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When it comes to an infographic, it is a graphic visual representation of information, facts, data, figures, and other knowledge to present information easily and conveniently.

2013-05-01 08:03:40

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  • Are You More Traveled Than James Bond?

    of Infographicsshowcase

    This infographic from Wanderforth wants you to compare your travel to James Bond. James Bond is known to a well-traveled man who is in a new place every night trying to catch the bad guys. So see if you are close to being as traveled as James Bond. Infographic Review Infographic Design: B I really like that they used the classic bond image of him shooting his gun. The grey and black background ha...

  • Exploratory Infographic Charts - This Infographic Explores Various Kinds of Info Charts (TrendHunter.com)

    of Trendhunter

    TrendHunter.com ) We've officially reached the meta level of infographics with this infographic infographic from Neo Mammalian Studios and Econsultancy. It seems like there's an infographic out there...

  • The Scoop On Email Marketing

    of Loveinfographics

    Looking for “The Scoop on Email Marketing”? ProMarketing Leads has created an infographic outlining just how important email marketing is for your business. Email marketing has been around for quite awhile, and will continue to be an important part of a business marketing strategy. The infographic outlines some important statistics about Email marketing, and how it still remains to be a reliable a...

  • ATL Crime for Android

    of Androidzoom

    Eric DeCoff Shows a visual representation of crime in the Atlanta area using Google Maps. $0.99

  • Shark Attack, Infographic Shows the Staggering Number of Sharks Killed by Humans Every Year

    of Laughingsquid

    Joe Chernov and Robin Richards have created an infographic that illustrates the staggering number of sharks killed by humans every year. According to the infographic, sharks killed 12 people last year, but humans kill that many sharks every four seconds, adding up to an estimated total of 100 million sharks annually. Many sharks are killed by “ finning ,” a process in which a shark’s fins are c...

  • Новая среда для разработки Visual Studio 2012

    of Tadviser

    Microsoft Visual Studio — линейка продуктов компании Майкрософт, включающих интегрированную среду разработки программного обеспечения и ряд других инструментальных средств. ==Компоненты== Visual Studio включает один или несколько компонентов из следующих: * Visual Basic .NET, а до его появления — Visual Basic * Visual C++ * Visual C# * Visual F# (включён в Visual Studio 2010) Многие варианты поста...

  • Restlet ServerResource for binary data

    of Stack Overflow

    I can send binary data from a Restlet Client like so Representation representation = new InputRepresentation(new ByteArrayInputStream(bytes), MediaType.APPLICATION_OCTET_STREAM); request.setEntity(representation); However, how can I receive this data from within a restlet ServerResouce? My starting point would be a method with a signature like this? public MyCustomResponse AddNewDocument(For...

  • Infografica, mostrare idee attraverso grafici e tabelle

    of Feedburner

    L'infografica (anche nota con i termini inglesi Information Graphic e Infographic) è un modo sempli 10 Voto(i)

  • 曝全新界面 Visual Studio11发RC候选版

    of zol.com.cn

    Visual Studio是微软公司推出的开发环境,Visual Studio可以用来创建Windows平台下的Windows应用程序和网络应用程序,也可以用来创建网络服务、智能设备应用程序和Office插件。Visual Studio 11的Beta公测版与Windows 8消费者预览版一同在2月底发布,6月初,Windows 8 RP版(Release Preview)发布时,Visual Studio...

  • The Perfect LinkedIn Status Update [Infographic]

    of Smartinsights

    A Blueprint for the perfect LinkedIn Status update This infographic from Salesforce on a ‘ Blueprint for the perfect LinkedIn Status update ‘ is worth scanning whether you use LinkedIn for personal or business development. The value in using LinkedIn for engagement was shown by this LinkedIn research that found that: 50% of LinkedIn members are more likely to purchase from a company they engage w...

  • IT Jobs with the Highest Pay and Fastest Growth – Infographic

    of Loveinfographics

    Courtesy of loveinfographics.com , the only place to share and love infographics. Loveinfographics.com In our last infographic , we showed jobs that will most likely go kaput in the next few decades due to artificial intelligence & automation. The same changes that cause jobs to go extinct often create brand new types of jobs at the same time. Consider the type of factory assembly line work that n...

  • How Can I Get Pregnant?

    of Loveinfographics

    This Infographic about getting pregnant is designed by http://www.ernestoolivares.com for EUGIN Clinic. Many of them out there have the question that “Why I am I not getting pregnant”. Getting pregnant is not as easy as it seems. The chance of a young and apparently fertile couple achieving a pregnancy after having unprotected sex for one month is only 17%. This percentage drops considerably when...

  • Undergraduate need some brief clarification on excess/signed/2's complement representations

    of Thestudentroom.co

    firstly, what is the purpose behind them? is there a reason why each one is specifically used? and i'm not quite sure how to convert a number to the excess representation (or w/e it's called). for example, if ur asked to write 6 in excess (4-bit) what would be the steps? 6 = 0110 0110 - 1000 = -1110 edit: just stumbled across this.. Suppose we are given n = 6 bits for storing integer numbers in th...

  • WSystem Information for Android

    of Androidzoom

    by woono System information program for Android CPU information, Battery information, build information, network information, process information, network configuration, network status, call information, Task information, disk information, and resolution...

  • Botox Injection Infographics - This Infographic Explains The Science of a Botox Injection (TrendHunter.com)

    of Trendhunter

    TrendHunter.com ) Getting a Botox injection is a popular solution to hard age lines and wrinkles for women all over the world. This infographic aims to provide some clarity on what Botox actually is and how it...

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