Music Finder for Android

androidzoom.com - 2013-06-12 13:08:41 - Similar - Report/Block

KENANDEV Free music downloader and stream music player. Music Finder is a free music downloading app letting you search and listen to music from the internet. Music Finder IS LEGAL, because it is a search engine and it does not contain... FREE

squeaky sneaks

deviantart.com - 2013-06-09 23:40:54 - Similar - Report/Block

90s street fashion girl idk? tumblr is really inspiring me lately with the hawt summer looks. tumblr post [link] pose ref from...

GTunes music download Pro App for Android

androidzoom.com - 2013-06-08 20:18:01 - Similar - Report/Block

Walker.Musica The best music downloader for Google Play - Search and download music to your Android mobile - Listen to MP3 music - Widget and Headset - Manage your MP3 music songs keywords: audio, songs, downloader, mp3 file, music, easy, simple, pro Really... FREE

:SD: weird Tumblr anon 2

deviantart.com - 2013-06-03 06:38:26 - Similar - Report/Block

Like I said...I GET REALLY WEIRD QUESTIONS ON TUMBLR SOMETIMES (my head-canon is that the anon is Tristy) Original on Tumblr SalaDays (c) me...

Kids prefer Tumblr to Facebook, Twitter according to new study says

tweaktown.com - 2013-05-23 01:28:01 - Similar - Report/Block

Facebook is so yesterday. The hip site among teenagers is Tumblr, at least according to a Pew Research study. The study says that teenagers are looking for a more "real" experience that isn't offered by Facebook and Twitter. Furthermore, teens are acutely aware that their parents are now on Facebook and monitoring their activities. By swi...

Yahoo CEO Vows Not to Screw Up Tumblr Before Detailing Exactly How Yahoo Will Screw Up Tumblr

geekosystem.com - 2013-05-20 17:35:56 - Similar - Report/Block

The news broke yesterday that Yahoo will pay $1.1 billion for the Internet’s foremost source for cat GIFs and teenage poetry, Tumblr . Not everyone is taking the news well, but Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer has stated that she promises “not to screw it up.” Then she outlined a plan to feature more ads on Tumblr . That sounds a lot like screwi...

MTV live streaming the 2013 Hangout Music Festival

ratemyprofessors.com - 2013-05-13 18:39:24 - Similar - Report/Block

Festival season is in full affect and MTV is celebrating it with a live stream of The Hangout Music Festival in Gulf Shores, Alabama. They are giving you 3 days of live performances set on the beautiful, sandy beaches of the south. Catch The Hangout Music Festival here on Friday, May 17th through Sunday, May 19th. Watch live performanc...

Tumblr Dump 02

deviantart.com - 2013-05-08 21:47:07 - Similar - Report/Block

pics I posted there since August 11th 2012. Like I said, I post a lot of sketch stuff on Tumblr. If you want to read the comments in the Bugs and DAffy comic, you'll find it on tumblr. My tumblr-> [link] I also have a Projects blog, with most of my bigger projects on it, such as my thesis film. That link is on my main tumblr. ALSO, I post...

WIP Aerandir ref sheet

deviantart.com - 2013-05-05 06:49:08 - Similar - Report/Block

For days i've been working on my Aerandir species reference sheet heres a rough of their skeleton i had a tune of fun researching and drawing it. i'v been posting my WIP on my Tumblr page here www.teggyart.tumblr.com but i know a lot of people aren't on tumblr so i wanted to share what im up to on here with my DA buddies...

Sexual Offenderman role play #4 (tumblr)

deviantart.com - 2013-05-04 19:14:50 - Similar - Report/Block

so ive decided to bring a few of my role plays from his tumblr account here onto deviantart as well. this is a very short one i had done with an anonymous tumblr user, so i can't give them credit like the others. still, personally i really liked how different this one was from most of the others i've done. it's great to show him interacti...


deviantart.com - 2013-05-02 06:35:03 - Similar - Report/Block

Are you a fan of the Hiddles? Hooked on Tom? Well, sport this on your profile, on your tumblr, on your facebook. You're tripping on If you like my work, please follow, comment, favorite, check out my tumblr!...

