CA Ae86 rolling shell trade for wheels !

zilvia.net - 2013-02-15 08:24:23 - Similar - Report/Block

If someone offers up a set of wheels I like and are willing to trade for an 1986 Toyota corolla rolling shell with a clean title maybe we can work something out . So show me why wheels you got ! Thanks guys . Attached Images image.jpg (507.0 KB)...

WTB/WTT: 04-05 OEM Wheels/ Or Trade for my 08 OEM Wheels

acurazine.com - 2012-09-10 09:01:25 - Similar - Report/Block

Hey guys, I am looking for 04-05 OEM wheels Yes, the regular plain ones that every 3rd gen TL has. I'm looking to go back to stock if possible. I know someone's looking to get rid of theirs, lots of new stylish wheels out there. Whomever gives me the best price I'll get (i like free too :thumbsup:) I have a set of 08 OEM Wheels currently...

FS/WTT: 07-08 Acura TL Type-S Wheels

acurazine.com - 2013-02-01 08:16:13 - Similar - Report/Block

I have for sale or trade a nice set of TL-S wheels. The wheels come with TPMS sensors and matching tires all around in 235/45/17 The tires are "ohtsu zexius" brand. I've never heard of this brand to be honest but they came on the car. Two tires have about 60% tread left and the other two are down to the wear bars. These wheels have no ben...

CA WTT G35 Coupe 19" Stock forged Rays wheels with tires + cash for Varrstoen Wheels

zilvia.net - 2012-08-05 04:24:35 - Similar - Report/Block

I have G35 wheels for trade They have Hankook Ventus v12 tires 225/40/19 in the front and 255/40/19 in the back. Tires only have about 3,000 miles on them and have about 80% front and 70% rear Wheels are plasti dipped matte black at the moment. If you want them original gun metal color you can peel it off or use a pressure washer. I'm loo...

FS/WTT: 18x7.5 Enkei RS7 wheels sliver for Stock RDX wheels or other

acurazine.com - 2012-10-04 21:43:22 - Similar - Report/Block

For trade or sale Enkei RS7 18x7.5 wheels sliver for Stock RDX wheels or other One Tire is newer and the other 3 are used, will need replacement soon. Hankook tires 225/40/18. Looking for a Mass trade or sale. Thanks/ email me at chrischabot81@gmail.com Chris Attached Images 18inch wheels.jpg (6.2 KB)...

CA FS/FT Kosei K1 5 wheels

zilvia.net - 2012-07-27 22:14:04 - Similar - Report/Block

As the tittle says, got a set of Kosei K1(same as Buddy Club P1s) wheels for sale or trade, a total of 5 wheels. 16's 4x114.3 20 offset. No major scuffs and no bends. Spare is brand new. Sale price 550. Wheels I'm interested in 527's, RPFs, Varrstoens, and 17's would be nice. No mesh wheels. Other than that shoot me some offers on what wh...

2013 Base 18" 5 split spoke wheels for trade? Want 2012/13 BBS limited wheels..

iwsti.com - 2012-10-23 07:44:48 - Similar - Report/Block

Have 145 miles on my new 2013 STI. I like my wheels but looking to trade for new or like new BBS STI wheels that come on the 2013/2012 Limited. I'll add $$ to the deal. I'm sure there is someone out there that like the new split spoke wheels. Cheers, Thomas...

CA Wtt: g35/350z jic coilovers for some wheels 5x114.3

zilvia.net - 2013-03-13 08:12:50 - Similar - Report/Block

I had these up for sale but too many people low balling. Looking to trade for some decent rims must be 5x114.3. These coilovers are like new with very low miles. No dings dents leaks or any damage. They fit g35 coupe and sedan / 350z 03-07 model I believe. These coils go really low and ride awesome for performance. They retail for 2300 bu...

wtb/wtt for a kouki front end my wheels. nismo lmgt2 rays.

zilvia.net - 2013-03-14 05:54:08 - Similar - Report/Block

Looking to trade my 17" nismo lmgt2 rays. Their 2 piece wheels. Wheels.range from 2600 highest. To 1800 lowest. One of my rims was repaired just needs polishing. Let me.know.if anyone is interested. My front end plus my wheels for.ur front end.and.some.descent wheels. Let me.know.if anyone.is interested im located in los.angeles californi...

FS (USA,VT): VT: Speedline 2113 17x8 5x114.3 Gold Mint Condition

iwsti.com - 2012-08-06 23:51:23 - Similar - Report/Block

Guys, ASKING $1000.00 plus shipping, link to pictures at end of post. I have a set of genuine Speedline 2113 17x8 5x114.3 Wheels in Gold, I bought the wheels last summer from Speedline UK and had them imported to the US, Retail was $410 USD per wheel plus shipping from the UK. I then bought a 2007 STI without wheels, used them to go pick...

