pressure water)? The air intake seems to be in the way. Where's the best place to disconnect it? Then how does the distributor ca...

Symfony weirdness, missing a trick

stackoverflow.com - 2012-03-22 01:37:08 - Similar - Report/Block

Noticed a big massive loophole in my symfony site. If I visit localhost:8080/frontend_dev.php/module [naturally the indexSuccess.php file gets executed] I get the desired file... however, if I go onto: localhost:8080/module, then it returns a 500 internal server error. This is obviously going to be a biiiig problem once I migrate to produ...

Mac OS X Cocoa single window application architecture

stackoverflow.com - 2011-06-10 12:07:15 - Similar - Report/Block

I cannot understand how to design an application in optimal way for a single window application to work in Mac OS X. I would prefer a single document - single window application (I'm not coding a utility application), but it is not clear where should I initialize a window content. On iOS I should use -[UIViewController viewDidLoad] -[UIVi...

Make Multiple Facebook Accounts with Same Email

thebotnet.com - 2013-04-26 05:06:14 - Similar - Report/Block

Hi… friends today iam sharing a very important trick for facebook… Facebook is the most famous Social network Sites, doesn’t not allow multiple accounts with the same e-mail address, but it’s possible to do that with a simple Gmail trick by using the same email address. This trick is caused by a small bug in Gmail because it ignores the...

Precision of floats with printf

stackoverflow.com - 2012-04-01 10:51:29 - Similar - Report/Block

As everybody knows, you have limited precision when you use printf to output the value of a float However, there is a trick to increase the accuracy in the output, as this example shows: #include <stdio.h> int main() float f = 1318926965; /* 10 random digits */ printf("%10.f\n", f); /* prints only 8 correct di...

Chrome 1px background random bug

stackoverflow.com - 2013-03-23 13:44:26 - Similar - Report/Block

I have a problem with the backgrounds of the divs in chrome, depending of the size of the window (something totally random) the backgrounds of my divs are displayed 1px displaced downwards. You know any trick to avoid this Chrome bug? With background-attachment: fixed this bug dissapears, but with floating divs the backgrounds turn crazy,...

если кто сможет перевести программу - Visual Basic

cyberforum.ru - 2013-05-16 10:17:15 - Similar - Report/Block

сидел около 2 ночей и никак не могу написать программу для курсовой в visual basic studio 2010 дано: Дифференциальное уравнение X0 Xk h Y0 Общее решение y′=2∙x∙ln(x) 1 2 0,1 16 y = (x∙ln(x)-x+c)^2 у меня есть программа, только она написана на visual basic 6, не могу ее перевести на visual basic studio 2010, кто может перевести ее помогите...


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