tRlbum - Tumblr Viewer for Android

androidzoom.com - 2013-04-25 15:03:26 - Similar - Report/Block

YoungJ Fantastic, Easiest, Simplest app to view your tumblr dashboard in "FULLSCREEN" mode, is now on sale for $1.99, 60% off its regular price of $4.99. View your Tumblr Dashboard photo in "FULLSCREEN" mode. * Reblog to tumblr... $1.99

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My new Frame! Reynolds 531 Competition

bikeforums.net - 2013-04-21 18:10:24 - Similar - Report/Block

Hello everyone, yesterday i've brought this old school frame, its from a Portuguese brand from Oporto, The frame and fork and bb and head (direction box) don't know the name in english, everything for 70 euros. What do you think? See ya! :) http://25.media.tumblr.com/a01d1a7b1...5 szo3_1280.jpg http://25.media.tumblr.com/de098aaac...a 5szo4

Red Data Girl

deviantart.com - 2013-04-20 09:45:57 - Similar - Report/Block

TWITTER :: TUMBLR O v O I wonder if anyone is watching it this season..! Worked on it as a possible print... depending on how many other prints I get done..! ; w ; )/ If you want to repost it on tumblr, please reblog from here Thank you~!...


deviantart.com - 2013-04-20 07:32:16 - Similar - Report/Block

I’ll always be a shadow… from tumblr: headcanon!! kuroko had a hard time at first accepting his lack of presence and sometimes thinks about it too much and finds it dumb but cant help but cry a lil im sorry kurokocchi tumblr: [link]...

Music Search for Android

androidzoom.com - 2013-04-19 18:53:24 - Similar - Report/Block

gma Search Engine for Music, that searches Search Engines! Music Search is a free music downloading app letting you search music from the internet. Unlike other apps, Music Search gives you an enjoyable experience What this app has search by... FREE

What is music like at Warwick University?

thestudentroom.co.uk - 2013-04-19 11:20:28 - Similar - Report/Block

I got an offer from Warwick to study law but I'm really passionate about music and as dramatic as it sounds, I need a piano and a music studio in my life!!! When I say music, I mean all types of music, not just classical music. Posted from TSR Mobile...

Top Music Charts for Android

androidzoom.com - 2013-04-17 12:06:37 - Similar - Report/Block

Cloud Nine Studios Music lovers around the world, do you want to be up-to date with the latest music releases. Then this app is a must have for you. This is THE ULTIMATE APP for Music Discovery This app lets you DISCOVER BEST SELLING MUSIC of the following... FREE

Music at plymouth university

thestudentroom.co.uk - 2013-04-09 18:18:55 - Similar - Report/Block

does anybody know what music is like at Plymouth university? I am looking to do music at uni, but I initially wanted to go to Southampton although it looks rather classical based and I am more interested in writing my own music etc But plymouth has such low entry grades compared and I am just unsure if it would be too slack? I dont know d...

10 Ridiculously Offensive Things People Tell Asian Women On OkCupid

buzzfeed.com - 2013-04-08 23:01:13 - Similar - Report/Block

The Tumblr Creepy White Guys collects messages from “creepy white guys with Asian fetishes.” From the Tumblr's description: Every Asian girl who has ever tried online dating, whether on POF, OKCupid, or Match has experienced it: messages from Creepy White Guys with Asian fetishes. I just got back into the dating scene and am already being...

Game Boy music Ringtone for Android

androidzoom.com - 2013-03-23 13:43:04 - Similar - Report/Block

Chdevsteams Game Boy music Game Boy music is a type of chip music produced using a portable gaming console of the Game Boy line. To produce music of the genre, one needs a Game Boy and a cartridge containing appropriate tracking software, such as LSDJ.There... FREE

MTV Video Music Awards India 2013: Photos

indicine.com - 2013-03-22 13:10:40 - Similar - Report/Block

The MTV Video Music Awards 2013 from the makers of Coke Studio @ MTV, MTV Unplugged, MTV Sound Trippin and MTV Roots. We Indians sure know our music and for us, no two music days are alike. Read More...

