Barack Obama says Egypt is not currently an US ally

bellenews.com - 2012-09-13 22:25:02 - Similar - Report/Block

Barack Obama has said the United States does not currently consider Egypt to be an ally. The president was speaking with reference to violent clashes at the US embassy in Cairo, over a US-made anti-Islamic film which has sparked anger among Muslims. Barack Obama’s comments also came after the storming of the US consulate in [...] Addition...

Michelle Obama backs President Barack Obama at Democratic convention in North Carolina

bellenews.com - 2012-09-05 08:55:18 - Similar - Report/Block

First Lady Michelle Obama has made an impassioned speech backing her husband, President Barack Obama, for another four-year White House term. Closing the first night of the Democratic convention in North Carolina, Michelle Obama spoke of the couple’s shared background in struggling families. She said it was “extraordinary priv...

El centroizquierda se perfila como vencedor en Italia

diariolibre.com - 2013-02-25 15:59:00 - Similar - Report/Block

ROMA. La coalición de centroizquierda del Partido Demócrata (PD), liderada por Pier Luigi Bersani, se perfila como la vencedora de las elecciones generales celebradas en Italia, según unprimer sondeo a pie de urna realizado por el Instituto Tecné para el canal de noticias 24 horas "Skytg24". En la Cámara de Diputados, la coalición formada...

Obama: Down, But Not Out - NY Daily News

aollatino.com - 2013-05-05 14:39:35 - Similar - Report/Block

It was a question seemingly meant more for provocation than elucidation. It was perfect for both the capital's media echo chamber and rhetorical jujitsu by a wordsmith President. Is Barack Obama relevant? Read More... More on Barack Obama...

Comment on Obama Admits Defeat: ‘You Can’t Change Washington From the Inside’ by Poison_ Monkey

conservativebyte.com - 2012-09-23 09:48:00 - Similar - Report/Block

Obama Obama Obama Obama Obama Obama Obama Obama Obama Obama Obama Obama Obama Obama Obama Obama Obama Obama Obama Obama Obama Obama Obama Obama...

BARACK Obama has a drug problem

aolanswers.com - 2012-08-27 00:07:47 - Similar - Report/Block

BARACK Obama has a drug problem — according to a bombshell new report. America’s Globe magazine claims the President is hooked on prescription pills. The tabloid says Obama’s addiction nightmare is the real reason for the Commander-in-Chief’s shocking weight loss. The drugs — apparently used to help Barack battle depression — are a “coc...

Secret service agent relieves himself behind Barack Obama and his supporters in Ohio

bellenews.com - 2012-09-18 18:02:29 - Similar - Report/Block

A Secret Service agent in charge of protecting the POTUS relieved himself in full view of Barack Obama and his hundreds of supporters, who were just yards away. The Secret Service employee, who was standing to the side of the stage where Barack Obama was addressing his Cincinnati fans, was snapped seemingly mid-flow by a [...] Additional...

Ronaldo supera a Obama en Israel

diariolibre.com - 2013-03-22 05:00:00 - Similar - Report/Block

El portugués Cristiano Ronaldo, delantero del Real Madrid parece haber ganado la partida de popularidad al presidente de Estados Unidos, Barack Obama, al menos en lo que se refiere al corazón de los israelíes. Ronaldo se encuentra en Tel Aviv para disputar hoy un partido con la selección portuguesa.

Torreón Coahuila, Boletín informativo Partido Social Demócrata

ajuaa.com - 2013-03-11 14:12:00 - Similar - Report/Block

El Lic. Raúl Sifuentes Guerrero candidato a la alcaldía de Torreón por el Partido Socialdemócrata se hizo presente exponiendo su compromiso con la sociedad de Torreón.

Barack Obama defends phone data collection programme

telegraph.co.uk - 2013-06-07 22:15:39 - Similar - Report/Block

President Barack Obama vigorously defended sweeping secret surveillance into America's phone records and foreigners' internet use, declaring "we have to make choices as a society".

Barack Obama: IRS targeting Right-wingers would be 'outrageous'

telegraph.co.uk - 2013-05-13 19:26:39 - Similar - Report/Block

Barack Obama is facing mounting demands to apologise and intervene in a growing scandal over US tax collectors targeting his right-wing political opponents for excessive scrutiny in the run-up to the last general election.

Elecciones Italia 2013: El centroizquierda se perfila como vencedor, según los sondeos a pie de urna

aollatino.com - 2013-02-25 16:19:25 - Similar - Report/Block

La coalición de centroizquierda del Partido Demócrata (PD), liderada por Pier Luigi Bersani, se perfila como la vencedora de las elecciones generales celebradas en Italia , según un primer sondeo a pie de urna realizado por el Instituto Tecné para el canal de noticias 24 horas "Skytg24". En la Cámara de Diputados, la coalición formada por...