Ae86 rear axle housing & differential

toyotanation.com - 2013-02-04 10:32:03 - Similar - Report/Block

Hi, I`m looking for this parts 41307‑14011 (MEMBER KIT, CLUTCH) to corolla ae86. If you know where I can buy this part just write to me. Thanks a lot...

For Sale: 18" Work Emotion Wheels

istorya.net - 2013-04-19 11:54:53 - Similar - Report/Block

For Sale 18" Work Emotion Wheels Color: Bronze 4 Holes, 100 PCD 215/35/18 Nankang Tires These wheels was rolling on a Honda Jazz before Price: 65,000 neg. Contact #: 0922-8883051...

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CA WTT: 2 Advan model 5 18x10 +19 and 4 R33 17x9 +30 5x114

zilvia.net - 2013-02-06 06:13:07 - Similar - Report/Block

Like the title says, Im looking to trade my wheels for something else. First what I have: I have 4 OEM r33 wheels (17x9 +30) . These are in good condition. One has a little rash and they all could probably use some fresh paint. I also have 4 hubcentric 25mm bolt on spacers to make them +5. The all have newer Falken Ziex on them I also hav...

CA 15x8.5 -8 4x114.5 Work Meister S1 Matte Black w/tires!! Brand new!!

zilvia.net - 2012-08-05 22:58:02 - Similar - Report/Block

Hello, I bought this wheels for my Toyota Corolla AE86 but I sold the car so this has to go. I bought this wheels new about a month or two ago from a reputable shop in San Diego. I had them on my car for less than 2 miles since I got them (just drove around the block for test fit). Tires are almost brand new (99.9% tread left). Specs are...

CA TW: WTT/WTS 16x7 16x8 4x114.3 Super Advan Racing SA3R Wheels

zilvia.net - 2013-04-10 03:46:46 - Similar - Report/Block

I have a set of Super Advan SA3R wheels. They are not in the greatest condition as you can see by the pictures, but they are some badass real Advan wheels. The lips need to be polished. NO cracks or bends. Just some scuffs. (2) 16x7 (2) 16x8 I do not know the offset. I am looking to trade for some 17 or 18inch wheels, must be 4-lug. Or wi...

CA WTT: R32 GTR wheels 16x8 +30

zilvia.net - 2013-05-01 05:17:26 - Similar - Report/Block

Hello. I have a set of R32 GTR wheels for a possible trade. I am looking for a set of 16x9 wheels with low offset and meaty tires. Can swap out tires if need be. Let me know what you got. 16x8 +30 all around. 225/50 front 245/50 rear...

CA FS/FT Work VS-MX custom 18x12 O and 18x10 +18 4/5x114.3

zilvia.net - 2013-03-15 17:38:04 - Similar - Report/Block

Hey Zilvians, I'm trying to sell my wheels straight out or trade for wheels a little smaller. I'm looking for 16x9 or 16x10 in low offsets maybe 17's. These wheels look fresh but are a little too big for me. They are freshly 4 month old polished lip and face paint could use a little work but they look clean when they're clean LOL. I'm ask...

OR F/S: BNIB Enkie RPF-1's 17", 18", 5x114.3

zilvia.net - 2013-02-13 06:17:40 - Similar - Report/Block

City:Springfield State/Province: Oregon Price: Varies Wheel Size: 17-18's Wheel Offset: 35, 38 Wheel Brand: Enkei RPF-1's Tire Size: None Tire Brand: None Number of Wheels/Tires available: 10 wheels total. Item Description: I have for sale Brand New In Box Enkei RPF-1's For sale Possible Trade. Here is the list 2x 18x10" Racing Wheel Whee...

CA FS/FT Eurox Ridl'x 3pc JDM Wheels. RARE. 16x7.5+35 / 16x8+38

zilvia.net - 2013-05-01 05:21:18 - Similar - Report/Block

Like the title says, they are Eurox Ridl'x 3pc wheels. 16x7.5+35 16x8+38 Missing one center cap and there is a small bend in one of the wheels that does not affect the balancing. Fronts come with Bridgestone Potenzas about 40% tread left. Rear tires are TOYO RA1s, have decent tread left. Make me an offer if you want to trade or purchase.

FL [FL]: FS/FT Wedz Kranze Cerberus 1 18X9 & 18X10 +45 5X114.3

zilvia.net - 2013-03-18 09:51:04 - Similar - Report/Block

These wheels are chrome with gold hardware. They have curb rash, and some spots were the chrome apears to be lifting, i was going to remove the chrome from the faces anyway. They cleared the brakes on my convertible FC so I would imagine they would clear z brakes so i would assume they are atleast mid disk, lips are 2" and 2.5". One cente...