My banner for Tumblr

deviantart.com - 2013-03-20 18:55:32 - Similar - Report/Block

Hello all! x'D, I'm very bussy this week, but I decided to upload here my tumblr banner because I really like how it looks at the end ;w;!. was really funny edit this *-*!, so much time I don't do nothing on photoshop for my personal use!, so I use my inspiration for did this! :'D my tumblr is [link] , but at the momment is empty hehe, I'...

Lapras used Surf

deviantart.com - 2013-03-20 17:47:38 - Similar - Report/Block

Reblog on Tumblr This is an old animation I made a couple of years ago on my old deviantart and tumblr account, it's likely been forgotten since then but if it looks familiar you know why. Other Links PeekingBoo.com Facebook Twitter...

Yaoi Sketch: Dirty Thoughts

deviantart.com - 2013-03-20 03:08:48 - Similar - Report/Block

Tumblr Twitter FanClub Non-Yaoi DeviantArt Y!Gallery Anipan Cross x Clover Tumblr Yaoi-World | ProjectGreenCat Commission Info 2013 - Prices, Examples, Rules, Waiting Lists ❈ I usually don't submit my sketches on dA, I leave it for my tumblr, but I really like this one. Little hint: Thoughts are not so transparent as you think they are...

Abomasnow used Avalanche

deviantart.com - 2013-03-19 17:36:19 - Similar - Report/Block

Reblog on Tumblr This is an old animation I made a couple of years ago on my old deviantart and tumblr account, it's likely been forgotten since then but if it looks familiar you know why. Other Links PeekingBoo.com Facebook Twitter...

Momentum - Tumblr Photo Viewer for Android

androidzoom.com - 2013-03-19 04:12:10 - Similar - Report/Block

Pixcellant Momentum is a photo browser for tumblr (www.tumblr.com). It support full screen browsing of photo blogs from tumblr. It comes pre-configured with a set of blogs for starting up but these can be changed by the user. The user also has an option to... FREE

World Music Ringtones for Android

androidzoom.com - 2013-03-15 08:41:27 - Similar - Report/Block

quantumdev World music is a musical category encompassing many different styles of music from around the world, including traditional music, quasi-traditional music, and music where more than one cultural tradition intermingle. World music's inclusive... FREE

WMA Music Player for Android

androidzoom.com - 2012-09-11 02:46:46 - Similar - Report/Block

by Free App Download WMA Music Player I know you have a music player app on your mobile phone. Because everyone like the beauty of music. When when feel bored or have leisure time, we usually open the music player to enjoy the music. It can offer us a better mood and...

30 days of music

morrissey-solo.com - 2012-09-02 18:13:25 - Similar - Report/Block

I got this from tumblr. -Day 01 – your favorite song -> Day 02 – your least favorite song -> Day 03 – a song that makes you happy -> Day 04 – a song that makes you sad -> Day 05 – a song that reminds you of someone -> Day 06 – a song that reminds you of somewhere -> Day 07 – a song that reminds you of a certain event -&g...

Music Pop Station for Android

androidzoom.com - 2012-09-01 06:05:17 - Similar - Report/Block

by Crucialsoft Finally, a gorgeous music player that keeps your eyes and ears open. Music Pop Station is your new mobile music experience, brining graphics queueing and playlists to your thumb. Browse music in a simple and fast way and effortlessly add or... ₩3,350.00...

Google Play Music 4.3.606.400990

apktops.com - 2012-07-20 03:51:23 - Similar - Report/Block

Current Version: 4.3.606.400990 Requires Android: 2.2 and up Category: Music & Audio V4.3.606.400990 update: Overview: Shop music on Google Play and listen instantly using the Google Play Music app. The Google Play Music app lets you listen to your music collection anywhere. All your music is stored online, so no need to worry abou...

Swedish House Mafia

dreamteammoney.com - 2012-05-16 22:43:19 - Similar - Report/Block

Anyone who likes house music must have heard the name of . They are the most popular band for house music at the moment. They have taken this genre of music to new heights with their super team and delightful music. Their music has been appreciated by house music fans all over the world and they are equally popular in numerous countries o...