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Esquea lanzará la candidatura presidencia PRD

elnacional.com.do - 2013-05-30 19:04:00 - Similar - Report/Block

El doctor Emmanuel Esquea Guerrero reveló este jueves que se apresta a lanzar su candidatura a la presidencia del Partido Revolucionario Dominicano (PRD), para que la militancia de la organización decida quienes serán sus dirigentes.

Barack Obama's Israel speech: transcript

telegraph.co.uk - 2013-03-21 19:42:07 - Similar - Report/Block

Barack Obama, the US president, went over the heads of Israeli leaders to make a direct appeal to the country's citizens today, exhorting them to put themselves in the shoes of Palestinians. Here is the full text of his speech.

Elvis impersonator arrested over 'ricin' letter' sent to Barack Obama

independent.ie - 2013-04-18 15:26:36 - Similar - Report/Block

A man has been arrested over letters believed to contain the poison ricin that were sent to US president Barack Obama and a Republican senator.

Israel rolls out the red carpet for Barack Obama

telegraph.co.uk - 2013-03-20 11:35:59 - Similar - Report/Block

Barack Obama has landed in Israel this morning on his first visit to the country since taking over the White House four years ago.

Barack Obama sacks head of IRS in effort to contain scandal

telegraph.co.uk - 2013-05-16 09:30:34 - Similar - Report/Block

President Barack Obama personally intervened to try to contain a growing political scandal on Wednesday by sacking a senior tax official whose agency targeted conservative groups aligned to the Tea Party movement.

Labour's Chuka Umunna can't remember, so who DID use a computer at his law firm to liken him to Barack Obama on Wikipedia?

dailymail.co.uk - 2013-04-11 17:42:16 - Similar - Report/Block

The MP for Streatham in South London is facing a new internet row, amid allegations he doctored his own Wikipedia page to include flattering comparisons with Barack Obama.

Barack Obama fights to seize back the initiative on immigration

telegraph.co.uk - 2013-03-25 22:11:47 - Similar - Report/Block

President Barack Obama on Monday urged wavering congressmen to summon the "political courage" to overhaul America's immigration system and offer a path to amnesty for 11 million illegal migrants.

Barack Obama: I won't abandon promise of gun control

telegraph.co.uk - 2013-04-09 01:03:00 - Similar - Report/Block

President Barack Obama has vowed not to walk away from his promise to stem gun violence after the Newtown school massacre - even as prospects for meaningful reform seemed doubtful.

Obama: I've Always Had A 'Friendly Relationship' With Bush (VIDEO)

huffingtonpost.ca - 2013-04-24 16:20:37 - Similar - Report/Block

President Barack Obama spoke about former President George W. Bush during an interview with NBC's "Today" show aired Wednesday, saying he'd only had pleasant interactions with, and respect for, his predecessor. "Well, I've always thought that President Bush was gracious, he was patriotic," Obama told host Savannah Guthrie. "He couldn't ha...

Kuweni makini na uzushi huu unaosambazwa kwa kasi mitandaoni.(Michelle Obama died)

jamiiforums.com - 2013-02-12 14:11:56 - Similar - Report/Block

Michelle Obama 1964 - 2013 Michelle Obama is dead Michelle Obama, born on January 17, 1964 in Chicago, was an American lawyer. She died on February 13, 2013 at the age of 49. Tributes have poured in from across the world. Michelle Obama has been married to Barack Obama...

Barack Obama....The Man That DOESN'T Exist....The Manufactured President

sammyboy.com - 2013-06-08 13:14:42 - Similar - Report/Block

Wayne Allyn Root hosted and appeared on the biggest tv and radio news networks like FOX News Channel, FOX Business Network, CNBC, Glenn Beck....etc...... he is a former Libertarian vice presidential nominee............he said....... ''According to Obama, we were Columbia University classmates, both Pre Law and Political Science majors in...

Obama promises (again) to close down Guantanamo Bay

nationalpost.com - 2013-04-30 22:12:50 - Similar - Report/Block

President Barack Obama said he will mount a renewed effort to close the Guantanamo Bay prison camp in Cuba, where scores of prisoners have been on a hunger strike. “I’m gonna go back at this,” Obama said at a White House news conference today. “I’ve asked my team to review everything that’s currently being done in Guantanamo, everything t...

Barack Obama arrives in Boston for bombing-victim memorial [Photos]

edmontonsun.com - 2013-04-18 17:48:11 - Similar - Report/Block

President Barack Obama landed in Boston on Thursday, on his way to a memorial service for victims of the Boston Marathon bombing amid a manhunt for a suspect seen on video taken before two blasts struck near the finish line on Monday.

Elsewhere In The World: Dennis Rodman Gets It Poppin With N. Korea Dictator, Sends Message “Kim Jong Un Wants Barack Obama To Call Him”

bossip.com - 2013-03-03 17:37:16 - Similar - Report/Block

Kim Jong Un and Barack Obama both love basketball and Dennis “The Worm” Rodman is the mediator????? According to ABC News: In his first interview since returning to the U.S. from an unprecedented visit to North Korea last week, former NBA star Dennis Rodman said he bears a message for President Obama from the country’s oppressive leader...