FL FT: 4x114.3 SSR Reverse mesh(16x8+13) and Blitz 01(16x8+38)

zilvia.net - 2012-09-10 06:13:31 - Similar - Report/Block

I have a pair of 4x114.3 16x8 +13 SSR Reverse mesh and a pair of 4x114.3 16x8 +38 Blitz 01.No tires on either. I'd be willing to trade both for a set of REAL LEGIT BRAND wheels, or I would trade just the Blitz 01 for another pair of REAL LEGIT BRAND wheels. Offer me your Rotas, XXR, Drag, OG, varstoen, etc wtf wheels and I'll see to it th...

FS:CA Enkei RPF1 SBC 18x10 +38 with RE-11 tires 4k miles

iwsti.com - 2013-03-14 00:28:14 - Similar - Report/Block

Enkei RPF1 18x10 +38 SBC (super black chrome) with Bridgestone potenza RE-11 tires. Immaculate condition. Not a scratch, ding, knick, or bend on the wheels. Tires have 4k miles on them. Plenty of tread left and perfect wear. I was running -1.5 degrees camber. I need oem wheels and tires for trade plus cash. Looking for base wheels with du...

Shell Game Machine

theawesomer.com - 2012-08-02 00:30:44 - Similar - Report/Block

Despite it’s simplicity, we’ve always enjoyed the old shell game trick. Here, an handmade automaton manages to mess with our heads as it performs the familiar trick whenever its crank is turned. Hat Tip More Awesome Stuff for You to Click On: Marcel the Shell Two Marcel the Shell Biggest Fireworks Shell Ever Ferrari x Shell: 6...

FS: 4 BFG Rugged Trail tires and/or 4 OEM alloy TRD wheels

tacomaworld.com - 2013-04-21 02:05:51 - Similar - Report/Block

I have 4 BFG 265/70R16s and 4 alloy wheels I just pulled of my 2013 Tacoma. They have 6200 miles on them. The wheels have NO TPMS SENSORS but include all caps and lugs. I can sell as a package or just tires or wheels. the tires are off the wheels. I'm located in Tempe, AZ. Local buyers only. Asking $500 for the tires $350 for the wheels $...

FS/WTT: **18x8, 18x9 staggered STR 606 (RS Reps) FS**

acurazine.com - 2013-05-04 02:48:44 - Similar - Report/Block

Just bought these 2weeks ago but now i wanna go a diff route. More LM less RS. Wheels are STR 606 18x8 et35 215/40, 18x9 et30 225/40 with mild stretch. Looking to $1200 obo Willing to trade for other wheels but have to be LM style. Will post better pics in the morning. Txt me at 203-988-8614...

KS FS/FT 17x10 4x108 Cobra Mustang Reps

zilvia.net - 2013-03-21 08:57:15 - Similar - Report/Block

Selling my ***UNUSED*** still in box SC Cobra Replicas... Was going to get the adapters to run these but I think I'd rather sell them or trade them instead for some XXR wheels in 4x114.3 bolt pattern... Would trade for some used XXR 526 or 527s in 9 inch wide... Thanks $500...

Need Wheels! 15-17x6-8 and 4-5x114.3

zilvia.net - 2013-06-09 04:19:21 - Similar - Report/Block

Looking for wheels in that range. Stock z32, z33, s14, r32, r33, etc are fine but no janky wheels! No xxr or rota type wheels!...

FS: Acura TL 19" Diamond Cut Alloy Wheels and Tires

acurazine.com - 2013-03-05 00:47:27 - Similar - Report/Block

The tires are Continental Extreme 245/40/ZR19. There is about 60-65% thread life left. TPMS sensors are still in the wheels. I have driven maybe 8-10K miles on these wheels/tires. Mostly highway. I'm selling them because pretty soon I will be trading in this car for another vehicle and the dealer won't give me anything extra for these whe...

17X8 Chrome SC Wheels, What do u think?

zilvia.net - 2013-03-11 06:59:52 - Similar - Report/Block

So i stumbled upon this site for the replica mustand SC wheels and i found these chrome ones. Now im 4 lug and i think these wheels are pretty nice for the price, imo better then the Square wheels. Was wondering what you guys thought about these wheels vs the Square wheels. 17x8 Chrome SC 19mm 4 Lug...