Princess Cadence and Shining Armor

deviantart.com - 2012-05-11 19:20:16 - Similar - Report/Block

Princess Mi Amore Cadenza and Shining Armor Limited Edition! My very limited edition MLP plushies! I only made a pair of them for Acen, as you my tumblr fans know, and did a drawing for them where a lucky winner won both of them!!! I will be making cadence like the others. She’s 30 times harder then any of the others. I broke two needles...

Tumblr in Fashion

deviantart.com - 2012-04-22 00:01:31 - Similar - Report/Block

If Tumblr was a gown~ Tumblr [link] Facebook [link] Twitter [link] ----- Thank you for every fave and comment!...

Do while loop in C or C++ for multiple inputs

stackoverflow.com - 2012-04-19 02:11:51 - Similar - Report/Block

Following is the code snippet i'm working, although I need 4 values for my input, until the user types correct value, it should keep asking, any inputs on the same Thanks in advance #include<stdio.h> #include<math.h> main(int argc, char *argv[]) int days; float peny; do{ printf("Enter Number of days: "); scanf("%d", &...

Vriska VS Jack Noir

deviantart.com - 2012-03-28 05:05:25 - Similar - Report/Block

For tumblr user thoughtminstral, who won my tumblr giveaway! Vriska in Ancestral Awakening mode fighting Jack Noir. Tumblr: [link]...

Top 5 Best Tumblr 2 Column Themes For Photoblogs

dailyblogtools.com - 2012-01-18 16:49:47 - Similar - Report/Block

Photo Blog(Gallery Style) theme style is looks very nice and beautiful, you have any gallery blog ? if you need good gallery / photoblog theme for your tumblr blog ? check below all tumblr photoblog themes and choose the best . 5 Best Tumblr 2 Column Themes For Photoblogs 1.Castle in Snow Tumblr Theme This is awesome tumblr 2 column phot...

Yahoo 正式以 11 億美元現金收購 Tumblr,並保證絕不搞砸

techbang.com - 2013-05-21 03:39:00 - Similar - Report/Block

Yahoo 於 20 日正式宣布收購 Tumblr,並且保證絕不搞砸這個部落格服務。 Yahoo 於 20 日在其官方部落格正式宣布將以 11 億美元(約新台幣 330 億 4,620 萬元)現金收購部落格服務 Tumblr,而且新聞稿副標更表示「保證絕不搞砸它」。 Yahoo 表示在買下 Tumblr 了後,為了遵守不搞砸它的承諾,Tumblr 將會保持獨立運作,原 Tumblr 執行長 David Karp 仍舊執掌執行長職位,Tumblr 的品牌、服務和產品,仍將保持原有的 Tumblr 風味。 根據聲明表示,這項收購案對雙方都有好處,Tumblr 可以應用 Yhaoo 的個人化科技和搜尋基礎建設,而 Yahoo 則得到了 Tumblr 的所帶來的 500 億則部落...

~“関ジャニ∞”が歌うオリジナルCMソングをプレゼント~ “関ジャニ∞”出演『music.jp』新TVCM 3月1日(金)よりオンエア

mti.co.jp - 2013-02-26 05:00:24 - Similar - Report/Block

(株)エムティーアイが運営する音楽配信サービス『music.jp』では、“関ジャ ニ∞”出演の新TVCM「関係ないメッセージ篇」を、3月1日(金)より放映します。 2010年秋より毎回楽しいCMで『music.jp』を盛り上げてくれている“関ジ ャニ∞”出演の新シリーズで、今回は一見音楽とはまったく関係ないハードボイルドな雰 囲気のCMとなっています。 スマートフォンで音楽を聴く楽しさを、彼らが作り出す魅力的なストーリーでアピールし てくれます。 また、本CMでしか流れない“関ジャニ∞”が歌っているオリジナルCMソングを『mu sic.jp』各サイトで『music.jp』会員ほか全員に期間限定で提供します。 ◆“関ジャニ∞”×『music.jp』第5弾TVCMオンエア! ス...


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