Barack Obama meets Oklahoma tornado survivors in devastated Moore

telegraph.co.uk - 2013-05-27 12:33:23 - Similar - Report/Block

President Barack Obama visits tornado-ravaged Moore in Oklahoma, and tells residents "we're with you every step of the way".

Barack Obama May Celebrate Re-election With PSY’s “Gangnam Style” Dance: Morning Mix

idolator.com - 2012-11-07 14:00:05 - Similar - Report/Block

Did You Hear? :: Before defeating Mitt Romney in the presidential election on Tuesday (November 6), Barack Obama was asked whether he would do PSY “Gangnam Style” dance if he were to win. Obama said he was sure he could do the dance, but that the inauguration ball wouldn’t be “the appropriate time to break that out.” But Obama said ma...

Barack Obama visits holocaust memorial in Israel

telegraph.co.uk - 2013-03-22 12:59:23 - Similar - Report/Block

Wrapping up a three day visit to Israel, US President Barack Obama pays respects to heroes of Israel and victims of the holocaust, solemnly reaffirming the Jewish state's right to exist.

Israel government formed in time for Barack Obama visit

telegraph.co.uk - 2013-03-15 18:49:56 - Similar - Report/Block

Benjamin Netanyahu signed a coalition pact with upstart political movements to ensure Israel has a new government in time for Barack Obama's first visit to the country as US president next week.

Barack Obama given Hermes golf bag and eagle-US flag rug as presidential gifts

telegraph.co.uk - 2013-04-26 11:49:05 - Similar - Report/Block

President Barack Obama received a Hermes golf bag valued at $7,750 (£5,000) from former French president Nicolas Sarkozy.

David Cameron's $1,400 rug for Barack Obama

telegraph.co.uk - 2013-04-26 15:25:18 - Similar - Report/Block

David Cameron gave Barack Obama an elaborate $1,400 rug during his 2011 trip to Britain, it has emerged.

Libya: Libyan PM Zidan Meets Barack Obama

allafrica.com - 2013-03-15 13:46:05 - Similar - Report/Block

[Magharebia]Libyan Prime Minister Ali Zidan met with US President Barack Obama in Washington on Wednesday (March 13th), Libya Herald reported.

Video Claims To Expose Obama’s Alien Shapeshifter Secret Service

disinfo.com - 2013-03-23 15:00:19 - Similar - Report/Block

How does Barack Obama get the job done day in and out? With help from the lizard people, as revealed by this footage from a public appearance this past year, to be taken with a very large grain of salt: During Barack Obama’s speech at the 2012 AIPAC policy conference at the Washington convention center, the camera spotted a very odd indiv...

Barack Obama to be met with pomp in Israel but low expectations

telegraph.co.uk - 2013-03-20 07:00:15 - Similar - Report/Block

When Barack Obama and his 600-strong entourage touch down at Israel's Ben Gurion airport at midday they will be met with tepid political and diplomatic expectations but spectacular pomp.

Barack Obama tours ancient city of Petra

telegraph.co.uk - 2013-03-23 11:04:56 - Similar - Report/Block

Barack Obama was this morning touring Petra, Jordan's fabled ancient city, on the final leg of a four-day Middle East tour dominated by his vow to defend Israel.

Insecurity: Barack Obama Cancels Visit To Nigeria

nigerianelitesforum.com - 2013-05-21 10:10:14 - Similar - Report/Block

For the second time in his presidency, President Barack Obama and his wife Michele will be embarking on their second tour of Africa between June 26 and July 3, but will not visit Nigeria because of security concerns brought on by the Boko Haram insurgency in several states in the north. Barack-Obama-0309.jpg Instead, the US president and...

Barack Obama: Boston Marathon bombings victims' families deserve answers

telegraph.co.uk - 2013-04-20 10:37:38 - Similar - Report/Block

US President Barack Obama says that many unanswered questions remained about the motivations of the two men accused of the Boston Marathon bombings.

Barack Obama Urges Britain To Exercise Patience For EU Reforms

nigerianelitesforum.com - 2013-05-14 16:15:07 - Similar - Report/Block

U.S. President Barack Obama yesterday said Britain’s membership in the European Union was an expression of its influence in the world and urged Britons to watch whether EU reforms were successful before deciding to leave the multi-nation bloc. “I think the U.K.’s participation in the EU is an expression of its influence and its … role in...

Hillary Clinton’s following spotlight

bangordailynews.com - 2013-03-26 17:16:08 - Similar - Report/Block

No matter what Barack Obama does, he cannot escape the shadow of his former political opponent. Hillary Clinton, back from her global travels visiting places and peoples hardly heard of on this continent, is stealing the spotlight without even touching the stage. President Barack Obama visits the Middle East, makes ...


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