FS (USA,NY): (NYC) Feeler XXR 521 18x10 5x114 tires

iwsti.com - 2012-09-01 03:55:43 - Similar - Report/Block

Looking to get a new set up, Wheels are XXR 521 18x10 +25 all around. Wheels are perfect condition, no curbs. "Bolts" were painted flat black , paint hasnt chipped. Tires are 225/40 Federal 595, for those that dont know Federal tires run a bit beefy and they fit like 235s. Tires have some uneven camber wear due to..... well...

CA Rare JDM Blest mesh wheels 17x9 3 17x8 38 5x114.3

zilvia.net - 2013-03-26 08:31:53 - Similar - Report/Block

I sold my 240 so I'm selling my extra wheels. This is a set of wheels I got on my Jdm rhd rx7 that was imported from Japan. The wheels have almost new all season tires with lots of life left on them. The tires are Kumho 245/40/17. Asking $750 7144224oo2 text please Locals preferred...

AZ FOR TRADE : Work Equip (old school) 17x9 -5, 17x8 +5

zilvia.net - 2012-09-16 09:28:56 - Similar - Report/Block

Looking to trade my WORK's for something different. Wheels were just completely refurbished and powdered coated flourescent orange polished powdercoat lips. Tire sizes are 235/40 rear with brand new federal 555 and 215/45 front khumo ecsta ast @ 80% These were made in '89 so super old and pretty rare. If i were to give them a value id say...

CA FS: varrstoen es2 18x9.5 0 and 19x10.5 +12 5x114 WITH tires

zilvia.net - 2013-04-25 04:58:44 - Similar - Report/Block

I have a great set of varrstoen wheels with no curb rash or bends!! Tires are about 60% tread left with no camber wear. Wheels were previously black but previous owner painted them teal. I'm willing to trade for a full set of 19s or straight out sell for 1200 OBO... Gerard 62six-641-507six Please text for any questions.

Aeolus D3 wheels?

bikeforums.net - 2013-03-07 08:17:19 - Similar - Report/Block

I ride a Trek Madone 5.2 and use the Bontrager Race wheels that came with it - been using these basic wheels for the last 6 years on my prior bike as well. I'd rate myself as an intermediate roadie. I'll be going to Mallorca with Trek Travel this summer, and the bike they've generously reserved for me is the Madone 6.5 with Aeolus D3 whee...

Rolling Stones: two new songs released on fiftieth anniversary Rolling Stones album

telegraph.co.uk - 2012-09-04 17:36:42 - Similar - Report/Block

To celebrate their 50 years in the music business, The Rolling Stones have announced a new greatest hits collection called GRRR!...

VA Super Advan SA3R 17x7+35 17x8+35

zilvia.net - 2013-06-10 06:34:08 - Similar - Report/Block

Hi, up for sale are my super advan sa3r. I recently purchased another set of wheels and no longer need these. The wheels are in decent conditon for their age. They are 4x114.3. Theres a lil bit of curb rash and the nuts could be in better conditon. The wheels come with all of the nuts, center caps, coins and c-clips. The rear tires are sh...

OH ENKEI RPO1 18 x 9.5 44 offset

zilvia.net - 2013-03-26 02:03:25 - Similar - Report/Block

I,m selling my Enkei rpo1 wheels and making room for something different. Size 18 x 9.5 5x114.3 44 offset Wheels are true and in decent shape tires are about done. $ 650 of part trade on some VOLKS with cash my end New here but Over 10 years on RX7 club with excellent reputation. PM for best response Bad angle but pics on car...

CA -> (3)<- Rota Grid 18x9.5 +15 4x114.3 $400! Need Gone ASAP

zilvia.net - 2013-03-18 22:49:15 - Similar - Report/Block

I'm selling a total of (3) Rota Grid 18x9.5 +15 4x114.3 No tires included. $400 !! Need cash ASAP. Willing to ship for extra Pm Me for price. Willing to trade for 350z anniversary wheels or any of the 370z wheels.

HI **Japan** SSR Professor SP1 SBC 18x10 +16 18x10.5 +5 5x114.3

zilvia.net - 2013-03-22 07:58:40 - Similar - Report/Block

-Name: Jamel Lopes-Hurt -Email: JAMEL (AT) FNLHVN.COM -Phone #: ZERO EIGHT ZERO THREE EIGHT THREE ZERO ONE THREE THREE ZERO -Location :Osaka, Japan -Postal code: 550-0013 PM me or email me for quickest response. Will trade for a 240Z depending on condition. Not looking to trade for ANYTHING ELSE!!!!!!! Here I have a full set of SBC finish...

For Sale: Common Snapping Turtle

istorya.net - 2013-03-17 10:43:32 - Similar - Report/Block

For sale CommonSnapping Turtle Female / 4 inches size sa shell not included head and tail/ for P.4k or trade to yur pair emperor scorpion trade value 4500 Good eater...


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